circuit bent AKAI S2000 SAMPLE GRINDER + internal SCSI

via this auction”Many people would suggest that the Aksi S2000 is a rack mounted version of the S20, but this is far from being the case. Its more like a stripped down version of the MPC2000XL without the pads or sequencer, or even a somewhat crippled S3000XLThere are still plenty of these machines still in service in studios all over the world due to the indestructible build quality and that

Ununseptium Warehouse Alternative oscillator #2

via Ununseptium Warehouse where you will find more.”This time there are a couple of external circuit boards feeding different signals into a modular synth system. One is a home made theremin, which doesn’t work very well (see photo for screwdriver potentiometer!) but produces an interesting waveform. The other is host to a Savage Innovations Soundgin speech synthesizer chip.”Circuit bored by

Synovatron CV Tools Modules In Production

via Tone’s”CV Tools Specification4-channel Polarizing Cascade MixerChannel 1Input: 3.5mm jack IN1Input impedance: 100k? (±1%)Normalled input: VREF – jumper selectable to +5V, 0.5V-2.5V or noneBandwidth: DC-16kHz (-3db)Gain: LEVEL control variable 0 to ±2 (±3%)Output: 3.5mm jack OUT1 – Normalled to Channel 2 output mixerOutput impedance: 1k? (±1%)Output indication: ±LEDsChannel 2Input: 3.5mm jack

Circuit Bent KORG KPR_77

YouTube Uploaded by magicmodulator on Apr 1, 2011″Circuit bent KORG KPR-77 by mat the modulator Englandbass drum pitch, zapp(p bend), decaysnare, pitch, decay, noise levelhi-hat and cymbal tone and decay controlstom pitchclap tone control”

Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds ‘Exit Strategy’

Synthesis Bakis Sirros (Parallel Worlds) sends word of a new collaboration with Ian Boddy, Exit Strategy. Description: Both Boddy & Sirros have a long, well documented love of analogue modular synthesisers and the organic sounds and rhythms these instruments can produce, so in many ways it was inevitable that these two musicians would collaborate at […]

Yamaha CS01 II analogue synthesiser

via this auction”includes the BC1 Breath Controller and original power supply… This mark 2 version features an improved 24db resonant filter (which self-oscillates) with adjustable slider control over resonance instead of switchable on/off resonance as found on the original.”

Musikmesse 2011 – Korg To Announce New Analog Hardware

So I took a brief moment to fire up the Korg iElectribe today since it recently has gone through a couple of great kickin updates including MIDI control. Does Korg have passion or what? Anyhow the first thing that pops up after the deep red iElectribe screen is a screen with a dark somewhat blurred image of some kind of hardware synth with knobs and the question “Ready to tweak some real analog hardware?” A smaller caption underneath that reads “Check out and on April 6th” Heck yeah we want to tweak some real analog hardware don’t we? A little digging around reveals that others are waking their iPads up to the same message. So there you have it we can definitely look forward to a new analog synth announcement of some kind next Wedenesday along with the assurance of other gear and tools. We will be assimilated. Stay tuned right here as more details unfold.

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