Abstract Hip-Hop & Deep and Tech Drum Kits released at Sample Magic

Sample Magic Abstract Hip HopSample Magic has introduced Abstract Hip-Hop, a new sample pack featuring Trip-Hop driven melodics and dusty breaks. Dive into an expansive world of skittering breakbeats, experimental electronics, finely-tuned sample cut-ups and fat analogue synths. SM153 Abstract Hip-Hop contains 1.3GB+ of soulful keys, monolithic synth stabs, jazz funk bass lines, and R&B-inspired melodics. Crafted to perfection, […]

Daft Punk Not Playing At My House, LCD Soundsystem Is

James Murphy is back with a matter-of-fact, stream of conscious vision of the present set to a synthtacular groove:… Read More Daft Punk Not Playing At My House, LCD Soundsystem Is

Junkie XL’s 5U Modular Synthesizer Performance

This video captures Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) demonstrating his approach to working with his massive 5U modular synthesizer wall.… Read More Junkie XL’s 5U Modular Synthesizer Performance

Guys Sells All His Synths, Keeps The Roland JD-Xi

  Woody of Woody Piano Shack, who has been sharing some of the most interesting and musical synth video demos over the last few years, has sold all his synths….except for three.  In this video, he discusses the pros and cons of each synth; talks about the three that he decided to keep; and raises… Read More Guys Sells All His Synths, Keeps The Roland JD-Xi

Audionamix ADX Professional Suite 50% off for limited time

Audionamix ADX Professional Suite SalePlugin Boutique has launched a 50% off sale on the ADX Professional Suite, a bundle that includes three of Audionamix’s leading products VVC, SVC and Trax. Based on the ground-breaking ADX technology, these tools can separate both musical instruments and melodic voices from typical mono or stereo music recordings. The ADX Vocal Volume Control (VVC) […]

Rankin Audio releases Lo-Fi Trip Hop Vol 2

Rankin Audio Lo Fi Trip Hop Vol 2Rankin Audio has launched Lo-Fi Trip Hop Volume 2, a new collection of sounds that offers the warm, vintage, nostalgic sound of tape and vinyl recordings and tripped-out grooves. This collection spans through a spectrum of trip-hop & downtempo vibes with everything from dusty recordings of live instruments to slomo drum breaks & double-bass basslines. […]

Tamra Keenan Vocal Acapellas sample pack released at Loopmasters

Loopmasters Tamra Keenan Vocal AcapellasLoopmasters has introduced Tamra Keenan Vocal Acapellas, a royalty free sample pack featuring a selection of exclusive vocal tracks from one of the industry’s most established singers. Irish singer/songwriter Tamra Keenan has been synonymous with electronic music since she first hit prominence as part of breakbeat duo Beber and Tamra, on their seminal album Suite […]

Spitfire Audio intros Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions for Kontakt Player

Spitfire Audio Symphonic Strings EvolutionsSpitfire Audio has launched Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions, a Kontakt Player instrument library that allows you to create beautiful symphonic string textures with ease. Composers are forever being asked to make meaningful music that sits easily under dialogue without diverting attention away from the scene. Our Evo Grid technology, based on an easy-to-use evolution engine, […]

ELPHNT releases Synths Vol. 2: ARPS for Ableton Live

ELPHNT ARPS for Ableton LiveELPHNT has announced the release of ARPS, the second part in the Synths series for Ableton Live based on the idea of less quantity and more quality. ARPS lets you elevate your music with glistening arpeggiated synths. This pack contains a selection of finely crafted arpeggiating synths to add those shimmering textures to your production […]

Plugin Boutique offers free House Kicks V1 with Scott Diaz with purchase of BigKick

Plugin Boutique BigKick Free House ExpansionPlugin Boutique has launched a promotion on its BigKick kick drum instrument, offering a free copy of the House Kicks V1 with Scott Diaz with a purchase through August. How many hours have you wasted searching through samples for the right kick? Or have you layered kick drums together and still not got the result […]