RCA THEREMIN Instruction Manual Reprint

via this auctionYou can find an online version here.”This is a reprint of the Instruction Manual that RCA-Victor shipped with the Theremins they manufactured in the late 1920’s.Topics covered include: INSTALLATION OPERATION MAINTENANCE12 page photocopy printed on good quality paper.”

Vintage Multivox MX-150 Basky II Bass Synth

via this auction”The Multivox MX-150 is a true analog bass synth. It has that warm, thick, room shaking bass that analog synths are known for. You can change the octave range and change the amount of sustain to get the exact feel you’re going for. One of the most useful modes is to hold notes to lay a sonic foundation and create a mood to build songs around. Made in: JapanSerial Number: 155001″

PROJECT PRESET – Omnisphere Bob Moog Tribute – ARP + Rhythm 1

YouTube Uploaded by Torley on Apr 2, 2011″Torley plays every preset from http://www.spectrasonics.net/products/tribute/700 Inspiring Sounds – 45 Amazing Artists – One Great CauseAll New SoundsProduced by Eric Persing, the new Bob Moog Tribute library features over 700 stunning new sounds for Omnisphere – created by more than 40 of the world’s top synth artists, remixers and sound designers,

Driving along the mountains

YouTube Uploaded by skoulaman on Apr 2, 2011″This is my second music with the Doepher Dark Time, I like that baby.The music is based just on one chord and a 16 step sequence. The Moog LP is sequenced and connections are the same as in the vid “Dark time days are beginning”. The chords are a combination of the Roland Juno 106, ta layered sound of the Waldorf micro Q, Kawai K1 and the strings of

There May Be A New Jupiter Or Juno Workstation In The Works from Roland. Is That A Good Thing?

Musikmesse 2011 – We recently reported about the speculation of what the new instrument from Roland is that will be announced next week at Musicmesse 2011. It can get tiresome reading and hearing announcements of a new synth, effect, or other instrument promising to take your music to the “Moons of Metzor”, or some higher level of satisfaction. Lately, and for quite some time, synth makers like Roland, among others, bring the promise in the form of a redo, revamped architecture, or re-release of a previous instrument. Usually with a proven track record. The Roland Jupiter and Juno Series of synthesizers is no different. In 2004, after nearly twenty years of absence, Roland began using the Juno name for some of it’s newer cost-efficient synths starting with the Juno-D. The sound structure under the hood of the newer Juno synths is quite different from it’s Analog and DCO counter parts. Let’s take a look back at the history of these classic instruments to see how we got here.

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10 Apps That Support The SynthStation25

Here’s a list of apps that currently support the Akai SynthStation 25: kinetic – Erik Sigth 50in1 Piano – Alexander Gross Sinusoid – Erik Sigth iVoxel – VirSyn NanoStudio – Blip Interactive Ltd NLog MIDI Synth – tempo rubato SynthStation – Akai Professional Music Studio – Alexander Gross Fairlight – Fairlight Instruments Pty Ltd Fairlight Pro […]

An Exclusive First Look at Tim Thompson’s Kinect-Based Instrument: MultiMultiTouchTouch

Tim Thompson is a software engineer, musician, and installation artist. He was recently mentioned in Roger Linn’s post “Research Project: LinnStrument — A New Musical Instrument Concept where Roger credits Tim with writing a program that “translates the TouchCo’s proprietary USB messages into TUIO messages sent over OSC.”


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The Fascinating World of Telekinetic Synthesizer Conducting

Alistair de Blacquiere Clarkson sent us some information about this fascinating video that demonstrates a real conductor using virtual telekinetic forces (via an Xbox Kinect) in order to control the way a piece of music is played through a synthesizer. Watch this video to see the conductor controlling multiple orbs in 2D space using hand movements to attract the different orbs; thus using a virtual telekinetic force the user can control these orbs.

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