Access Virus KB SN 19900854

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“Just been serviced, has 4.02 O/S.”

Access Virus Ti w/ White LEDs

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“Access Virus Ti (2005) keyboard modified with WHITE LEDs. It is pretty bright, so the LED intensity is set to 33%.”

Access Virus TI2 Dark Star Keyboard

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Access Virus TI Polar (mk1) 37-Key Super Synth

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“Subtractive, FM, Wavetable, Granular, New Moog modeled LP filter, analog boost sounds awesome + vocoder

Research the Atomizer feature for audio input – like a micro slice/grain sampler trigger.

Amazing filter models, fx, modulation, Arps,
Tons of free banks & patches available online along with the free TI plugin/editor/manage from Access.”

Access Virus Indigo 2 Silver / C Engine VA Synth – Blue LCD Upgrade SN *I2AaUrvB8FG*

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Access Virus Ti2 Desktop Analog Modeling Synthesizer

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MIDERA | Winter mirror

Published on Feb 20, 2019 MIDERA

Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2
Access Virus TI

Access Virus TI Keyboard Synthesizer

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“61 semi-weighted keys with great action and jacks for connecting pedals make the Virus TI Keyboard a performer’s dream. The wooden side panels offer a great “grip” and make transportation a more enjoyable task. With over 3300 onboard sounds you will never run out of ideas while jamming.

There are not many modern synthesizers which can claim to have shaped the sound of music –

Access Virus Indigo – Sounds 2 ( Lush Pads, Sfx, Arps)

Published on Feb 18, 2019 waterdropmusic

“Second series of Virus indigo sounds is here. Over 9 min of dreamy soundscapes played live on the Access Virus Indigo (Virus B engine) Virtual Analog Synthesizer.

Recorded @ Pulse Audio Mastering Studios
Played live by Synthetical aka Waterdrop Music”