Tracktion releases Biotek 2 sampling and synthesis workstation

Tracktion BioTek 2Tracktion Corporation has announced the release of Biotek 2, the latest version of its award-winning synthesizer. This powerful virtual instrument combines organic, natural and environmental samples with a world class synth engine and an inspirational user interface, inviting users to explore in depth the world of digital modular synthesis. Designed from the ground up to […]

eaReckon releases EARevolve chorus & rotary speaker plugin

eaReckon EARevolveeaReckon has announced the release of EARevolve, a new audio effect plugin that combines a stereo chorus and a (mono to stereo) rotary speaker. All-in-one, this plug-in is a flexible tool that adds depth and/or controlled movement to your sounds. It is particularly efficient when you want to turn a mono signal into a dynamic […]

PSP VintageWarmer2 compressor/limiter plugin 53% OFF

PSP VintageWarmer Flash SalePlugin Boutique has announced a flash sale on PSP VintageWarmer2, offering over 50% off on the legendary analog-style compressor/limiter effect plugin. VintageWarmer2 combines rich, warm analog processing with a straightforward user interface, and comes with a comprehensive library of presets. The plug-in processor is highly flexible and can be used for both softknee compression and […]

Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer multiband effect plugin updated to v3.1

Blue Cat Audio MB-7 Mixer V3Blue Cat Audio has released version 3.1 of Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer, a new version of the multiband processing plugin with hosting capabilities. The updated version includes 28 additional built-in audio effects that can be applied to individual frequency bands (in addition to already available third party plugins support) to create all kinds of spectral […]

Audified MixChecker mixing assistant 50% OFF for limited time

Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on MixChecker by Audified, a mixing assistant plugin that aims to help you to get better mixes instantly. MixChecker saves your precious time. Plug it in the master track of your project as the last segment of your listening chain and quickly turn your studio monitors into classic reference […]

Zynaptiq launches INTENSITY mixing, mastering & sound design plugin

Zynaptiq IntensityZynaptiq has launched its latest audio plugin INTENSITY, a new kind of audio processor for mixing, mastering and sound design. The plugin uses an advanced neural network based analysis and proprietary input and output transforms to separate the signal into broad strokes and detail features. By boosting the details while leaving the broad strokes in […]

Klevgränd launches DAW LP vinyl player simulation

Klevgrand DAW LPFollowing the recent WebLP, Klevgränd Produktion has announced the release of its new vinyl player simulation DAW LP. The plugin lets you set the level of hum, scratches and noise along with the quality of amp, needle and cable. DAW LP is a vinyl player simulation plug-in for Mac & Windows (AU/VST/AAX), and iPad (AUv3). […]

Softube launches OTO Biscuit 8-Bit Effects plugin

Softube OTO Biscuit featSoftube has announced the release of OTO Biscuit 8-bit Effects, a native plugin version of the lofi 8-bit effect originally developed for the UAD-2 platform. Initially introduced in hardware in the late 00’s, the French-made OTO Biscuit quickly became a cult classic with DJs and electronic music producers around the world. Gritty bit-crushing, lo-fi multi-effects, […]

AAS Swatches FREE Sound Bank Series compilation updated

AAS Swatches updateApplied Acoustics Systems has announced it has updated Swatches, adding 8 patches from Francis Prève’s new Solids sound bank for Chromaphone 2 to the compilation. With the addition of Hausbass, Them & Us, Squareverb, Stringvox, Harmonic Waves, Majestic Horn, Additive Bell, and Vintage Anapluck, Swatches now includes 287 free high quality presets taken from the […]

Sugar Bytes Cyclop monophonic synth 20% OFF for limited time

Sugar Bytes CyclopPlugin Boutique has announced a sale on the Cyclop synthesizer instrument by Sugar Bytes, offering a 20% discount. Monophonic, raw and unbelievably versatile. Cyclop is packed with tools for the bass of the future and beyond. Wobble Knob, FX Sequencer and a hilariously versatile sound engine will give you endless joy. Cyclop features Monophonic Setup. […]