Le Lotus Bleu releases PandemOxium for Oxium

Le Lotus Bleu has introduced PandemOxium, a soundset for the Oxium software synthesizer by XILS-lab. PandemOxium includes around 270 presets at the moment. Its goal is to offer to all Oxium users some instruments that benefit of the incredible modulation possibilities, as well as its pristine analogue double filters, superfast envelopes, and in short all […]

Realsamples releases German Celesta

Realsamples has released the German Celesta sample library, the latest addition to its ongoing Edition Beurmann, featuring instruments from the famous German collector Andreas Beurmann. Invented over 125 years ago, the celesta remains an obscure yet fascinating instrument. Opposed to a piano, hammers touch steel plates instead of strings: It sports a vibrant, mellow and […]

Tronsonic releases Microtape 11 – Cranberry Source free Kontakt library

Tronsonic has announced the release of Microtape 11 – Cranberry Source, a free sample pack for Native Instruments Kontakt. Microtape 11 – Cranberry Source for Kontakt. 2 patches from one of my favourite synths combined in one nki in the new microtape format. Recorded at 3.75 ips on clean quarter inch tape through the Bottlizer […]

Kong Audio updates QIN engine & Chinee Orchestra + No-Brainer ErHu deals

Kong Audio has announced it has updated its Chinee Orchestra and Chinee Series instruments to version 2.08. This update includes updated QIN RV 2.08 engine, and the Chinee Series individual instruments core update, plus the updated sample libraries. Also added is the new integrated x64 host support powered by jbridge. Changes in QIN RV 2.08 […]

The return of the KORG MS20 and the NAMM King Korg rumors

NAMM is soon upon us again and just as always rumors are beginning to flourish. The first comes from KORG regarding two new products from Korg, the King Korg and the MINI MS-20. The MINI MS-20 is rumored to be a new version of their analog classic, the MS-20 in a smaller chassis and with […]

Sonic Charge releases beatrick for Permut8 + Microtonic 64-bit beta

Sonic Charge has announced the release of beatrick for Permut8, a free firmware update that turns the effect plugin into a beat mangler. One of the worst kept secrets about Permut8 is that it supports “firmware replacements”. In case you have not heard about it before, a “Permut8 firmware” is a piece of code that […]