Adam Monroe Music releases AAX Version of Adam Monroe’s Theremin

Adam Monroe Music has released AAX versions of Adam Monroe’s Theremin for Windows and OS X. Adam Monroe’s Theremin is a 32/64-bit virtual instrument for VST, AU, and AAX. Features: Full keyboard [Read More]

Togu Audio Line – TAL-Dub-X 1.0

Freeware for PC : Plug-ins & effects / Delay

Preview of the Australian Booth at Superbooth 17 – All 9 Manufacturers, 15+ Modules.

Published on Mar 24, 2017 GOLT !

“Superbooth 17 – Preview of the Eurorack Modules from all 9 manufacturers at the Oscillosaurus and Friends Booth (E273).”

Moog Modular IIIc ▪ Sennheiser Vocoder VSM 201 ▪ Heinz Funk 1978 ▪ English subtitles

Published on Mar 24, 2017 MonoThyratron

► Educational Purpose only, please ◄
► English subtitles provided ◄

Videosource without English subtitles:

“In 1978, German musician, technician and businessman Heinz Funk (* 1915 – † 2013) tried to bring the average television consumer closer to the possibilities of electronic sound production. Going for

Quadnic Chords – SE88 Warmth and Wrath

“Charcot Circles/BBox 8 CVs and their many gates take aim at the Quadnic, which is warmed and pendulum-strafed by the Low Pass/Band Pass side of our SE88 filter. Max input level at times = “Dual Pendulum Chaos Generator” distortion on the ’88.*

Ste. 16, Shapers, Level, Amp and Outs disturb and mollify the chain as well.

The STE. 16 (STE. pronounced as sweet, not stee; you know like the party

Dynacord ADD-one Drum Synthesiser

via this auction

“This is a very rare Dynacord ADD-one vintage drum synthesiser.

It is working, although the factory programs were lost when the battery was replaced (yes, they should have been backed up first).

The ROM samples were obviously not affected but the synth parameters/programs were lost. You can of course program your own sounds but there were some very nice patches in the

Korg PolySix/KiwiSix SN 398257

via this auction

“The KiwiSix upgrade essentially modernizes the Polysix with whole host of new features, including full midi support, deeper patch management and increased reliability, all while retaining that great SSM sound. Additionally, this unit also comes with the Kiwi Power Board upgrade, which further increases the stability and reliability of the synth. The full feature set of both of