Model 66 Modular System

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“Never left the Studio….Beautiful Moog Form Factor Modular Synth….Perfect Condition!
The Studio-66 system is a very sought-after configuration – complete with seven oscillators, 24-stage analog sequencing, fixed filter bank, spring reverb, and more. A matching keyboard garage and patch cables are included. This machine has all the balls of the original Moog Modular at a

Moog Synthesizer IIIP LTD Reissue Modular Synthesizer Demo by Daniel Fisher

Published on Jun 19, 2019 Sweetwater

“Sweetwater’s synthmaster, Daniel Fisher, discovers what you can do when you combine the most powerful currently-produced Moog synthesizer, the Moog Synthesizer IIIP, with the Moog Sequencer Compliment B Portable Expansion Cabinet Reissue.

If you want to jump to each synth vignette, they’re at:
0:00, 3:30, 15:26, and 20:10”

Playing With… TONTO, the World’s Largest Synthesizer | Red Bull Music Academy

Published on Jun 18, 2019 Red Bull Music Academy

“Canadian artists Softcoresoft, Debby Friday and Korea Town Acid try their hands at using The Original New Timbral Orchestra, TONTO, the first and largest multitimbral polyphonic analog synthesizer in the world.

Created by Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff in the late 1960s, TONTO was used on recordings for Stevie Wonder and Gil Scott-Heron

Trent P. McDonald – Realistic MG-1 / Modular Test

Published on Apr 25, 2016 Trent P. McDonald

“My first synthesizer was a Realistic MG-1. Yes, Radio Shack, but also Moog! In the last couple of weeks I’ve been using it with my (mostly dotcom) modular. In this little test I used the sounds Oscillators and Noise source from the MG-1 through the filters, envelopes, etc of the modular. Very simple patches to sound kind of like a mini and very

FSFX Custom Shop Fixed Filter Bank – 5U/MU Format

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“The FSFX Custom Shop Fixed Filter Bank is a modern twist on the Classic Moog 914 Filter Bank. A total of 14 filters are used to create an effect like a graphic equalizer, but with bandpass filters that offer steeper slopes and a tasteful bit of resonance. Active filters are used for excellent signal to noise ratio, and increased output volume.

The Fixed Filter Bank can be

Moog modular synthesizer Evolving patch 4

Published on Jun 11, 2019 OFR

“Another system of combined modules that changes over time – here is an excerpt of the running sounds.”

Moog Modular at PS Audio: Do high resolution systems have to go to 40kHz?

Published on Jun 11, 2019 PS Audio

More synth spotting in a non synth oriented video. This time a Moog 5U modular owned by Gus at PS Audio. Last Friday’s video featured the ARP 2600 in a wall and a Roland Juno-106 with custom wood sides.

“The highest resolution systems capable of discerning the most minute of details buried deep in the music are often wonders of reproduction most people have

A Guitar Synthesizer From The 80’s Perfect For Controlling Analog Synths

Published on Jun 9, 2019 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

“#Casio DG20 A fine midi #synthesizer guitar from the 1980’s I did this video because people were asking how it was done, so i hope this answers it!”

Casio DG20s on eBay | Casio DG20s on Reverb | Casio DG20s on Amazon

New Moon Modular 528 Sample and Hold

via Noisebug

“The M 528 SAMPLE & HOLD module is a sample & hold circuit consisting of the following elements:· The voltage controlled clock oscillator gates the sample circuit and doubles as a VCLFO with triangular and rectangular waveforms.· External gate input· Signal input can be the internal noise source (white noise and random voltage, both with separate output jacks) or an external sample


Published on Jun 1, 2019 davidryle

“A demo of the trio of modules from Synthetic Sound Labs.

They are the V-Gates digital/analog sequence gate control, the Octal VCA module and the envelope Expander module.

This is a very simple example of using the V-Gates in digital mode and random function to send gate signals to the envelope expander which is controlling the choice of notes from a four