AJH Synth Modular with 22 Modules in Doepfer 3U Case

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4x MiniMod VCO
1x MiniMod VCF
2x VCA
1x MiniMod Dual Contour
1x MiniMod Glide / Noise
1x Sonic XV
1x Ring SM
2x DH-ADSR Envelope
1x Dual LFO
1x Gemini 2412 Dual VCF
1x MegaPhase 12
1x Finaliser R-Eq
2x Gain Switch Multi
2x V-scale
1x Doepfer Case & PSU

“Cost of these, RRP, comes to a whopping £5,005.00 so offers around my asking price would be what I’m wanting to

AJH Synth Swarm Eurorack Module Dark Edition

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“The WaveSwarm is a waveform animator and all analogue dual channel device.

Each channel simulates up to six VCO’s beating in unison with a different beat frequency between each animation. The fixed beat frequencies are generated by twelve onboard LFO’s, and the front panel pots control the level of each of the six animators, along with the level of the dry signal to the final

AJH Synth V Shape (wave twisting, distorting and folding)

Published on Aug 30, 2018 DivKidVideo

“Here’s the new AJH Synth V Shape. A wave twist and distortion unit. It offers skewing/PWM-like sounds that almost get to rectification and folding like tones up top and then underneath we get a soft or hard clipping distortion with an added soft wave folder. The device is on the slightly softer side which keeps it very musical without getting too harsh in

Fano Plane // Eurorack Ambient

Published on Aug 27, 2018 rustyjaw

“A meandering stroll across a steppe under a light rain.

Quick patch notes: The structure of the track is, once again, based on Argos Bleak. Using its 4 outputs as 2 pairs of dyads, one pair creates the gong-ish bell sounds, and the other to the main melodic line. Each pair is multed to secondary oscillators as ‘backing’ sounds.

The noise washes in the

Modular Monthly: Exploring ring modulation with the AJH Synth Ring SM

Published on Aug 15, 2018 Future Music Magazine

“The Ring SM modular from AJH synth can add a huge array of complex tones to even a simple pair of oscillators. Let’s dive in and explore how to spice up sounds with ring modulation.”

AJH Synth V Shape Review Waveshaper Distortion Eurorack Module Demo Tutorial

Published on Aug 12, 2018 SonicVoltage

“AJH Synth V SHAPE REVIEW – Eurorack Synth DEMO PATCHES. 10HP Wave Twist Distortion Wavefolder? Modular Synth Review (2018) Index Below

Let’s test the AJH Synth V SHAPE – Wave Twist & Distort eurorack module.
– What do we have here in only 10Hps?
– Did we find the ghost in the machine?
– Which type of waveforms can

AJH Synth Wave Swarm *Turn 1 VCO into 12 or your new "MAKE IT BIGGER" generator*

Published on Aug 10, 2018 DivKidVideo

“TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW – Here’s the new Wave Swarm from AJH Synth. It’s a dual 6 stage wave animator that can function as two independent (can do stereo) multi stage waveform animators or one big 12 stage animator. The animation is based on creating shifting versions of the input wave which when stacked with the dry sound or when stacking several


Published on Aug 6, 2018 SonicVoltage

“AJH Synth WAVE SWARM REVIEW – Eurorack DEMO PATCHES. AJH Wave Animators Modular Synth Review (2018). Do your patches sound big enough? Index Below

We take the AJH Synth Wave Swarm – Dual 6 Stage Wave Animators for a spin.
– Are front panel layout and physical controls good in use?
– We send different types of

AJH Synth FINALISER R-EQ REVIEW EURORACK EQ Reverb Modular Synth Patches

Published on Jul 17, 2018 SonicVoltage

“AJH Synth FINALISER R-EQ REVIEW. Eurorack EQ Maximiser Reverb Module. 4 Bands EQ (3 Parametric), Low/High Enhancer, M/ST Reverb – Index & Description in SHOW MORE below.

In this eurorack modular video review, we check out the AJH Synth Finaliser R EQ. Eurorack module with (mono) 4 bands analogue EQ and 2 bands analogue sonic enhancer, a (mono/stereo)