Cwejman S1 Dual Filter Pad

Published on Nov 17, 2019 thisoldhouz

“All sound is S1. Controlled externally with midi note, velocity and hands . Any other modulations are done internally.”

X1L3 – MONOLITH bluetooth receiver

X1L3 – MONOLITH – sunvox and some envelope follower routing

Published on Nov 17, 2019 X1L3

“Monolith – bluetooth receiver with envelope follower. What it is and where to get it below.

A quick demo here as i haven’t got the time for the full twenty minute power electronix session. But i’m sure that’ll turn up some time soon 🙂

Monolith is a simple and quiet bluetooth audio receiver. It allows

Moog Sub 37 | demo by Jexus / WC Olo Garb

Published on Nov 17, 2019 Jexus – WC Olo Garb

“Do you want to help with new demos? Support me: [.] To get my SUB sounds (256 in total), please transfer E/$ 35 to this paypal address: [wcologarb at] writing “sub37 sounds” in the title. You can also choose a cheaper version (E/$ 25) where I will send you only sounds from the demos (around 120 sounds). Another

Spaces CD by Todd Barton

Published on Nov 17, 2019 Todd Barton

“join my Patreon to help keep the electrons and tutorials flowing 🙂

A warm and big thank you to all who have purchased, listened to and responded with such kind comments and personal experiences! I really enjoyed composing this album. Also deep thanks to my daughter, Ursula Barton for the phenomenal cover art!


Gotharman’s Zybraz: Didgeridoo

Published on Nov 17, 2019 gotharman

“A Zybraz impression of the cool Australian instrument, and a bit of tweaking.”

New Novation London Events

via @WeAreNovation

“We’ve added more events to our #NovationLondon schedule. We’re bringing @AnimisticBelief, @icarus, @OssieOnline, @GLXY_OFFICIAL and more to run live shows, masterclasses and panels. Get free tickets or visit us in Shoreditch. Full details >>>”

OBERHEIM XPANDER – Sounds & Presets | Synth Demo

Published on Nov 17, 2019 synth4ever

“Oberheim Xpander analog synth demo, featuring various sounds & presets. Filmed at Synths When music studio in Toronto, Canada.

The Oberheim Xpander is a polyphonic analog synthesizer manufactured from 1984-1988, and is essentially a 6-voice desktop version of the Matrix-12. The Oberheim Xpander features 2 oscilllators per voice, linear FM, 5 LFOs, 15-mode

Korg Minilogue XD : – "Factory on Fire" Custom Soundbank by Marc Barnes

Premiered Oct 20, 2019 Angelstar Scotland

“It’s with great delight I present my first purchasable bank of patches for the Korg Minilogue XD.

‘Factory on Fire’ features 50 custom presets covering a plethora of different musical genres. Whether you are into Synthwave, EDM, Techno, House, Ambient or you are scoring soundtracks for TV/Film this bank contains something for every synth lover. “

Sugar Audio releases Admiralizor – Wavetable Multi Operator Synthesizer

Sugar Audio has released Admiralizor Pro & Demo, a wavetable multi operator synthesizer. Admiralizor combines two synchronizable wavetable, sub and sample hold/track noise synthesizers…

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Opal | Novation Summit Ambient

Published on Nov 16, 2019 r beny

“Another piece with the Novation Summit. This time using Squarp Hermod (in the background) to sequence one of the multi-patches, while I play/improvise under it.

I believe some of my Summit multi-patches are included amongst the factory patches on the synth (which I heard is shipping now), but they are also up on the components site.

Slowly getting my new