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How To Play The Theremin Like A Psycho Killer

Click here to view the embedded video.

Gordon Charlton demonstrates how to play the theremin like a psycho killer, with Moog Etherwave theremin, Marshall Echohead EH-1 delay pedal, lobster knife and carving knife.

The performance, Playing With Knives by Beat Frequency , was Charlton’s entry in the Moog Halloween Theremin Contest.

The knives serve a musical purpose,” explains Charlton, “Touching the metal blade causes an abrupt change in pitch or volume.”

Soundgasm Design Intros Three New Sample Libraries

New sound design company Soundgasm Design has announced a multi-soundgasmic product line.

The lineup includes:

  • Leslie Sanford’s Cicada for G-Force ImpOSCar, a sound bank release containing 3 banks with 36 patches each for a total of 108 patches. All of the basics are covered from useable basses to lush pads. But it doesn’t stop there. The Cicada banks dive deep into impOSCar’s possibilities taking you on a sonic journey we think you’ll find unique and rewarding.
  • Azure for Leslie Sanford’s Cobalt synthesizer, which features 32 patches, 8 from each of the most usable categories, and covers a little of everything. The main focus of this bank is to push Cobalt a little farther than it has been pushed before.
  • FunkUnit for Sonic Projects OPX-Pro, a 32 sound bank which attempts to capture the essence of the 1980?s and enhance that essence into a modern usable set of sounds with a contemporary funk influence. Inspired by the films and pop culture of that decade, FunkUnit attempts to provide a little bit of that 80?s funk magic for your compositions.

They’re priced so you won’t have to blow a wad on them: Cicada -$15, Azure and FunkUnit – $5.

If you’ve tried out Soundgasm’s work, leave a comment with your thoughts. If you’d rather just make mildly offensive double-entendre’s, that’s OK, too.

via rekkerd

5Pin Media Trance Forms Vol. 1 – Elements: New Trance Sound Library Introduced

Loopmasters has released 5Pin Media Trance Forms Vol.1 – Elements, a new collection of MIDI and sample patches for all genres of trance and progressive house productions.

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Korg Pa Series Mexican / South American Styles: Free Downloads For Arranger Keyboards

Go south of the border with Korg’s free Mexican / South American set of Styles for Korg Pa Series Professional Arranger keyboards.

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OrganFairy’s Halloween Synth Jam

Click here to view the embedded video.

Organ Fairy created this synth jam in honor of Halloween.

Ooooh! That drumbeat is pretty scary!

Details below!

via organfairy:

I thought about what to do this year for a Halloween video. I found a pile of electric candles (!) that I bought a while ago but never used.

Then I remembered a melody I made in 2003. The idea was to use a rhythm on my then favourit drum machine – the Roland CR-1000 – that I had never used before: Charleston. And a weird preset on the Roland JX-8P that I had never used either. I modified it a bit to make it more “alien-like” and added the accordeon preset to the arrangement and a piano arpeggio from the Yamaha organ.

I played the melody on the Kawai MS-20 and Yamaha VSS-30. Added some organ chords from the Viscount organ. And that was it.