Soma Lyra 8 "Discovery"

Jurgen SONICrider

“Saturday August 1 2020 “the organismic synthesizer” Soma Lyra 8″ landed at the SONICriderSTUDIO.

Since recent production often touch the industrial experimental ambient style this organismic synthesizer will bring some unpredictable layers to future ambient project.

After going through some knob combinations recorded this “Discovery” video as a time stamp – this Lyra will

Moog Slim Phatty Poly Chain

Pure Ambient Drone

“Moog Slim Phatty Poly Chain X4. A no Talking sound demo of a Moog Slim Phatty Poly Chain four times over! Slim Phatty /Little Phatty is my one of my favorite sound synths and I always wanted to do a poly chain with them. So here it is, enjoy!”

Introduction to Oscilloscopes used with Modular Synths – w/ Bernhard Rasinger (live from PIFcamp)

Bastl Instruments

“In this workshop we are going to focus on basics of visualising waveforms and signals with an oscilloscope and why that is amazing for modular synthesis.

Bernhard Rasinger is know for his modular laser performances as BRLaser or collaborations project Tearing Light From Sound or Laser Bros. In his artistic practice he creates immersitve synaesthetic experiences of

Orange Mini Roland "JUNIOR-106" – Custom Juno-106 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

“Custom Juno 106 in great condition! all voice chips work and was recently serviced!”

Casio SK-8 SK8 Sampling Keyboard w/ Original Box

via this auction

“Includes 1 ROM pack with 5 songs. This keyboard has been sitting unused for over 25 years with batteries removed…”

Quasimidi Sirius Synthesizer

via this auction

“The Sirius is a keyboard groove-synth, featuring a subtractive hybrid-tone-generation synthesizer referred to as DTE (‘Difficult To Explain’) synthesis introduced in 1997 by Quasimidi. The unit features a both real-time and step sequencer with pattern and song modes, capable of acting basic drum machine, groove-box, or sound-module. The units is 7x multitimbral and has

Apex 9


“Live recording of the modular. The challenge was to create three distinct parts to string together to make a musical journey.

The first section is centered on the Moog Subharmonicon and a few extraneous sequences controlled by a Q119 step sequencer. The 24 bars passes through 3 segments with pitch transpose and discrete pad sounds.

The second section is isolated

Novation Peak Demos and Patches by Major OSC

You can find the patches at

Note the playlist above features quite a few videos, a couple of which are lengthy. You can use the controls on the bottom of the player to skip around. You’ll find tutorials, feature overviews, and demos.

1. SuperWave Collection Trailer – Blackbird Storm
3. SuperWave Collection for Novation Summit – Full Preview –

Novation Summit Versus ASM Hydrasynth – In Depth Discussion and Walkthrough (See description)

Major OSC

“Important Correction of Information: The Summit uses DIGITAL Envelopes, and DIGITAL LFO’s. The Filter as well as the distortion unit are Analog. My apologies for the incorrect information.

A Special Presentation from Major Oscillator:
1 Hour of discussion comparing the Novation Summit and ASM Hydrasynth. What an incredible duo of polyphonic synthesizer bliss!
Spoiler: There’s no

ASM Hydrasynth Demos and Patches by Major OSC

Major OSC

You can find the patches at

This above features quite a few videos, a few of which are pretty long. You can use the controls on the bottom of the player to skip around. You’ll find tutorials, feature overviews, and demos.

1. MajorOSC Special Presentation: Hydrasynth 1 Hour Review Special
2. Ignition 2 for Hydrasynth In Development
3. ASM