Sequential Synth Tips #10 with J3PO / Julian Pollack: OB-6 Side-Chain Compression Technique


“Welcome to ‘Sequential Synth Tips,’ where some of our favorite artists share their tips, tricks, and techniques on Sequential synths. In this episode, pianist Julian Pollack aka J3PO demonstrates how to set the amp and filter attack on the OB-6 to achieve side-chain compression type effects.”

You can find J3PO at

Sequential Synth Tips

Flippn’ Grooves Novation Monostation Pack by Yves Big City

Isotonik Studios


By combining drum & synth patches together, you will discover the taste of the analog groovebox flavour …so get ready for some unpredictable groovy results.

Who wants some LOW end ?

Using the paraphonic mode and some offset detune oscillator, we have achieve to create very beeffy legendary basses,TB 303 acid sound,FM toms

Making 5 Beats from Scratch on the Novation Circuit

Gabe Miller Music

Previous video:

I made a Beat EVERY DAY for a MONTH

Gabe Miller Music

New Majella Audio IMPLEXUS Desktop Synthesizer In the Works

It looks like a new hardware desktop synth from Majella Audio is in the works.

Just some teaser pics for now. It appears to have a Complex Generator for one oscillator and a Basic Generator for the other. You should be able to see the following on the front panel:

Complex Generator with Range, Lin FM, Fine

Harmonics with EG AMT, LFO1 AMT

Folder with EG AMT

Complex Off Basic switch with #,

Quick Tip: Shift a Sequence Around on a Digitakt Tutorial

Perfect Circuit

“This Quick Tip shows how to shift a sequence on a Digitakt by holding the function key and pushing the left or right arrow buttons. This will shift one track while leaving your other tracks alone, allowing you to quickly try out shifted rhythmic patterns. Although we showed this on an Elektron sequencer there are other sequencers that also allow this same technique, so check if

Bank D "Hip Hop Beats": patterns demo for Groove Rider GR-16


“Patterns bank ‘Bank D: Hip Hop Beats’ will be available soon inside Groove Rider GR-16 app as In-App purchase!

Based on old school Hip Hop and Rap music, this bank represents smashing dirty beats and pumping hip hop grooves of 90’s era! Patterns include elements from gangsta rap, alternative hip hop, ragga, acid jazz, trip hop.

Hip Hop Beats bank is composed from 17 separate

Sampling from MG2 to Ensoniq EPS Classic – Just Regular Life

The Daydream Sound

Also see The Daydream Sounds’ What You Need To Know About 8 Bit Samplers

“Sampling outdoor sound design with the Microgranny2 sampler & Ensoniq EPS Classic. A casual day in the life outside of the recording studio. Just got an #Ensoniq ASR-10 and don’t know where to start? Learn everything you need to know to get up and running with the Ensoniq ASR-10 Beginners Manual.

ELTA Music SOLAR 50 | Review | Ambient synthesizer

ELTA music

You can find additional posts featuring ELTA Music’s SOLAR 50 here.

“SOLAR 50 – ten voices the unique instrument is designed for creating atmospheric sounds, background music, microtonal music, super polyphonic electro symphonies, as well as for making movie soundtrack.

About pre-orders write at :

About SOLAR 50 0:02
Structure 0:37

[Archived Stream] Let’s Make Some Microfreak Patches Together

Oscillator Sink

“In which I make some patches on the Microfreak with the help of suggestions from the chat, and also drink rum.”