Make Noise 0-CTRL With a 1973 Moog Modular

Published on May 27, 2020 Perfect Circuit

“The Make Noise 0-CTRL is a sequencer and touch keyboard in the same form factor as the 0-Coast. Like the 0-Coast the 0-CTRL has roots in both east and west coast synthesizers as it has features of both the Moog 960 sequencer and the Serge TKB, and also some fun new additions. We had a 1973 Moog Model 12 system with a highpass filter and filter coupler

Kosmo #2399 TRIPLE SPLASHBACK, Wet Switch Modification


“This is a modification to make the 2399 TRIPLE SPLASHBACK completely wet, it removes the dry signal completely, opening up different possibilities, bought on by a question from the nervous squirrel about the feasibility of the mod I figured this would be the easiest way to do it.”


via this auction

See the ARIES label for demos and more.

“Vintage ARIES MODULAR 300 Vintage Analog Synthesizer modules, Sold as is not tested we only tested the power supply which is good to go at 15 volt +-, the owner which passed 15 years ago had this on a 3rd floor studio where he did mixes for music tracks. The back panel has no connections except your power cable connections exiting to


Published on May 24, 2020 George Benton

“It’s funny…I started with a totally different idea that morphed into this!

At the key change I pressed a key on the lower keyboard to move the pitches up and also used a Q128 switch with a footswitch attached that allowed me to switch from sawtooth waves to square waves on the lead sound.

Drone – two oscillators tuned a fifth apart
Wind – noise run

Mindseeker – New album by eric g 2020

Published on May 21, 2020 Stnibar
“All Berlin School album by eric g. As usual, stream or buy at”

Hordijk 5U Format Standard System Modular

via this auction

“A one of a kind system made by Rob Hordijk.”

Conjured Circuits JP6 Multimode VCF

“A sweep through the octaves and modes. Analog spring reverb used from”

“Sorry for line noise.”

Note 2U refers to the width. This appears to be a 5U or MU module.

“Jupiter-6 Inspired Multimode Filter

The Roland Jupiter-6 is a 1980s analog polysynth with a great sounding multimode filter that is quite distinct from other Roland filters of the same era. Here it is

Moog One and 5U Modular Synthesizer

Published on May 17, 2020 Ariyo Shahry

“Moog One and 5U Modular synthesizer jam. The base of this system is a System 66. Over time I’ve added other modules to my system.

Multitrack recording and drums are programed using Reason Studios

The video is shot on Fujifilm XT3 camera body with a Fujifilm XF 56mm F/1.2 Lens

In this video the following modules are featured:

– Moon

Making a Super Sketchy TRIPLE Delay/Noise Module – DIY KOSMO TRIPLE SPLASHBACK

Published on May 17, 2020 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

“The #2399 Triple Delay #synthesizer #Delay #effect is now out! the seventh module in the ‘My synth kept breaking so im making 1 proper module a month’ series. Info here :-…”

#2399 Triple Delay


Published on May 16, 2020 George Benton

“Starts light, heats up in the middle and toward the end, then cools off. Ahh…”