AfroDJMac releases Free Round Wavetable Ableton Live Pack

AfroDJMac The Round Wavetable PackAfroDJMac has launched a collection of 32 free presets for the Wavetable synthesizer in Ableton Live 10. The Round Wavetable Pack is a collaboration with Thomas Glendinning of ELPHNT, Josh Spoon, Mark Towers (who recently released the free Multi Analyser for Live 10), Modulate This!’s Mark Mosher, pATCHES, and Isaac Cotec of Subaqueous. Ableton Live […]

We Are Of Peace | Ambient Eurorack Improv

Published on Feb 18, 2018 Eric Rylos

— Patch Notes —

Ableton sending a pulse thru CVPal to clock O_c and Temps Utile.
Voice 1: Polyrhythm from Temps Utile sent to Peaks, modulating both Braids and Z3000 w/ different clocks. Mixer out to 4ms Dual Looping Delay, then Clouds.
Voice 2: Blofeld playing a drone bass, sequenced from Ableton Live with a random arpeggiator.
Drums loops and samples

Open Source Module Brings Ableton Link To Eurorack

The Seismic Industries Spink0 is an open source, DIY Eurorack module that brings Ableton Link to Eurorack modular synthesizers… Read More Open Source Module Brings Ableton Link To Eurorack

Isotonik Studios releases free Multi Analyser & BSOD sample freezing effect

Mark Towers Multi AnalyserIsotonik Studios has announced the release of a free Max for Live analysis device by Mark Towers that can display audio frequencies of up to 4 tracks in Ableton Live 10. The Multi Analyser device is particularly useful when mixing since it allows you to visually identify and compare problematic/clashing frequencies. What Live 10 adds […]

Producertech video tutorials on sale for £4.95 GBP for limited time!

Producertech 85% OFFLoopmasters has launched a sale on Producertech’s courses, offering up to 85% off on video tutorials for a limited time only. The sale includes Complete Guide courses for Ableton Live, Native Instruments Massive & Kontakt, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Lennar Digital Sylenth1, as well as sound design courses for Serum, Signal, Massive, Avenger, and more. The following […]

Animatek updates Ultimate Ztep Zequencer 3.1 incl. Live 10 compatibility

Animatek UZZ 3.1Animatek has released version 3.1 of the Ultimate Ztep Zequencer, the creative 16-step sequencer Max for Live device for Ableton Live. The update makes the sequencer compatible with Live 10. The code has been rewritten and optimized to 48%, making it very fast. UZZ 3.1 is a step sequencer created in Max for Live for […]

Save 30% of Audiomodern Streakulator V2 for Ableton Live

Audiomodern Streakulator V2 salePlugin Boutique has launched a sale on Streakulator, the MIDI-modulated audio effect by Audiomodern. With the recent version 2 update this Max For Live device by Ernesto Cecco D’Ortona aka StrangeLines comes with new features. STREAKULATOR is literally a swiss army knife for Ableton Live: you can do sidechain, sound design, waveshaping, filtering, wobble and […]

Future Bass Sessions & Paranoid Techno by Sample Magic released

Sample Magic Future Bass Sessions Paranoid TechnoSample Magic has launched Future Bass Sessions, a modern toolkit that aims to inspire future bass production. Broken trap-inspired beats, heavy, menacing basses, and cutting-edge future production: Future Bass Sessions delivers over 1GB+ of blissful loops, massive presets, MIDI, drum hits, inspiration kits and Logic channel strips. Packed with big drums, pinpoint perc rhythms, ominous […]

Ableton Shreds: This Live 10 video is … maybe more like your real life

Okay, so – someone has taken the Live 10 demo video, and made a “shreds” overdub, and … well, we all feel it, don’t we?


Thank you, Michael Chmst Snyder, whoever you are. This.

Can’t … stop … watching.

Ableton editorial, it’s your move. You could hire this guy, or… well, wait, is that really a question, even? Do it.

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Inside Ableton Live 10 Sounds & Devices With Dylan Wood

We talked with Dylan Wood, Ableton’s Product Owner for Sound, about what’s changed with the devices, instrument packs and sounds in Live 10.… Read More Inside Ableton Live 10 Sounds & Devices With Dylan Wood