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Published on Jan 27, 2020 Omri Cohen

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Industrial Strength releases Europa Damaged Kicks and General Guyble’ Hard & Raw Racks for Ableton

Industrial Strength General Guyble Hard & Raw Racks for Ableton

Industrial Strength Samples has released a new sound pack for the Europa synthesizer instrument by Reason Studios. Europa Damaged Kicks features a collection of 70 hardcore kick drums by creator of the Raw Kick Collection, Vi Ta Lee. Europa is a brand new plug-in for Reason and Vst Users. This full on Synth is amazing. […]

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MIDI 2.0 Adopted at Winter NAMM 2020

At the Annual Meeting of the MIDI Manufacturers Association during Winter NAMM 2020, MMA members in attendance unanimously completed the adoption of the core MIDI 2.0 specifications including…

Read More Q106 Oscillator Module

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“A Voltage controlled oscillator with 5 different wave shapes (Sine, triangle, sawtooth, ramp and pulse wave). It has PWM, hard sync and variable linear control input. And more “

Oakley Classic VCA 2013

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“This is a voltage controlled amplifier module inspired in part by a classic vintage design. The Oakley Classic VCA is based on the ARP4019 sub-module

Two signal inputs are provided, one DC coupled and the other AC coupled. The former allows audio and low frequency signals to be processed. While the latter has a high pass filter so that it can be only used to process

Custom White Kiwi Super 106 – Roland Juno 106

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“Here’s the first ever Super kiwi 106!

Here’s everything that’s packed inside ;

– custom white graphics and LEDs – kiwi edition
– the kiwi cpu installed perfectly And ready to go.
– a full restoration of all the electronics including voice chips
– fully calibrated
– lighted bender
– external chorus input
– and a special mod over on the far right called the “M3 mod”

ASM Hydrasynth Desktop Version

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First used one I’ve seen for sale.

“Played with it for about an hour. Overall this synth can cover a lot of bases, but I have a few (ok way too many) other synths that have become my sound for the time being. For the price to feature ratio, the cost of the synth is like Taco Bell money.

I have all the original box and contents. Screen protectors are over the screens. I will

Roland JV-2080 Synthesizer w/ Expansion Boards

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SR-JV80-02 Orchestral
SR-JV80-05 World
SR-JV80-16 Orchestral II

Curious how many there were based on the numbering. 16+?

CASIO CZ-1 SN 8612 w/ Original Box

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