The new VSTRON FX unit

VSTron is a free VST-Plugin that is well suited to create special FX sounds. VSTron is an effective and fun VST unit that is capable of producing different kinds of effects such as laser sounds, fast LFO’s, ascending/descending Sweeps, filtered madness, bubbling bleeps, or attacking ramps. Initially inspired by the Korg Monotron, the VSTron includes […]

Point Blank enrolling students for Professional Live Sound Engineering Course

Point Blank has announced it is now admitting students to its Live Sound Engineering course running in April, July and September 2011.

Point Blank Live Sound Engineering

Learn to make a living in the fastest growing area of the music business…

There is no better way to learn a craft than actually doing it for real. This is the ethos behind Point Blank Music College and seems especially true of their live Sound Engineering Certificate course which gives you the opportunity to mix 6 live gigs in 6 months at various top London venues. Talk about in at the deep end…

But don’t worry, it’s not the ducking stool – you won’t be thrown in to see if you sink or swim! The Live Sound Engineering Certificate course is a 24 week journey taught by professionals from The Barfly, Islington’s 02 Academy 2 and The Garage. These are the venues that helped launch the careers of Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, The Gossip and many more.

As well as supervised, hands on practice at sound engineering at 6 gigs (one for each month of the course) you will be taught in detail the ins and outs of getting the most out of any PA to make the bands you mix sound hot. The 250 capacity main room at O2 Academy 2 Islington is a key venue on the London gig scene and a great place for you to learn the art of live mixing in a proper working environment. Everyone knows that live is where the music business makes its money at the moment: one of the effects of decreased record sales on the music industry has been the re-emergence of live performance as a major source of revenue for artists. This is turn has increased the need for skilled live mix engineers and Point Blank has the reputation for showing you how having won the award for ‘Best Music College’ six times in a row at the annual T-Scan Awards.

So there are more jobs than ever for the right candidates: get on the course now! We are now enrolling student for April, July and September 2011.

The Point Blank Live Sound Engineering courses are available at £2,690 GBP.

More information: Point Blank London / Live Sound Engineering Course – Certificate

Album Review – Solar Bears – She was Coloured In

Every once in a while an album comes across my desktop that locks on my sonic radar. The band, Solar Bears and their album She Was Coloured In, is such an album. Solar Bears is a duo of John Kowalski and Rian Trench. Using synthesizers, guitars, bass, drums, effects, and sonic sound bites create a nice landscape of haunting yet none threatening melodies and thought provoking ideas. You could almost say they appear to have time travel back and forth and a little ahead of the curve. In my my album review inside I’ve attempted to chronologically offer my thoughts on each song on the album with a few videos to sample the Solar Bear’s music.

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Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross Nominated For Academy Award For Electronic Score To ‘The Social Network’

Trent Reznor nominated for oscar for The Social Network soundtrack

Trent Reznor and collaborator Atticus Ross have been nominated for an Academy Award for their electronic score to David Fincher’s The Social Network, which is also up for seven other Oscars.

Reznor & Ross’s soundtrack is up against some strong competition:

  • Hans Zimmer for Inception;
  • A. R. Rahman for 127 Hours;
  • John Powell for How to Train Your Dragon; and
  • Alexandre Desplat for The King’s Speech.

We’re calling this right now, though.

The Academy Award for Best Soundtrack will go to Reznor & Ross. Zimmer already has an Academy Award and The Social Network soundtrack is both very effective and very different than most soundtracks.

The King’s Speech was a better movie, though.

What do you think about The Social Network getting the Academy Award nomination?

Oberheim Son Of 4 Voice Brings Back Vintage 70?s Synth Sound & Design

oberheim-son-of-4-voice tom-oberheim-son-of-4-voice tom-oberheim-son-of-four-voice tomoberheim-4-voice

Tom Oberheim has introduced a new analog synth – the Oberheim Son Of 4 Voice.

If it doesn’t look brand-spanking new, though, there’s a reason…..

Here’s the announcement for the Oberheim Son Of 4 Voice:

SON OF 4 VOICE’s SEMs bring back vintage ’70s design … 100% discrete analog … absolutly no custom chips.

The audio that screams from an SEM is fat, fine and funky, with a tonal variety unlike any other sound-generating device on this rock we call home. Gang up four of these monsters, and you’ve got sounds that’re thicker than thunder.

SO4V can be used as a 4-voice polyphonic synth or as 4 individual synths under MIDI control. Two SO4Vs can be ganged together to create an 8-voice.

The Polyphonic Voice Control and Programmer section retains all the features of the original Four Voice Programmer and Keyboard control modules, while adding gotta-have-’em goodies like these:

  • Two MIDI sync capable LFOs with multiple waveshapes including sample and hold per voice
  • Two programmable ADSR envelope generators per voice
  • Selectable master tuning (both VCOs or VCO2 only) allows easy detuning for huge unison sounds
  • Polyphonic portamento with linear or exponential response
  • Noise generator connected to filter input #1
  • External audio or A440 tuning reference connected to filter input #2
  • Updated output module with mix and pan control for each voice
  • Two SO4Vs can be easily connected together – result: eight voices!

Each SO4V is equipped with a Tom Oberheim signature plate.

Specifications subject to change.

The Oberheim Son Of 4 Voice is expected to be available in May, 2011, for US $3,495.

Preorder at GFSAgency.

via Matrixsynth, GearJunkies

Arturia Minimoog V Gets Dedicated iPad MIDI Controller

iMinimoogV iPad

iControlMidiDesign has introduced a dedicated iPad MIDI controller for the Arturia Minimoog V, iMinimoogV:

Leveraging 2 years of experience in designing GUI for control surface and 25+ years of experience in designing synthesizers sounds, we are bringing the best of those experiences to the iPad with iControlMIDI for Arturia MinimoogV, namely iMinimoogV.

The world needs more experienced GUI designers, don’t you think? Especially with guitars getting app stores!

Details below.

iControlMIDI uses your:

  • iPad with WiFi connectivity
  • WiFi router (like an AirPort)
  • [MAC] MacOS / Utilities / AudioMIDISetup / Network (MIDI Network Sessions)
  • [PC] rtpMIDI and Apple Bonjour

iControlMIDI let you control all MIDI controllable parameters.

iMinimoogV is available now for $29.99.