UJAM Virtual Guitarist IRON instrument plugin is on sale for $89 USD

UJAM Virtual Guitarist IRON

Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on the Virtual Guitarist IRON guitar instrument by UJAM, offering a 30% discount for a few days only. Custom hand-wound humbucker and single coil pickups were built into a rare, selected Strat – for a powerful, outstanding sound character. Built-in amp simulation based on handpicked vintage amps and […]

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Fraser T Smith on the Korg prologue

Published on Jul 23, 2019 Korg

“We recently caught up with award winning producer Fraser T Smith at his London studio, where we talked KORG prologue and his current projects. Fraser recently co-produced South London rapper Dave’s UK Number 1 album Psychodrama, described by The Guardian as “the boldest and best British rap album in a generation”. Fraser explains how prologue was integrated into

RJ Studios updates “SideMinder ME” Dynamic Stereo Width Maximizer Mastering Edition to v1.1.0 – AAX support

Raising Jake Studios has updated SideMinder ME, the MultiBand Mastering Edition of the SideMinder Dynamic Stereo Width Maximizer plug-in to version 1.1.0 for macOS and Windows.

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Makenoise Mimeophon – ein neues Effektmodul

makenoise mimeophonmakenoise mimeophon

Makenoises Mimeophon ist ein Effektmodul in Zusammenarbeit mit Tom Erbe, dem Namensgeber des Erbe Reverb. Es wird und ist also wieder etwas spezieller…

Hall oder Echos gibt es schon viele. Dieser Stereo-Effekt möchte aber besonders fein arbeiten bei der Modulation der Zeitbasis, sie löst sehr hoch auf und ist daher in sehr sehr kleinen Microeinheiten exakt zu kontrollieren. So lassen sich Doppler-Effekte und andere Dinge herstellen, Das kann man für jede Seite individuell justieren.

Das Echo-Prinzip lässt sich bezüglich der Wiederholungen (Feedback) genau steuern. Die Anzahl kann genau gesetzt werden. Der Effekt verschmiert bei mehreren Repeats.

Der große Vorteil ist jedoch die Errichtung von Zonen, die man genau festsetzen kann und diese umdrehen oder verdrehen kann. So erhält man auch verrücktere Echos. Die Loops und Modulation des gehaltenen Sounds kann ohne „Zerlegung“ des Klanges durch Filterung unendlich lange gehalten werden.

Zeit, Raum und Klangfarbe kann per CV gesteuert werden. Die Verarbeitung kann nach verschiedenen Betriebsarten erfolgend ganz verschieden behandelt werden. Es ist auch ein Morphing zwischen diesen anders klingenden Echos möglich. Die Feinheit und genaue Steuerung macht auch und gerade Karplus-Strong-Effekte möglich. Außerdem wird noch Flange, Chorus, Echo, Looping und alles „dazwischen“ angeboten.

Weitere Information

Es gibt bereits eine Information auf Make Noise’s Website und auch der Preis steht bereits fest, nämlich $399.

Etsy buys Reverb.com for $275 mil, signaling growing used music gear market

DIY marketplace Etsy has announced plans for a massive $275 million acquisition of used music instrument market Reverb.com. That’s likely to turn heads both in online retail and musical instruments.

As reported by VentureBeat, the deal has an approximate $275 million value, in cash, as the NYC-based Etsy buys out Chicago’s Reverb.com.

It’s a massive bet on the value of the used market. It might prove risky, too. Facebook is pushing its own market offerings, leveraged by its epic (and politically controversial) power of user data and the market. And it seems the market is vulnerable to music store giants (like Thomann in Europe) who can offer used product (and service) alongside new distribution.

Etsy does seem up to the challenge. The company has some real experience in handling fragmented markets, and in building relationships with sellers – a key to this business. The one sure-fire outcome for the moment is that Etsy and Reverb appear to score some serious cash – Reverb, when the deal is expected to close later in 2019, and Etsy, whose stock price was flying high already and gets pushed still higher with this deal.

If it worries anyone, this could pose concern for independent manufacturers. Eurorack makers have long expressed a fear that a modular “bubble” could make it difficult for new products to compete with used equivalents. The modular market is presumed to be especially vulnerable to that phenomenon, because if modular makers don’t continue to find new customers, the amount of used gear begins to accumulate faster than would-be customers for the new stuff. At least modular buyers have proven deep pocketed and interested in new stuff. The desktop market faces the dual pressure of loads of used gear and cheap mass-market products and clones. I wouldn’t panic yet, though – this danger exists with or without Etsy and Reverb. And I’m personally glad at least music gear finds new love rather than winding up in landfills like so many electronic items.

Reverb already offers the potential of being a storefront for music gear – something Etsy has tried for musical instrument makers on and off over the years. (See my personal notes at the end.) So it might even be that Reverb will court these very manufacturers outside of the usual gear distribution channels.

I think the real trends to watch are how investors are valuing areas of musical instruments, and just a importantly, where value in the communications chain may lie. Facebook at the moment is poised to dominate musical life and the business transactions around it, from artists posting Instagram pics to Facebook Groups to its own marketplace. That includes intangible value (artist buzz) and tangible (if you buy a used synth directly through Facebook, which is possible already).

Reverb might advertise heavily on Facebook-owned properties to acquire customers, but they’ve also built a sticky destination site all their own. They’ve added significant editorial content and community features around the marketplace, too. Indeed, if independent music tech publishing has declined, the integrated editorial-marketplace seems to be the wave of the future. Etsy says they will (wisely) continue to operate Reverb independently as a site and brand, serving an audience of musicians whose interests are far from the “put a bird on it” ethos of Etsy. Even as Reverb advertises on Facebook- and Google-owned properties, they have an opportunity to create value chains for musicians outside of the dominance of those two companies, whether individual musicians, DIY enthusiasts, or smallish manufacturers.

The issue with this as with all acquisitions of this size is whether the hunger for growth will outstrip the actual demand for the product, and whether Reverb.com will continue to innovate post-acquisition. (I’ll try to talk to Reverb’s management during the transition, once things settle down. I did read in one report that there will be a new CEO at Reverb, but I’ve yet to confirm that.) It’s certainly a big moment in our industry, though. And it seems a smart move, if an awfully big number (without knowing the existing data or projections behind that).

Side note:

CDM has some history with Etsy, going back to their early days. I knew co-founder Jared Tarbell first through his generative creative coding before his Etsy adventure in the really early days, and I started the MusicMakers series in Etsy’s offices in Brooklyn with partner MAKE Magazine. (We re-dubbed the series Handmade Music for a time, and Etsy stayed involved until I relocated to Berlin.) We even had some attendees get stuck in Etsy’s antiquated elevator during an event. Bre Pettis showed up before starting MakerBot, known mainly to us as a vlogger who worked with Etsy, back when “vlogger” was a word because YouTube wasn’t yet dominant.

None of this is terribly relevant, other than to say times have changed. And it’s also safe to say the “maker movement” isn’t exactly at a high point. Maker Media, of Make Magazine and Maker Faire, abruptly imploded this year, though founder Dale Dougherty is working to get some version of the community back. Etsy, too, has refocused as a market for vintage and personalized products, not just handmade.

The ongoing question for CDM and friends – and one I’d love to hear from you about – is how best to support the DIY end of this spectrum. I think ultimately it’s a distinct niche from what Etsy or Reverb – or perhaps even MAKE – were able to serve.

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sonicLAB releases version2 of its VolBot stochastic audio processor

sonicLAB has released version 2 of its VolBot stochastic audio processor. VOLBot is an advanced LFO with versatile modulation sources rendering complex amplitude sculpting on its audio…

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Spitfire Audio Summer Sale: Get 30% off selected products

Spitfire Audio Summer Sale 30 OFF

Spitfire Audio has announced the launch of its 2019 Summer Sale, offering a 30% discount on selected sample libraries for one week only. For one week only, enjoy 30% off a selection of nine incredible products, made in collaboration with some of the world’s best composers, musicians & engineers. The sale includes: Eric Whitacre Choir: […]

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Flashback 88 Retro Serum Presets by Origin Sound brings 80s-style sounds

Origin Sound Flashback 88 Retro Serum Presets

Origin Sound has released its new sound pack Flashback 88, a collection that is oozing with eighties styled Serum presets, each full of electric energy and a perfectly refined vibes. The pack contains a whopping 60 presets in total, each coming with pre-mapped macros for extra usability. While some of the presets successfully emulate quintessential […]

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Audiofier releases VeeVum Trilogy ambient/cinematic Kontakt libraries

Audiofier VeeVum Trilogy

Audiofier has announced the release of the VeeVum Trilogy, a collection of 3 instruments for ambient/cinematic music. VEEVUM Trilogy offers 3 instruments at once in one bundle: VEEVUM ONE (LO-FI Sampling), VEEVUM A/D (Analog & Digital Synths Sampling) and VEEVUM REAL (Acoustic and Hybrid Instruments Sampling). Each instrument can play up to 50 sounds at […]

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