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Watch a talk explain perfectly why humans make music with technology

Why do you make music? You make music because you feel something – and you found it because you felt something.

And what’s the point of music technology? It’s to put us in that space, to give us access to those feelings, and then to translate them to others.

That’s the message in a TEDx video from Perth, Australia, by stellar electronic one-human performer Claudio. And she puts it perfectly, in a way that perhaps people who love music but haven’t become full-time musicians can fully understand. So she walks through her performance rig – if you’re reading this site, you know all about that part. But she also puts perfectly what the essence of all of this is. Quote:

It’s technology, and technology is fickle …

But it’s the price that I’m willing to pay for this feeling as close to the source as electronically, technologically, humanly possible right now, for as little as possible to be lost in the conversion. For the essence of who we are to not be lost in translation.

Thanks to King Britt for sharing this. King for his part recently debuted an intense and emotional performance of his own, relating to police abuse and violence, and always reminds me of the importance of being true to your deepest feelings.

Claudio onstage, keytarrin'. Photo: Rod Maurice, via Claudio's Facebook.

Claudio onstage, keytarrin’. Photo: Rod Maurice, via Claudio’s Facebook.

Claudio is Rachel Claudio, now based in Paris, France. She played with King at Ableton’s first Loop event.

Catch her latest music:

(Ha, great tagline – “Frustrated ninja. Buttons & knobs.”)

She’s perhaps best known for covering Sia – check out her terrific, tight performance (which also made a big splash on French national television, with far more views than this YouTube vid):

Meet her in this bio, covering her journey from Australia to France. In French:

Or in English:

Follow her on social:

@rachelclaudio on Twitter


Claudio in the studio. via her Facebook

Claudio in the studio. via her Facebook

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