Playing the Q171 Quantizer (Dotcom Modular Jam)

Published on Aug 12, 2018 Autotross

“I feel like my quantizer always gets stuck with the boring job of making tuning easier, so today I wanted to give it the spotlight.

I’ve got 3 oscillators each receiving pitch CV from the 3 rows of the Q960 sequencer – chosen more or less at random and tweaked to sound good. Then I’m using the mode switches of the quantizer to change between major, minor, Prototype Auction to Benefit The Bob Moog Foundation

via this auction

“ is auctioning this prototype of its Q170 MIDI Gates module to benefit the Bob Moog Foundation. This one-of-a-kind module was the first used and programmed by Roger Arrick. It is fully functional and warranted.

The Q170 MIDI Gates module produces gate signals from a stream of MIDI messages, either from a keyboard, a DAW or any MIDI source. Each of the 8

TLC No Scrubs – Live Electronic Cover / Remix

Published on Aug 5, 2018 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

“#TLC No Scrubs Live #Cover / #Remix

You can download The audio on my patreon! But also…
I multitrack recorded this live session. I will be sharing the stems for this in a week. So you can have a look and see what was going on, what bits were going where and what not. All thats over on my patreon so go check that here :-
Patreon :- https://

Roland CSQ-100 quick test

Published on Aug 4, 2018 SynthMania

“Please avoid comments saying that I need to use an SH-2, RE-501 and SB1000. I know. I don’t have those at this moment. This is just a quick test to check THE CSQ-100 functionality on both channels.”

From Scratch

Published on Jul 30, 2018 Martin Peters

“It has been quiet warm here in the Netherlands for the last few weeks. So the room on the first floor under the sloping roof where my synths are located, is not a pleasant place to be: to warm. But last weekend it was somewhat cooler so I thought let’s do a challenge.

So, no preparations. The Cirklon has a blank song, no sequences are pre-programmed. An

Building the Hordijk Krell

Published on Jul 28, 2018 Todd Barton

“I did a little mini-series on my @synthtodd instagram of building the Krell Patch on the Hordijk system. Here is the compilation.
I’ve tried to offer a possible set of parameters that are the basics of a Krell style patch on the Hordijk instrument. It is merely the most simple of beginnings…it is up to your curiosity and imagination to develop it and Portable-22 Moog Modular Analog Synth

via this auction

“Essentials Include:

$225 – Portable-22 Case
$195 – QPS1 Power Supply

Modules Include:

$136 – Q107 – State Variable Filter
$225 – Q106 – Oscillator
$225 – Q106 – Oscillator
$222 – Q167 – LFO++
$315 – Q127 – Fixed Filter Bank
$264 – Q174 – Midi Interface
$58 – Q124 – Multiples
$80 – Q125 – Signal Processor
$92 – Q130 – Clipper / Rectifier
$81 – Q112 – 4

Worried man blues (electronic version)

Via supporting MATRIXSYNTH Member, Bend Records:

“Here’s an electronic version of an old folk song called Worried Man blues
Gear used
Arpeggio and synth bass – 5U modular
Drums – 808 samples plus more
Pad – Roland MVS-1 layered with distant radio babble
90’s house piano – Propellerheads Reason
plus guitar”


Published on Jul 26, 2018 Bernd-Michael Land

An interview and studio tour of BERND-MICHAEL LAND of Aliens Project.

Turn on subtitles and pick your language for this one.




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Film- und Mediennachwuchsförderung Rheinland-Pfalz

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