Roland Octapad SPD-30 Review By Brad Schlueter: Pro Features, Yet Easy To Use

Back in 1985, Roland released its first Octapad, which had eight pads for triggering external sounds via MIDI and a whopping four user presets.

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Audio Technica AT4050ST Stereo Condenser Microphone Review By Walt Szalva: Taking The Mid-Side Technique To The Masses

The Audio-Technica AT4050ST ($1,625 MSRP; $1,299 street) is a stereo version of the company’s popular AT4050 side-address, condenser microphone.

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The iPhat Touch = An Apple iPad Enhanced Moog Little Phatty

via Moog Music on FacebookMoog takes over the Asheville mac store to alpha test the iPhat Touch.

It looks like the “iPhat Touch” =  an Apple iPad-enhanced Moog Little Phatty.

The iPad is running Ben Hovey’s template for TouchOSC:

“Being able to control many things previously hidden many steps deep in menus and seeing the parameters all at once is really fun!” says Hovey in the comments below. “I did make a template using TouchOSC and OSCulator and will share it once I get all the kinks worked out.”

Anybody else interested in trying this combo out?

Colorful, Touchable, Futuristic DIY MIDI Controller, with Details: Station

Ander sends us his creation, “Station,” a brilliant-looking MIDI controller built on the hardware platform. It could easily have qualified for the kinds of designs in the dreams competition – except he went ahead and made it. He filled it in with RGB LEDs, touch pads, and new SMD-based hardware.

The impact of the colored LEDs is something that provides some of the visual feedback of a touchscreen, but with real, tactile control and the satisfaction of using something physical. I challenge the iPad running TouchOSC (or Lemur, or anything else) to a smackdown with this gorgeous beast. Even as a fan of some of the advantages of touch, I suspect the iPad would lose rather spectacularly.

I asked Ander for more technical details:

have a look at MIDIbox of the Week: Station MIDI controller by Ander – MIDIbox Forum There is a diagram about the LEDs and knobs. For the touch pads I am using force sensors at the moment, but they are terribly expensive. I will be switching to FSRs

Some stats, if you want to know more just ask.

– based on the open hardware platform
– Aluminium casing, custom made
– Acrylic knobs, also custom made
– Modularized, can be made into any form
– Flexible PCB: can hold sensors, encoders and/or buttons
– Custom firmware on the microcontrollers
– Custom software interface on the host computer which interfaces via MIDI (in my case to Live)
– RGB LEDs, 24bit color depth (technically)
– USB interface (plus power, this thing needs a lot of power for all these LEDs)
– I have not counted the buttons 🙂

It’s an epic piece of work, a real testament to the efforts of its builder. We’ll need a new category of competition, for things other people already made that we dream about / covet anyway.

Nerd alert: Ander, the name “Station” is a reference to Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, and “Do you want to know more?” in the YouTube description to Starship Troopers … right? (Actually, even if I’m wrong, I’ve just identified myself as a dork cinematic connoisseur.)

Thanks to cooptrol for the tip, too!

GForce Imposcar2 hardware controller – part 4 – The Video

A short presentation of Mario\’s last project. The impOSCar 2 Controller \”Keyboard Version\”. Watching this video made us even more amazed. This thing ROCKS!

Mackie 2404-VLZ3 And Mackie 3204-VLZ3: Compact FX Mixers With USB Added To VLZ3 Series

High headroom, low noise, effects processing, channel compression, USB connectivity, and plenty of channels come together for the Mackie VLZ3 Series of mixers, which starting this summer, will have

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SonicCharge Microtonic Patternarium: Collaboration-Based, Evolving Drum Pattern Generator

Combine elements from drum machines, software sequencers, Web-based music production applications, and social networking-style voting polls, and you get SonicCharge Microtonic Patternarium — a new

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Fairfield Circuitry Four Eyes Crossover Fuzz: Built For Tweaking

There’s a four-eyed, fuzzy creature hanging out in the studio, the inquisitive fuzzy creature being the new Fairfield Circuitry Four Eyes Crossover Fuzz.

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HV Synth Design Total Trumpet: New Trumpet VSTi Intro’d

Harm Visser at HV Synth Design has answered the call for brass with the release of Total Trumpet, a new virtual trumpet instrument (Windows; $79).

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The Loop Loft Jazz Sessions Volume 2: Jazz Drum Loops Collection Released

Give your tracks a jazzy rhythmic lift, again, with The Loop Loft Jazz Sessions Volume 2, the follow-up collection of jazz drum loops to the first volume with the same title.

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