Changing Presets with Dummy Clips in Ableton Live

Pyramind Will MarshallPyramind has launched a two part video tutorial by Will Marshall on how to use dummy clips to change presets in Ableton

Delectable Records releases Smooth Tech House for Ableton Live

Delectable Records Smooth Tech HouseDelectable Records has introduced a brand new series of products focused on Ableton Instruments and Drums racks, with additional audio and MIDI

Isotonik Studios releases MultiClip Editor & MIDI Modulators for Ableton Live

Chaos Culture MultiClip Editor & MIDI ModulatorsIsotonik Studios has announced MultiClip Editor & MIDI Modulators, an unconventional arpeggiator for Ableton Live. The original MultiClip Editor from Chaos Culture

Industrial Techno sample pack by Industrial Strength Samples

Industrial Strength Samples Industrial TechnoIndustrial Strength Samples has launched another hard electronic sample pack for modern producers looking to step it up a notch. Industrial Techno

Sonicwire Samples releases Deep & Slow House Ableton Live Presets

Sonicwire Deep & Slow House for Ableton LiveSonicwire Samples has announced a new Ableton Live pack featuring a collection of over 50 instrument racks by Kuniyuki Takahashi aka KUNIYUKI.

Rheyne – Live Jam #171

Published on Apr 18, 2017 Rheyne

“Live looping with all sounds from Moog and Make Noise synths and modules. Each synth voice is played on a NI KompleteKontrol 49 keyboard, with presets stored on different MIDI channels for separate control of each voice.

The hi-hats are created by muting and un-muting a clock signal from a Make Noise Tempi, set to a 10ms duty cycle and fed to the VCA input of

Techno Bass Shots and Ambient Guitars released at Sample Magic

Sample Magic Techno Bass ShotsThe new Techno Bass Shots pack from Sample Magic offers a collection of heavy shots for techno tracks. Raw, processed analogue melodic

Assigning multiple audio outputs for D16 Drumazon in Ableton

D16 Drumazon multiple outputsPlugin Boutique has posted a Quick Tip tutorial on how to setup the audio outputs from the D16 Drumazon drum machine sequencer