Down to the Sky


“Moog Subharmonicon, Meris Hedra, Strymon Blue Sky, Tip Top Z-DSP with Valhalla Shimmer and the large format modular 5U. All levels were automated by the Q119 and two Q960 step sequencers from An additional pair of oscillators (Dove Audio WTF and Mutable Instruments Braids) are following the timing of Seq1 and Seq2 clocks of the Subharmonicon and indexing the STG

Critter & Guitari KALEIDOLOOP Sampler

via this auction

Video in the listing previously posted here. You can find additional demos in the archives here.

Livejam with Polyend Tracker, Digitakt and Digitone!

Electronisounds Audio

“This is my first jam with the Polyend Tracker.
I’m still learning how to use it, and have barely scratched the surface of it’s potential so far.
Thanks for watching!”


Original Grey Face ARP 2600

via this auction

“I purchased this 23 years ago as an investment.When I received it was fully functional and I was able to nail a bass patch that sounded every bit as powerful as any Moog I’ve ever heard.After a year it stopped functioning and I Opened it up and noticed the filter was potted with epoxy to safeguard anyone copying the circuit but also prevents service.I packed it back up and it

Moog Liberation Keytar Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb

Note the listing states the Liberation was the original keytar. The first keytar with built-in synthesizer was actually the Syntar.

Yamaha SK15 Analog Symphonic Ensamble Synthesizer SN 4122

via this auction

“Mint condition. 100% working condition.”

SEQUENTIAL Pro-3 // Factory Presets F001-009


“A lot of fun playing and tweaking Factory Presets of SEQUENTIAL PRO-3. Presets F001-009. This video is featuring only the Pro-3.”

Tutorial: Funky Keys Pt 2 (Playing Lead Sounds)

Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

“Want to rock out on a lead sound?
Here’s a few tips on how to make your synth talk!”

With the Sequential Prophet-6

Polyphonic Buchla 100!?!

zack dagoba

“I managed to get a Buchla 114 touch plate module from La67. To be honest I didn’t really know what exactly this module would do functionally, as there are not many videos up featuring its, especially for what I wanted it to be able to do – namely trigger multiple VCOs and VCAs to turn the Buchla 100 into a fully polyphonic instrument – but to my immense joy it actually did what I


Martin Peters

“This music is somewhat inspired by the beautiful music accompanying the slide show of the Node Live Blu-Ray. You hear the Sequentix Cirklon sequencing 2 voices of the Modular, the Oberheim SEM and the Mutable Instruments Stages which is configured as a Harmonic Oscillator. The NDLR is sequencing the Korg Odyssey and the DSI Mopho. The VCF of the Moog Polymoog is