Korg Trident 1

YouTube via Sjobeck7 | January 24, 2011 | “Korg Trident Mk1 Analog Synth from 1980.Was going to sell on eBay but changed my mind… Thats why you see me striking all the notes… NOT a performance video but rather a functionality video. This thing sounds terribly gorgeous… and quite possibly one of the greatest vintage synthesizers ever manufactured… There seems to be less than one thousand

What $100,000 Of Modular Synth Gear Looks Like

Buchla 200e modular synthesizer

Saturday Synth Porn: Ever wonder what $100,000 of modular synth gear would look like?

Probably like a lot like this photo of four Buchla 200e modular synthesizers, via buchlajoe.

The only way this photo could be more awesome is if the line of Buchla synths extended off into infinity.

Note: The $100,000 price tag may be a bit high, but we padded it a bit to allow for lots of patch cables.

Jupiter 8. Polymoog 203a Pairing

YouTube via Sjobeck7 | January 29, 2011 | 2 likes, 1 dislikes”NOT A PERFORMANCE VIDEO :pJust wanted to quickly demo an exceedingly rare synth combo!Roland Jupiter 8 paired with a Moog Polymoog 203aWill promise to post something much better in the coming weeks.And at that time I will delete all these video mic lo-fi demoes.”via JorgeMore Polymoog & Jupiter-8 vids via Sjobeck7:Playlist:Moog

Alkex Instruments custom Minimoog midi controller

YouTube via alkexinstruments | February 19, 2011 | “www.alkex.comThe Alkex Instruments MMG is a custom midi controller designed to enable the user to “feel” his or her software/hardware emulation of the legendary classic analog synthesizer: The Moog Minimoog.”via Jorge

Mixxx 1.9 – The Coolest Open Source Application Ever?

Free DJ Software MIXXX

The Mixxx development team has released Mixxx 1.9.0, an update to the free, open source DJ application that adds several major new features, including Shoutcast support, direct deck outputs for external mixers, and ReplayGain normalization.

Other open source applications may be cool, but can you rock the house with Linux? Can you get the party started with Apache?

We think not.

Details on Mixxx 1.9 below. 

New in Mixxx 1.9:

  • Shoutcast / Icecast support
    • Mixxx can now broadcast over the internet (heavily requested feature)
  • External Mixer Support
    • The new Sound Hardware preferences pane allows you to route each playback deck separately, which allows you to use Mixxx with an external mixer.
  • ReplayGain normalization
    • A user from our forum worked closely with our developers to fully implement volume normalization, including performing the ReplayGain analysis for tracks which are not tagged.
  • Waveform Gain
    • The scrolling waveforms now scale according to the channel gain for better visual feedback.
  • Key lock buttons
    • Formerly known as “pitch-independent time stretch”, there are now easily accessible key-lock buttons for each for deck.
  • Revamped default skin
    • Since the original source material for the Outline Netbook skin was lost eons ago, our artist completely redid it from scratch and tweaked it for better visibility. The new skin has also added EQ kill switches.
  • HSS1394 support (Windows, OS X)
    • Mixxx now supports firewire HSS1394 MIDI devices such as the Stanton SCS.1 series.
  • Improved FLAC support
    • We’re now using libFLAC directly for smoother FLAC decoding.
  • Revamped metadata parsing
    • Integration of TagLib allows Mixxx to parse more metadata from songs, and do it more consistently.
  • Metadata writing
    • Mixxx can now write changes in song metadata back to disk. This feature is off by default, and can be enabled in the Library preferences pane.
  • Millisecond time display
    • The time counters in Mixxx now have an extra millisecond display.
  • Library improvements:
    • Played column – The library now indicates whether a song has been played in the current session already, and also counts the total number of times the song has been played.
    • Ratings column – 5 stars, no stars, or anywhere in between.
    • Better search – Search now searches in more columns, and by-term instead of by-phrase.
    • Revamped iTunes integration – A rewrite yielded a significant speedup of iTunes parsing.
    • Faster library scanning – The library scanner should perform much better on large libraries.
    • Inline Editing – Double click any item in the track table to edit its contents.
    • Recording to MP3/Ogg – Now your recordings can be saved in either MP3 or Ogg/Vorbis format.
  • New MIDI mappings:
    • Vestax Typhoon
    • Vestax Spin
    • Hercules DJ Console Mk4
    • Numark MIXTRACK
    • Pioneer CDJ-350
  • Updated MIDI mappings:
    • Hercules DJ Control MP3
    • Hercules DJ Control e2
    • Hercules DJ Control Steel
    • Hercules MK2
    • Vestax VCI-100
    • Reloop Digital Jockey 2
    • M-Audio Xponent
  • Tons of bug fixes and performance improvements!

If Vangelis Played The “Looney Tunes” Theme, It Might Sound Like This. Or Maybe Not.

Click here to view the embedded video.

If Vangelis played the Looney Tunes theme on one of his multiple rare, expensive, unobtainable Yamaha CS-80 synthesisers, it might sound something like this.

But probably not.

via noddyspuncture:

Messing on my CS80 with the “Looney Tunes” theme – the ‘ribbon’ gave me the idea, as it sounds just like the infamous intro..!

Free MIDI Arpeggiator VST Plugin For Windows

Click here to view the embedded video.

Arto Vaarala has released Kirnu – a free MIDI arpeggiator VST plugin for Windows.


  • Easy realtime tweaking
  • User friendly pattern view
  • MIDI learn for every major control
  • Two independent CC controls with ‘teach’ functionality
  • Numerous of different scales
  • Hold mode
  • It’s only available for Windows, making cheap and ubiquitous computing seem that much more awesome

Download Kirnu at Artovaarala.com.

Etude EH By Giorgio Sancristoforo Using Buchla Modular Synth And Electro Harmonix 2880 Looper

Just after unboxing his Electro Harmonix 2880 Looper producer and artist Giorgio Sancristoforomade made a quick patch on his Buchla Modular Synthesizer and started this improvisation. He believes he has found the perfect companion for his Buchla with the 2880 Looper. Listen for yourself in this video.

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