Flaming Drums for Kontakt by Past To Future Samples released

Past To Future Samples Flaming DrumsPast To Future Samples is back with another virtual drum instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Inspired by the Flaming Lips Soft Bulletin album, the Flaming Drums kit comes with that signature, big, saturated drum sound. Recorded in a big room, this library includes a vintage kit recorded with vintage microphones which you can blend […]

Loopmasters offers 50% off Production Master sample packs

Loopmasters Production Master intro saleLoopmasters has introduced Production Master with a limited time sale, offering 50% off on all Production Master construction kits, loops and samples for a limited time. Production Master is a team of music producers and sound designers who have individually released music on labels such as Monstercat, NCS, Armada, Firepower, Technique Recordings, Simplify Recordings and […]

Klevgränd updates Brusfri noise reducer plugin to v1.1.0 + WebCassette online cassette deck

Klevgrand BrusfriKlevgränd Produktion has released version 1.1.0 of Brusfri, a highly advanced audio noise reducer packed into a simple and straight-forward interface. It is very well suited for cleaning up noisy audio recordings, while retaining sound quality. Unlike many other noise reducers on the market, Brusfri doesn’t mess with audio phasing to suppress noise (a technique […]

Save over 65% OFF McDSP FutzBox distortion plugin in Flash Sale

McDSP FutzBox 65% OFFPlugin Boutique has launched a sale on McDSP FutzBox, a distortion and noise generator plugin for creating low fidelity versions of audio signals. Typical post productions require distorted, or ‘futzed’ versions of dialog and other tracks. Simulations of radios, cell phones, and televisions are now available in a single software product. These simulations, called SIMs […]

How to tighten & control a mix with JST Bus Glue compressors

PIB JST Bus Glue tutorialPlugin Boutique has published a mixing tutorial in which Jerry Mateo gives a brief overview of the new JST Bus Glue series plugins as well as showcase how they can be used to tighten and control a mix. Bus Glue is a series of bus compressor audio plugins created by Joey Sturgis Tones. The compressors […]

Sample Magic releases Future Beat 2, UK Tech-House & Future Pop Sessions

Sample Magic Future Beat 2Sample Magic has launched Future Beat 2, a new sample pack that offers analog sourced synths, quirky melodics and future inspired beats. Glistening synths, trap-inspired beats and forward-thinking production – Future Beat 2 includes a diverse selection of punchy drums, low slung bass, silken leads, analogue inspired pads sampled from an impressive array of hardware […]

Save 50% off Image-Line Harmor synth at Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique Harmor 50 off salePlugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on Image-Line Harmor, a powerful additive/subtractive synthesizer instrument for Windows. Just like its little brother Harmless, Harmor is driven by a powerful additive synthesis engine. Its modules will look familiar to subtractive synthesizer enthusiasts: oscillators, filters & phasers, these are featured in Harmor but, because performed through additive […]

Audio-Technica ships ATH-M50xBB blue/black professional monitor headphones

Audio Technica ATH-M50xBBAudio-Technica has announced it is now shipping the ATH-M50xBB Professional Monitor Headphones, a limited-edition blue/black version of its popular ATH-M50x and part of its M-Series line of headphones. Similar to the previously available ATH-M50xRD red and gold version, these new headphones feature metallic blue earcups and black accents including distinctive trimming, earpads and headband. As […]

Homegrown Sounds releases Kontakt MIDI Sequencer Collection

Homegrown Sounds has released the Kontakt Sequencer Collection, featuring three 12-Pattern Sequencers with different approaches to MIDI sequencing, it also includes the regular Procession and [Read More]

SPC Plugins updates ArcSyn to v2.1.1

SPC Plugins has updated ArcSyn to v2.1.1. This update includes the following changes: Parameter restore issue in some sequencers has been fixed. SHIFT clicking the RANDOM button will produce [Read More]