JMT DNVO-1 Desktop Synthesizer with pattern generator, 3 Sub-Oscillators, CV In

Published on Mar 29, 2016 JMT SYNTH

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Pic of the inside below.

“Up for sale is one of our three beloved DNVO-1s from JMT Synth. This is his flagship model and the most requested desktop synth in our studio. For fans of Skychord/ KingCapitolPunishment/ Soma, though nothing in the ‘noise/drone synth’ category can touch the versatility and musicality of JMT’s top shelf designs.

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command

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“The Impulse Command is a very unique analog synth. Its got a stereo filter section, digital effects, and an interesting loop sequencer. This is a great box for generating musical ideas and inspiration. There is a full row of patch points for interfacing with other desktop synths and Eurorack systems, and of course MIDI interfacing. This synth is in great shape and includes the

Transparent Blue Yamaha CBX-K1 37key Mini Midi Synthesizer Keyboard

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Clear cased Yamaha CBX-K1. Reminds me of those old clear cased Fatar MIDI controller keyboards.

Check out a demo of the CBX-K1 that just went up today here.

KORG MONO/POLY MP-4 monophonic synthesizer serviced

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Inside Matador’s Dublin Synth Studio

Gavin Lynch, aka Matador, offers a quick tour of his studio, discusses his workflow and explains his approach to recording his gorgeous collection of gear.… Read More Inside Matador’s Dublin Synth Studio

Waldorf Kyra

Published on Oct 12, 2019 Cave Way

“Got the Kyra today, hooked it up to the MPC live to test out the multi-timbrality and messed around on the presets sequencing a million notes. no issues. All synth sounds from the Kyra.(kik, hh, and clap from elsewhere)

Anyone else have one? All patches seem very phaseriffic.”

Kyras on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus 2

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“Definitely the hardest piece of gear I’ve ever had to let go. If you’re looking for CL gear I’m sure you already know how incredibly dense and magical peter’s designs are. This unit was bought new less than a year ago and has been treated with great care. Comes with power supply and around 15 banana cables. I’ll also throw in some bare banana jacks if you want to play around