Making and designing a synthesizer module for eurorack or 5U moog size part one

Published on Oct 16, 2018 markusfuller

“part one on my attempt to design a module for eurorack and my moog modular etc.
All schematics will be freely available to anyone if it all works out.
All music in this video composed and played by :
Jason Lee – Eddie Deegan & Markus Fuller.”

DotCom & BigSky Oct 11, 2018

Published on Oct 11, 2018 SynthMania

“A quick hypnotic trip to the stars with modular synth through Strymon BigSky reverb”

Synthfest 2018 – Dove Audio WTF Oscillator in Euro and MU Formats

Published on Oct 9, 2018 sonicstate

“Dove Audio were showing their WTF Oscillator in MU (Moog Unit) large format modular – also available as Eurorack.

The WTF oscillator is a new idea that allows you to transform two waves, a front and a back wave, by opening a window from the front to the back, creating a new waveform based on the window size and shape.”

JLR At Mokedo – Final Show

Published on Oct 5, 2018 John L Rice

“Gear used in this performance (picture at very end of video)

Moon sequencer: 569 + 569ESB + 569EGB
Moon quantizer: 565 + 565D + 567
Synthetic Sound Labs divider: V-Gates
Corsynth LFO/clock: C102
Vermona synthesizer: PerFOURmer MkII
Mellotron keyboard: Micro
Lexicon reverb/delay: MX400
Samson mixer: SM10
Paiste gong: 28″ symphonic
Chau gong: 26” (modified)

Moog MuRF and mos-lab system.

Published on Oct 3, 2018 Resonant Anvil

“Some mos-lab 914 Fixed Filter Bank work. Gate from Moon Modular 569. Audio ‘animation’ pattern by Moogerfooger MF-105 Multiple Resonance Filter.”

Hordijk Modular Nocturne

Published on Oct 3, 2018 Richard Scott

Hordijk Modular sounds like bouncy space balls

Published on Oct 3, 2018 Richard Scott

Magnus Et Magnus With HP Oscillators Beats And Drones

Published on Oct 3, 2018 NoizeHack

“Noise Engineering let me borrow their two new 5U format modules, The Basimilus Iteritas Magnus and Manis Iteritas Magnus, so I made this video with them. I ran them through the Retro Mechanical Labs Jekyl & Hyde dual filter/distortion. The two HP 200CD Oscillators are vacuum tube sine oscillators used for drones and sirens run through the Vermona Retroverb

Basilimus Iteritas Magnus 5U mini demonstration

Published on Sep 28, 2018 alternatingbitmusic

“Thought I’d demonstrate this unit by Noise Engineering and how in additional to really wild and crazy stuff you can also create some rather tame yet still interesting rhythmic elements. All sound in this demo is from the B.I.M. module only, and it is run through an STG Mankato filter.”

Manis Iteritas Magnus & Basimilus Iteritas Magnus 5U Modules In Action

Perfect Circuit shared this quick demo of the new Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas Magnus and Basimilus Iteritas Magnus 5U modules in action. … Read More Manis Iteritas Magnus & Basimilus Iteritas Magnus 5U Modules In Action

5U Manis Iteritas Magnus And Basimilus Iteritas Magnus

Published on Sep 28, 2018 Perfect Circuit

“Noise Engineering now has 5U versions of their Manis Iteritas and Basimilus Iteritas, the Magnus versions, the Magni? The Basimilus Iteritas Magnus also has a free running oscillator drone mode, so as you can see from the second part of this video these make great noisy drone synths as well as full drum or synth voices when used in trigger mode.