NUGEN Audio updates Halo Upmix 3D Immersive Extension

NUGEN Audio Halo Upmix 3D Immersive Extension updateNUGEN Audio has announced that a new update for the Halo Upmix 3D Immersive Extension is now available, for both 7.1.4 and 5.1.4 channel configurations to facilitate production in Auro-3D formats. This update will also provide 2nd & 3rd order Ambisonic output with support for AmbiX and FuMa formats ideal for 360 video VR and […]

Virtual reality set to totally transform DJing, and Japan explains

What would make DJing with vinyl better? Why, DJing with vinyl as a disembodied invisible person in virtual reality with virtual vinyl on virtual decks!

At this point, you’ve probably got many questions, like “what?” and “why?” Okay, mostly “why?”

And to answer that question, we obviously need someone Japan, where it’s always the future. And in that future, you get to PUT CRAZY MUSIC TOGETHER AND THROW RECORDS OUT OF YOUR CRATE AT THE WALLS OF YOUR VIRTUAL LOFT. Watch:

I could seriously watch that all day.

But if you’re not sold yet, you need the review, as … translated badly from Twitter translation from Japanese:

Try saw VDJ Simulator that vinyl Reality. Made easy with the vinyl DJ and quite enjoyable.
I expect and features will be added in the update now so super.

Really, wrong-Japanese-to-English translation is better than normal English. You do realize the first thing we’ll do when we have automatic translation is not talk to one another in foreign languages, but translate our own language into nonsense.

Speaking of which – this comes from a Twitter user described as:

The video deck of the comprehensive entertainment unit “DESCO GRAPHICS”. Again, I started quoting Mr. Beeya ‘s manga on the icon image without permission.

Also, if you want to track those features so super:


Via DJ Tech Tools and Japanese Twitter.

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Ambi Bundle HD for creating immersive music & audio released at Noise Makers

Noise Makers Ambi Pan HD featNoise Makers has announced the release of Ambi Bundle HD, a new set of plugins that support High Order Ambisonics (HOA) up to order 3, providing a major improvement in terms of localization accuracy and immersion. The release includes Ambi Pan HD, Ambi Limiter HD and Ambi Head HD. The combination of these tools offers […]

Stratus and Symphony surround reverb plugins by Exponential Audio coming soon

Exponential Audio Stratus SymphonyExponential Audio has announced Stratus and Symphony, two brand new next-dimension surround reverb plugins for Windows and Mac. The new Stratus and Symphony reverbs address both an opportunity and a challenge – the ability to be more creative than ever before with post sound now offering new surround formats and yet the ongoing debate about […]

NUGEN Audio updates ISL 2st & Halo Upmix plugins

NUGEN Audio Halo UpmixNUGEN Audio has announced advanced updates for its ISL 2st intelligent look-ahead brick-wall limiter and Halo Upmix stereo to 5.1, 7.1 and 3D upmixer at AES New York 2017. ISL 2st provides highly-transparent true-peak limiting for all stereo and mono content. Halo Upmix receives a 3D Immersive Extension update, allowing second and third order Ambisonic […]

Avid unveils VR innovations and accelerated music creation for Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools 12.8.2 AmbisonicsAvid has announced version 12.8.2 of Pro Tools, empowering users to take on virtual reality (VR) projects with Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation. Debuting at AES New York 2017, the new version includes updates to the integrated Dolby Atmos workflows and is more powerful than ever for users at all levels, giving Pro Tools | First, […]

Plugin Alliance releases dearVR music and dearVR pro 3D audio plugins

dearVR featPlugin Alliance has introduced dearVR, a 3D audio reality engine from Dear Reality that delivers focused 3D object-based workflows for music and sound design. dearVR lets you turn your flat stereo multitrack sessions into an immersive 360º soundscape that envelops your listeners when they hear your music on headphones. Build an interactive, virtual acoustic environment […]

BAFTA Winner chooses Halo Upmix for Kingsman: the Golden Circle

NUGEN Audio Halo UpmixNUGEN Audio has had a talk with Academy Award nominate Mike Prestwood Smith about using Halo Upmix as his main music upmix tool on some of his recent cinematic productions. “There are several software upmix tools available, but retaining the integrity of the stereo image and overall phase and EQ structure of the original source […]

Sugar Audio releases Filterizor Q multi-channel equalizer, filter & effect plugin

Sugar Audio Filterizor QSugar Audio has released Filterizor Q, a 2D/3D multi-channel equalizer, filter and effect audio plugin for Windows and Mac. Filterizor Q Pro offers equalizing and filtering in perfect 2D and 3D visualizations, using up to 10 out of 255 dynamically overlayed or paralleled channels for detailed spectrum comparisons. Benefit from using it in mixing, mastering, […]

Flux releases SPAT Revolution immersive 3D audio software tool

Flux SPAT RevolutionFlux:: Sound & Picture Development has announced the release of SPAT Revolution, a comprehensive real-time 3D-audio mixing engine that provides artists, sound-designers and sound-engineers the possibility to control the position of audio-sources in a three-dimensional environment. Add room effects, send the result to a loudspeaker setup or a pair of normal stereophonic headphones, or export […]