[WinterNAMM 2010] TC Electronic announces a revamped G-System

The best guitar effects system just got even better – G-System has been updated with a redesigned input circuit and a new software update with more effects, more features and 100 new presets.

[WinterNAMM 2010] Roland releases V-Piano Evolution Update

Roland’s groundbreaking V-Piano has won acclaim from the world’s finest pianists. With its innovative approach to digital piano synthesis, it truly soars beyond the limits of previous sample-based instruments.

[WinterNAMM 2010] Alesis announce the MultiMix 6 USB

Alesis, a leading manufacturer of professional audio equipment and studio electronics, announces the MultiMix 6 USB, a six-channel USB mixer. Alesis will introduce the MultiMix 6 USB at the 2010 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, booth 6400, January 14…

[WinterNAMM 2010] Roland announces the VP-7 Vocal Processor

For keyboardists in need of great background vocals, the new VP-7 vocal processor is ready to sing! Create harmonies instantly, from a single voice to a full-scale choir, with a microphone and a MIDI connection to the keyboard of your choice. It…

[WinterNAMM 2010] Cakewalk Announces Free SONAR 8.5.2 Update

Cakewalk, the world\’s leading developer of powerful and easy to use products for music creation and recording, today announces a free update for SONAR 8.5 Producer and SONAR 8.5 Studio. Registered SONAR 8.5 Producer, SONAR 8.5 Studio, and V-Studio…

NAMM Scoop – Eigenlabs Intros The Eigenharp Tau


Eigenlabs made the US debut of the Eigenharp Alpha and Pico, and made the world debut of the Eigenharp Tau, today at the 2010 NAMM Show.

The Eigenharp Tau is the newest addition to the Eigenharp portfolio, filling the gap between the entry-level Pico and the professional-level Alpha.

The Tau offers most of the capabilities of the Eigenharp Alpha, but at less than half the price.

The Tau dispenses with the wood craftsmanship of the Eigenharp Alpha, and instead features a minimalist aesthetic, available in black and silver finishes. With 72 playing keys, a strip controller and breath pipe, it can do almost everything that its big brother, the professional level Eigenharp Alpha, can do.

The Eigenharp range has been designed specifically for live performance, and Eigenlabs calls them “the most expressive electronic musical instruments ever made.” The instruments can play and record loops, change key, transpose, alter tempo, program beats, switch and layer sounds, all while the musician is performing live on stage.

The Eigenharp Tau retails at £1899 inc VAT and will be available to buy on the Eigenlabs
website from January 14 2010. Shipping starts 10 May 2010.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Off The Vaporware List, Is Awesome, Pricey And A Work In Progress


The Teenage Engineering OP-1 is on show as a work in progress at NAMM.

While they’ve still got a lot of work to do on the OP-1, it’s off the vaporware list, as far as we’re concerned.

We were able to catch a brief demo of the OP-1 today at the NAMM Show and:

  • The hardware is already very polished;
  • The software is impressive and powerful; and
  • The user interface is pretty much what you’d get if you crossed Kate Beckinsale with Scarlett Johansson and added in a touch of Delia Derbyshire. Meow!

Not so hot, though:

  • There’s a lot of work to do on the OS. Teenage Engineering is looking at a end of 2010 to start of 2011 release date.
  • The price is expected to be around $700. They’re looking into engineering cheaper ways to manufacture the OP-1 to see if they can get the price down.

Check out the Teenage Engineering OP-1 demo videos and specs below and let us know what you think!

And let us know – are you ready to part with $700 for the OP-1?

Click here to view the embedded video.

OP-1 Technology Specs

  • 400 MHz Processor Core (800 MMACS) performance
  • 64 MB Low-Power SDRAM (12ns)
  • 512 MB Nand Flash storage
  • 24-bit 96kHz ADC/DAC
  • USB 2.0 high speed (OTG)
  • 3.5 mm Input, Output
  • Built-in microphone
  • High output mini speaker 8 Ohm 1 Watt
  • 3-axis accelerometer (G-force) sensor
  • Worldwide FM band support (64-108 MHz)
  • Amoled display running in 60 fps
  • 320 x 160 pixel resolution
  • Color Depth: 16.7 M
  • Contrast: 10000:1 (good for outdoor use!)
  • Viewing Angle: 170°
  • Life Time: 30,000 hrs
  • 2500mAh li-ion Polymer Battery

Mechanical Specs:

  • Low profile keyboard module
  • Scissor-switch ultra low profile design
  • Expected lifespan of 10 million keystrokes per key
  • Industrial Grade Incremental Encoders
  • Rotational life: Up to 1,000,000 revolutions
  • Excellent indexing feel (remains consistent over life)
  • Zinc diecast and fiber enforced high performance plastic
  • Used in Avionics Operating temperature range: -40 to +85°C2.8
  • Advanced Aluminum Unibody design.

Ableton Beat Showcase

Click here to view the embedded video.

This video offers an overview of the Ableton Beat Showcase, an Ableton /Puma sponsored beat-making event.

via AbletonInc:

On Wednesday, November 4, 2009, at the Low End Theory Club in Los Angeles, top beat-makers gathered to perform live and compete for special prizes from Puma.

The evening was a huge success, this movie captures the vibe for those that couldn’t be there.

Special thanks go out to Puma, Novation, Low End Theory, and Thavius Beck.