A closer look at the Eigenharp

Imogen Heap is an award winning artist with Ivor Novello and Grammy awards to her name. Respected among her peers and adored by her fans, she truly embraces both modern technology and traditional instruments in her creative process. This is the official Eigenlabs video taking a closer look at Imogen Heap and her thoughts on […]

Exclusive preview of djay for iPad coming to iOS 4.2

Macrumors has shared this teaser video of the new Djay app for iPad When the iPad was first announced, one of the most exciting aspects of the device was that developers now had a large multi-touch platform to develop cool new apps. In particular, the possibility of DJ applications with multi-touch scratching and mixing captured […]

NanoStudio – adding support for the Akai SynthStation25 MIDI controller

Blip Interactive has updated its iPhone music app NanoStudio, adding support for the Akai SynthStation25 MIDI controller, and the update is now available in iTunes. Here’s what’s new in the update: Support for Akai SynthStation 25 MIDI controller Song/metronome monitor during sample record Improved sample interpolation quality NanoStudio Features: 4x Eden synths, TRG-16 trigger pads, […]

Rythm Core Alpha for Nintendo DSi

Rhythm Core Alpha is a new music synthesizer & sequencer for the Nintendo DSi. Rhythm Core Alpha is a fun and powerful music creation system for Nintendo DSi. This video shows how to create your own music quickly and easily, explaining every step of the process. It starts with creation of a simple drum loop […]

Turn your ordinary mobile phone into a LoFi loop sequencer

This is a demonstration of the GetLoFi MIDI Loop sequencer on a Nokia cell phone. The program is a Java application that theoretically should work on a wide range of older cell phones including a Blackberry device. Anything that supports J2ME. More information soon at www.getlofi.com The App can be downloaded from http://www.getlofi.com/getlofi.jar The Controls […]

How to make sound effects

Hiss and roar has shared a video illustrating the process of bringing a new sound effects library in place The ‘making of’ a new sound effects library: SD005 PRESSURE Available November 23 from: HISSandaROAR.com

Cool introduction to Game Audio

How Games are Different from Anything You’ve Worked on Before This session provides an introduction and exploration into the many ways in which video game music and sound design are fundamentally different from linear media such as television or film. It also covers what to expect when working on a game, and how being part […]