Niche Audio releases DnB Skyline sample pack

Loopmasters has introduced DnB Skyline, a new pack of drum and bass samples, patterns and kits by Niche Audio. Designed to work perfectly in Maschine 2.0 and Ableton Live 9, this deep and atmospheric sound … read more

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Sample Magic announces new courses for 2015

Sample Magic has announced a number of new courses for 2015. After another successful summer of Sample Magic courses, we’re proud to announce a fresh run of dates for 2015. In addition to our annual … read more

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Loopmasters launches ClickSound sale – 40% off template packs

Loopmasters has announced a limited time sale on ClickSound template packs. Trick or treat time folks and Halloween is upon us once again. To blow away those cold dark evenings we are offering a super … read more

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M-Audio launches upgraded M-Track audio interfaces

M-Audio has announced it has upgrades to its M-Track series audio interfaces. The M-Track and M-Track Plus now feature a rugged all-metal chassis and studio–quality audio performance, and an expanded software suite is included with … read more

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Heavyocity releases DM-307 for Ableton

Heavyocity Media has announced DM-307 for Ableton, a highly-stylized collection of modular synth drums, live percussion and processed classic analog drum machines formatted for Ableton Live. Created from Heavyocity’s award-winning DM-307: Modern Groove Designer for … read more

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4SOUND – A New Dimension | Ableton

4DSOUND presented their system with artists like Vladislav Delay, Max Cooper, an evening with artists from the Raster Noton label, and various talks and workshops. 4DSOUND is a new immersive system which allows for evolving changes in three-dimensional positioning of sound. An expansive array of speakers, a Max-based core, and custom Max for Live devices […]

Will Marshall releases DJ Template MkII for Ableton Live 9 & APC40 MkII

Will Marshall has announced the release of the DJ Template MkII, an out-of-the-box setup for DJing and performance in Ableton Live 9 with the new APC40 MkII. Elegant and intuitive, this template will have you … read more

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Phaedra and Silent Way Voice Controller

Published on Oct 16, 2014 dyLAB0303

iTunes: Phaedra – Naughty Panther

“using Phaedra on the iPad and drawing velocity to change pitch on the Roland MC202 using velocity /pitch matrix in Silent Way’s Voice Controller”

Phaedra and Ableton Operator

Published on Oct 16, 2014

“using Phaedra on the iPad and drawing velocity to change pitch in Ableton operator using the vel to osc setting .”

Learn to Jam with Just One Synth Voice: MeeBlip + Ableton Push vs. Gustavo Bravetti [Video]

Ableton Live and Ableton Push afford new ways of working, allowing you to put loads of parameters beneath your fingertips. Of course, the means of doing that may not be immediately obvious, behind the dance between grid, encoders, and automation envelopes.

Leave it to Montevideo-born, virtuoso dance music maestro Gustavo Bravetti to show us how it’s done.

Gustavo pairs the MeeBlip SE, the enhanced “digital freak” original version of our synth, with Live and Push. To connect the hardware with automation of the external synth, he uses a Max for Live patch for the MeeBlip (which you’re free to download yourself if you own the MeeBlip/MeeBlip SE).

(The MeeBlip is not the first open source synth, as the video might imply, but could be considered the first widely-produced, ready-to-play hardware synth to be under a fully open source hardware license; others were available in kit form.)

The lessons here, though, work in any hardware synth. And you could also apply them to controllers other than Push, if you prefer.

In particular, note some particular tips:

  • The Max for Live device automates sounds on a single voice by associating melodic steps with different sound presets.
  • Preset automation will overwrite live tweaking, so you can tweak variations freely.
  • Built-in morphing in his patch creates still more variations.
  • You can use this as either a live performance tool or an arrangement tool – and even get obsessive with the latter, since it writes automation envelopes into your arrangement.

Check out the MeeBlip SE Remote patch – for your MeeBlip or another synth, if you feel like learning from it.
Meeblip Se Remote 1.0

It’s funny to hear the original MeeBlip again, as I mostly spend time these days with MeeBlip anode, which is now in stock from us and various dealers in America and Europe. (A sale is on now for US$/EUR€ 129.95.) The original character is still in anode, but the unruly temper is more of the desirable variety, thanks to the new analog filter and streamlined design. (We also abandoned presets, which work better here in software.) And Gustavo promises an anode version soon.

Full description from Gustavo:

The Meeblip Se is an incredible synthesiser with a very interesting and distinctive sound. This sound is produced by (at first sight) a relative simple sound engine… but once you start playing whit its possibilities you realise that this little digital freak with an occasionally fretful temper, has a defined personality capable of a wide range of sonic possibilities.

The Meeblip Se default preset system can store up to 16 presets. To store and recall them, you have to use a combination of buttons and switches. Thinking on use it on my live performances, the Meeblip Se’s default preset’s system seems at first sight to be short-legged, unpractical, and overcomplicated, and in fact… kinda it is!

After creating dozens of very interesting and useful sounds on my Meeblip Se, and realising that most of them was lost in action, I decided to work on an alternative to store, recall and organise my Meeblip Se’s presets. Because I want to use the Meeblip Se on my live shows I also need to be able to recall those presets remotely and/or automatically in any given moment. At last but no least, I want to be able to control all the Meeblip parameters from a most informative surface controller, the Ableton-Akai Push Controller.

Lucky me that all parameters on the Meeblip Se can be controlled with MIDI CCs, the answer was pretty clear, a device in MaxForLive would be able to do all what I need an much more… and that is was bring us here.

Gustavo is an extraordinary producer – proof positive that you can mix hackery with the kind of dance prowess to move festival-sized crowds, all as one artist. (No, he’s not hiring teams of nerds. He’s entirely DIY.) Follow him on Facebook:

And I hope we hear more from him soon.


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Groovy, Moody Songs, Flea Market Sound Design Finds: Meet Sofia Kourtesis


Half Greek, half Peruvian, born in Lima but raised between Germany and New York, Sofia Kourtesis is a fresh, emerging voice. Her music interweaves shadows and introspection with smart grooves – seductive melancholy. Her mixes, too, cross similar territory, aided by her broad knowledge of music as a globe-trotting DJ and booker.

So, it’s a perfect start to our week this week, with some listening and a peek inside a studio. This is what’s so exciting about being in music now: we get to hear those new artists find original paths.

Apart from being a sci-fi movie addict and teenage veteran of a hip-hop band, Sofia is an obsessively hard-working DJ, now turning her style to a more minimal, restrained approach in her own music. And in those productions, you’ll hear the chime of toys and lo-fi flea market finds alongside more – innocence and experience. That mix of styles finds new clarity in her single, “Killa,” which to my ears is a strong indication this is an artist to watch, in advance of a release coming soon. You can check in later to see if I was right.

In the meantime, I was curious to talk to Sofia a little about how she works.

Your setup is built around Ableton Live, right? What will find in your production toolkit?

I use also an MPC that I found in a German flea market, old Casio keyboard synths [a Casio PT-1]. I sample a lot of children toys – triangles for children, mini keyboards – and sound that I record from the streets.

I love the sounds of old tapes; I just recorded some of those.

I’ve found myself talking a lot lately about how people learn. How did you go about learning production?

I learned by doing. I have a good friend of mine that is musician and help me out with some details and teaching me how to use Ableton Push.



And DJing, what’s your tool of choice?

I use vinyls and and old Casio machine and an MPC.

Your voice seems to me the most essential part of your productions. Tell us about that a bit.

My voice is the line in between my productions. I create the beats sometimes out of it, by sampling just some bits of it.

You’ve been really active as a DJ and touring. Can you tell us a bit about where we’d find you, and what you’ve been working on?

I’ve been working on my first EP, called “This is It” — the first Single is “Killa.” I had been playing in New York lately, Berlin, Tel Aviv, and New Zealand — I love doing it.

For more:


Give a listen to the darker tunes that came before Killa and the upcoming EP, spooky sounds and ephemeral drifting voice in the mist:

It’s also worth listening to Sofia’s mixes, giving you a sense of the threads of her musical influence:

Local Suicide did a great interview in their LSD Faze Time series.

German speakers, Thump DE has also done a profile.

And you can follow her here:

Sofia Kourtesis * MissSofie* [Facebook]

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