Get a warm and crunchy sound with RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter, on sale for $15 USD

Inphonik RX950 feat

Plugin Boutique has announced a sale on the RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter by Inphonik, an effect plugin designed to perfectly mimic the AD/DA conversion process of the Akai S950 sampler. The plugin gives your music the vintage, warm and crunchy sound of the S950 with the ease and flexibility of a VST. The Akai S950, […]

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Akai IB-48P 8 Channel Analog Output Board for Z4, Z8, MPC4000

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Note this is a supporting member listing.

“Akai IB-48P 8 Channel Analog Output Board for Z4, Z8, MPC4000.

Expand the number of outputs in your Akai MPC4000, Z4 or Z8 sampler with the IB48P individual output expansion board.
Don’t limit yourself to a two channel mix, use all the power of the MPC or Z sampler with this card.
Fully working, in excellent condition. worldwide

AKAI MPC One Review And In-Depth Demo

This video offers an overview of the MPC One and an in-depth look at its capabilities.… Read More AKAI MPC One Review And In-Depth Demo

AKAI MPC ONE: Review and full workflow tutorial // Comparison to MPC Live

Published on Feb 9, 2020 loopop

“Here are answers to over 200 questions, plus a full workflow tutorial in this review of Akai’s MPC One (a lot of which is relevant to the MPC Live as well)

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0:00 Intro
1:10 Overview
2:25 Connectivity
4:20 Is it worth

Akai MPC 3000 "SP Custom" by GhostInMPC

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This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

“This unit has been refurbished and upgraded to work properly and look good. It is not mint and that´s been acknowledged in the selling price.

One of the four SP Custom units GhostInMPC has made was sold in Japan recently for approximately 3162 US Dollars (about 2800 Euros).

You won´t see these for sale often! EUROPE ONLY! ASK FOR

2020/02 – Akai S900, Integra7 & Viscand18

Published on Feb 3, 2020 Stereoping

“While playing around with the very first simple sample i made on a newly aquired Akai S900 this song came out. I wanted to test how far the pitch can be streched up and down before starting to sound unnatural or unpleasant. Well, a test in musical context, not really technical. It’s just one piano-like sample, no zones, switching or crossfades.


Akai S612 Midi Digital Sampler & MD 280 Disk Drive w/ Manuals & Disks

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“This listing is for a Nice Used Akai S612 Midi Digital Sampler with MD 280 Disk Drive :

..including (10) 2.8 Quick Disks

(9) are Blanks and 1 Disk I copied an Original Akai Sounds from the 80’s LA Studio 20 Killer Bass (Side A), and LA Studio 20 Double Bass (Side B). for you to have a sound on hand when you get this set.

We had the Power Supply Board Refresh with new

Akai AX60 with padded gig bag

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“The AX60 is a polyphonic analogue keyboard synthesizer based on the Curtis CEM3394 and is among the last true analog polysynths of the mid-eighties. It was Akai’s answer to the Roland Juno, and has a multi-mode chorus effect very similar to the Juno. It uses analogue VCOs, as opposed to The Juno’s DCOs, & has a wonderfully resonant filter. Some other features the AX60 has that