DDMF releases Chorddetector v1.0

DDMF has released Chorddetector, an mp3/wav-player with an integrated chord detection algorithm. It’s extremely simple to use: just load the song whose chords you’re interested in, press play and see the displayed chords in realtime, so that you can play along with your instrument. Very useful for covering songs, which, as we all know, is […]

Max for Live – Mark Egloffs APC-Step-Sequenzer

Auch wenn die APC-Reihe eigentlich dazu prädestiniert ist als Step-Sequenzer zu fungieren, wurden bis jetzt eher bescheidene Sequenzer-Varianten mit Max-for-Live programmiert. Warum jetzt ausgerechnet ein Ableton Mitarbeiter aus dem Logistikbereich eine passable Version kreiert hat, sei jetzt mal dahin gestellt, aber auf so etwas warten sicher viele APC-Besitzer schon sehr sehr lange. Um so größer ist da die Freude, dass mit der neuen Max-for-Live-Offensive scheinbar auch die Software-Seite ein bisschen angestoßen wird. Bitte mehr davon – dann hoffentlich auch direkt aus der Community heraus.


Universal Audio releases UAD Software v5.9, Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb plug-in for UAD-2

Universal Audio has released version 5.9 of the UAD Software, including the Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb for the UAD-2 platform. From the moment it was unleashed on the audio industry in 1978, the original Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb — with its tactile, slider-based controller and famously lush reverb tail — almost single-handedly defined the sound […]

PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2011 for Mac

PG Music has announced the release of Band-in-a-Box 2011 for Macintosh. Band-in-a-Box 2011 for Macintosh is here, with over 50 new features and enhancements! We?ve made big improvements to the sounds of the RealTracks, so that they sound more natural over a much wider range of tempos with the élastique Pro V2 time stretching engine […]

Sineqube – Petri

Kevin Holland hat unter Sineqube einen neuen Softwaresampler zusammengezimmert. Einfach ein Directory auswählen und schon werden die Samples automatisch in die Standalone-Version geladen. Besonders zu empfehlen ist die Filtersektion die von einem Oszillator getaktet werden kann. Für 30 Americano-Credits kann man da schlecht was gegen sagen, eine Demoversion gibt es im übrigen auch. Bis jetzt aber alles nur für den Mac.

Key features

•probabilistic randomization — control how sparse or dense you want your randomized sequences to be

•randomized pitch, sample choice, sequencing, and granular playback makes creating unpredictable percussion loops an effortless walk in a serendipitous park

•load a folder of aif or wavs to populate 8 channels of sequencing

•disengage all randomization to use Petri like a traditional sample player

•familiar 8 x 8 sequence grid enables quick sequence building on the fly

•hot keys for most-used functions allow for easy live performing

•extensive mouse-over hint system, quick start guide, and full manual makes Petri very easy to learn

•signal-rate synced tempo provides accurate timing


•auto-filtering with randomization features

•preset saving

•record to disk


For Moog and Propellerhead, New Websites Focus on Videos, Music Making

May has brought two new Web projects from manufacturers – one a titan name from analog hardware, another the king of the software studio. In each, the product itself is downplayed to focus on artists actually making music. That means if you’re looking to kick off your summer music making with a little inspiration, you’ve got some video to watch, and not just the usual gear lust. I don’t think I can be an entirely objective judge of websites, since I do work for The Internet, but that seems like a good trend. (So, yes, I’m not only being partial to Moog and Props here – I always welcome real musical discussion from the folks who make our music tools!)

First off, Moog has a much-welcome rebuild of their previous site, replacing a hard-to-navigate kludge with tiny images. The new site I have to say is one of the best I’ve seen yet from a vendor. Of course, it’s the actual content we still care about. For that, turn to a lavish legacy section. (You can even reminisce about the year 2000 and those heady Big Briar days.)

The nicest feature – back to the idea of getting to the music – promises to be the Sound Studio. First up is The Dandy Warhols, surrounded of course by tasty Moog gear. They have a mixed lineup coming – and don’t worry; that includes the likes of Thereminist Dorit Chrysler, lest you think Moog is abandoning their synthy roots. Now, if they could just find a way to put the pronunciation of their name front and center. (Hint: if you sound like a cow, you’re saying it wrong. Rogue.)

Moog Sound Lab

Propellerhead has a unique approach in May’s “Music Making Month.” Hands-on how-to videos appear first as live webcasts, then on-demand YouTube clips, showing how to get into some real music making. Reason and Record are featured, of course, but the series is as much about production and performance as those tools. Check out the start of the terrific series by Josh Mobley on keyboard finger-drumming, for instance. (Skip a couple of minutes in, and check out Josh’s percussive dexterity.) Artist guests are doing Q&A and video how-to installments on everything from control voltage to sequencing to songwriting, and it looks like there’s a nice artist/tech balance. I like the first week’s videos; tune in for more to come. (This also, though, confirms some of my reservations about the “Like” button; I wouldn’t read too much into those numbers.)


Stanton announces Scratch DJ Academy MIX! DJ Software

Stanton has announced the release of Scratch DJ Academy MIX, an intuitive DJ software application developed by Scratch DJ Academy, which helps music fans mix their digital music files while they learn the DJ basics along the way and inspires professional DJs to better analyze their tracks. Scratch DJ Academy MIX! is an exciting DJ […]

Cakewalk announces SONAR X1 Essential Crossgrade

Cakewalk has announced a special crossgrade pricing of $69 USD for the SONAR X1 Essential music production software for Windows. This special price offering is for current users of competing software. Users of Cubase (any version), Live Intro, FL Studio, Sequel, Reason and Studio One Artist. To take advantage of this limited time offer, present […]

Sineqube releases Petri generative sample player for Mac

Sineqube has released Petri, a sample player that generates its own sequences and selects up to eight random samples from a folder of your choosing. It was designed to create glitchy, IDM-inspired drum patterns very quickly. More than simply creating randomized sequences, Petri uses a series of probability algorithms that respond to however sparse or […]