Marienberg 5U Modular Synth Jam Challenge @ Thomann Synth Reactor #TTNM

Published on Mar 17, 2019 The Tuesday Night Machines

“Got a chance to play a Marienberg Devices Analog Modular Synthesizer at Thomann Synth Reactor 2019 … you know, the rare high-end 5U monster synth from Germany! In this video I combine analog FM sounds, filter pings and subtractive synthesis, while challenging myself by not using a keyboard, a sequencer or external audio effects.”

Moon Modular 568 Quad Sequential Trigger Source Sequencer

via this auction


Published on Mar 10, 2019 peter m mahr

“All sounds in the track to this video are from Club of the Knobs’ SYNTHESIZER MODEL 15.

The pad at the beginning consists of a few samples which I recorded into an AKAI MPC4000 to play the sound polyphonically. I was surprised by the quality once I played the pad the first time. The other sound at the beginning is VCO1 C921 modulating C904a. For the Q961 & Q963

Published on Mar 9, 2019 SynthMania

“A couple of new modules for my modular synth, used in conjunction with the Q960 sequencer.”

Matt Morton on Moog IIIc Modular Synth and the Apollo 11 Soundtrack

Published on Jun 3, 2018 Matt Morton Music


1. Moog IIIc techno sketch
Stumbled on this little sketch while I was taking a break from scoring (finishing up ‘Apollo 11’ which will premiere on opening night of the 2019 Sundance Film Festival on January 24, and then hit theaters and TV in the spring/summer of 2019) and I was playing around with my Q963 trigger busses. Seems like the

Moog modular synthesizer evolving sound patch 3

Published on Mar 6, 2019 OFR

“Another fully live video (no overdub or edits) of 3 min of Moog. The sound constantly evolves. Even on the mobile phone microphone, you can hear the awesome sonic qualities of the Moog modules.”

In The Studio Working On Analog Noise Drums

Published on Mar 5, 2019 The Daydream Sound

“Working on some Modbap snare drum samples in a modular synthesizer & SP1200. An experimental Hip-Hop day in the recording studio. Let me know if you want to see more everyday recording studio activities.”

Kazike Performance with Club of the Knobs Monster Modular Coming to SYNTHPLEX 2019

Kazike & Team of CLUB OF THE KNOBS

Synthplex is set for March 28 – 31 in Burbank, CA.

You can find posts leading up to the event here.

Corsynth C105 MKII – Detailed demo with patch examples

Published on Feb 27, 2019 Corsynth

“C105 VC Noise / Lo-fi MKII – Detailed demo with patch examples

The C105 VC Noise / Lo-Fi Machine MKII is a voltage controlled analog sample rate reducer and a VC Noise generator. This new MKII version expands the modules possibilities with new features that allows this module to be used in other ways not possible with the previous version. Now the C105 MKII

『これがシンセサイザーだ』 情報部

Published on Nov 25, 2012

“NHK 600こちら情報部 特集『これがシンセサイザーだ』 より。

『夢のジャムセッション』の前フリとして神尾明朗氏が、YAMAHA CS-10をメインに、シンセサイザー操作の概略を説明しています。この放送があった70年代後半、音色プログラム機能を持っているシンセサイザーというものは一般的でなかったので、シンセサイザーの音作りを勉強するために、市販されている参考書や楽器メーカーの販促物に掲載されているツマミのセットチャートを見ながら、ツマミの位置を合わせては波の音を作り、風の音を作り、蒸気機関車の音を作り…といった手順を踏むのが定番でした。”


“NHK 600 Here Information Section Special from “This is a synthesizer” from.