Moogfest Cancelled

Just in via Moog Music:

“Moogfest on Hold to Focus on the Future

Moogfest 2020, originally planned for April 16-19, 2020 in Durham, NC, has been cancelled for logistical reasons.

As an organization, our purpose is to create deeply meaningful experiences and relationships in order to continually enrich our creative community. This intermission will be used to focus on the future of Moogfest

DSI Pro 2 & TC Electronic Trinity T2

Published on Dec 5, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

BEHRINGER CRAVE – live jam / night drive

Published on Dec 5, 2019 Aux Out

“7th live jam with my new Behringer Crave synths. Let’s increase the tension.
You can buy my music and support me here:

The upper synth plays the pad. The lower one plays the lead.

I used this software:
Ableton Live
Valhalla Shimmer
TAL Chorus LX
Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro
FabFilter Pro-L”

Luke Neptune’s Soundtrack soundset for Rev2 OUT NOW

Published on Dec 5, 2019 Luke Neptune

“Purchase this soundset here

Soundtrack comes to the Rev2!
Inspired by the sounds of movies and TV ‘Soundtrack’ is designed to be a composers swiss army knife.
Packed with atmospheric and evolving soundscapes, haunting pianos, emotive Hollywood strings, cosmic arpeggios, growling analog leads and wild and wonderful

Raw Power by Advanced Dealer delivers Hardcore presets for Serum

Industrial Strength Advanced Dealer Raw Power for Serum

Industrial Strength Samples has released Raw Power by Advanced Dealer, a collection of essential sounds for the Serum wavetable synth from Xfer Records. Advanced Dealer is known for his insane music on Traxtorm Records and Cenobite Records. Hands down his production and sound design work is top notch. Now you can have this signature sounds […]

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Sugar Audio updates Admiralizor synthesizer plugin to v1.1.0

Sugar Audio Admiralizor theme

Sugar Audio has released an update for its Admiralizor wavetable multi operator synthesizer plugin for Windows and Mac. Admiralizor combines two synchronizable wavetable, sub and sample hold/track noise synthesizers with the flexibility and brilliance of a multi operator AM / RM / FM and PM cross synthesizer. Changes in Admiralizor v1.1.0 Theme support and themes […]

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Thick Sounds releases Jungle Colossus sample pack at Loopmasters

Thick Sounds Jungle Colossus

Thick Sounds has returned with its third sample pack Jungle Colossus, a collection of loops and samples that leads you deep into the Jungle. Inspired by sounds of Benny Page, Congo Natty, Serial Killaz and Run Tingz to name a few, ‘Jungle Colossus’ is designed for producers who’s looking for warm and ground shaking basslines, […]

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Reflekt Audio releases Playtime free plugin with toy instruments

Relekt Audio Playtime

Reflekt Audio has released Playtime, an instrument plugin featuring the sounds of a sampled toy banjo, toy keyboard, toy drums and a toy ukulele. Playtime consist if 10 different toy instruments that range from a desktop drum kit with a few toms and a hi hat, to a toy keyboard, a toy banjo, and more! […]

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Electro Swing 2 brings classic sounding samples from the 20s and 30s

RV Samplepacks Electro Swing 2

RV Samplepacks has released its new sample pack Electro Swing 2, a new collection of 1920’s inspired electro featuring dusty gramophone riffs, warped vintage instruments and fat modern backbeats. Inspired by artists such as Caravan Palace, Parov Stelar, Swing Republic and more Electro Swing 2 brings you classic sounding samples from the 20’s and 30’s, […]

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Reaper 6 is here – and even more the everyday, budget DAW to beat

It’s got a $60 license for nearly everyone, you can evaluate it for free, and now Reaper – yet again – adds a ton of well-implemented power features. Reaper 6 is the newest edition of this exceptionally capable DAW.

New in this release:

Use effects plug-ins right from the tracks/mixer view. So, some DAWs already have something like a little EQ that you can see in the channel strip visually, or maybe a simple compressor. Reaper has gone further, with small versions of the UI for a bunch of popular plug-ins you can embed wherever you want. That means less jumping in and out of windows while you patch.

You get EQ, filtering, compressor, and more. (ReaEQ, ReaFIR, ReaXcomp, graphical JSFX, etc.)

Powerful routing/patching. The Routing Diagram feature gives you an overview of how audio signal is routed throughout the environment, which makes sends and effects and busing and sidechaining and so on visual. It’s like having a graphical patchbay for audio right inside the DAW. (Or it’s like the ghost of the Logic Pro Environment came back and this time, average people actually wanted to use it. )

Auto-stretch audio. Now, various DAWs have attempted this – you want sound to automatically stretch and conform as you adjust tempo or make complex tempo changes. That’s useful for film scoring, for creative purposes, and just because, well, you want things to work that way. Now Reaper’s developers say they’ve made it easy to do this with tempo-mapped and live-recorded materials (Auto-stretch Timebase). This is one we’ll have to test.

Make real envelopes for MIDI. You can draw continuous shapes for your MIDI control adjustments, complete with curve adjustment. That’s a bit like what you get in Ableton Live’s clip envelopes, as well as other DAWs. But it’s a welcome addition to Reaper, which increasingly starts to share the depth of other older DAWs, without the same UI complexity (cough).

It works with high-density displays on Mac and PC. That’s Retina on Mac and the awkwardly-named HiDPI on PC. But the basic idea is, you can natively scale the default theme to 100%, 150%, and 250% on new high-def displays without squinting. Speaking of which

There’s a new tweakable theme. The new theme is set up to be customizable with Tweaker script.

Big projects and displays work better. The developers say they’ve “vastly” optimized 200+ track-count projects. On the Mac, you also get faster screen drawing with support for Apple’s Metal API. (Yeah, everyone griped about that being Mac-only and proprietary, but it seems savvy developers are just writing for it and liking it. I’m honestly unsure what the exact performance implications are of doing the same thing on Windows, though on the other hand I’m happy with how Reaper performs everywhere.)

And more. ” Dynamic Split improvements; import and render media with embedded transient information; per-track positive or negative playback offset; faster and higher quality samplerate conversion; and many other fixes and improvements.”

Honestly, I’m already won over by some of these changes, and I had been shifting conventional DAW editing work to Reaper as it was. (That is, sure, Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio and Reason and whatever else are fun for production, but sometimes you want a single DAW for editing and mixdown that is none of those others.)

Where Reaper stands out is its extraordinary budget price and its no-nonsense, dead-simple UI – when you really don’t want the DAW to be too creative, because you want to get to work. It does that, but still has the depth of functionality and customization that means you feel you’re unlikely to outgrow it. That’s not a knock on other excellent DAW choices, but those developers should seriously consider Reaper as real competition. Ask some users out there, and you’ll hear this name a lot.

Now if they just finish that “experimental” native Linux build, they’ll really win some nerd hearts.

Those of you who are deeper into the tool, do let us know if you’ve got some tips to share.

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