1984 Akai AX-80 Fully Restored & Future Proofed w/ Latest Tauntek Firmware

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Akai AX60 SN 01120-03157

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Akai S612 Vintage 80’s 12-bit MIDI Lo-Fi 2U Rack Sampler W/ Rack Case SN 00910-14924

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“The AKAI S612 was one of Akai’s first samplers. It was released in 1895 and it has a super gritty, lo-fi sound which we thought was pretty awesome when we were testing this unit with some samples taken from Sun Ra. This simple and easy to use unit features MIDI, 12-bit sampling from 4 to 32kHz, loop, 8 seconds of sampling time, truncate, overdub, a continuous variable lo-pass

AKAI AX-80 + Hard Case

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AKAI’s cute little MPK mini keyboard now has internal sounds

AKAI’s MPK mini was already something of a sleeper hit – a simple MIDI controller keyboard that was small enough to be irresistible. But the latest revision makes it useful even all by its lonesome.

MPK mini play is what AKAI are calling the latest edition. It’s actually the second major revision of this unassuming little keyboard. The gamepad-style pitch/mod joystick had already packed in a bit more control features, in addition to the handy pads, banks, and a built-in arpeggiator.

But all of that was just for use with a computer, connected via USB. The “play” version will now work standalone. There are 128 built-in instrument sounds and 10 drum kits in the internal sound module, plus a crisp OLED display so you can find the sound you want. AA battery power means this is all at your ready without even power nearby. There’s even a built-in speaker so you can hear what you’re doing.

You can also make Favorites, which compile a Keys patch, a Drums patch, and settings for the knobs.

Heck, it’s even got a sustain pedal input and a headphone jack.

I’ll be totally honest – I tried to look up what sounds are in there, and couldn’t. I know the screenshot already has an 808 kit – sold yet?

It almost doesn’t seem to matter. I can’t think of another keyboard that could work as an iPad or computer accessory on USB power, then also a standalone jamming keyboard. Studio ready, picnic ready, too. Seems a good move in time for summer (Northern Hemisphere, anyway).

I gush only because the MPK mini is one of those things that you buy sort of as a throwaway, then wind up using more than everything else, just because it’s so small and convenient. It also has the advantage of taking up so little space that even when other gear in the studio competes for space, it has a way of staying by your computer keyboard instead of going on the shelf.

(Judge me by my size, do you?)


Midifan in China have a hands-on with more pictures / unboxing (worth looking even before you reach for Google Translate to try to work out what they’re saying, if you don’t speak Chinese).

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Akai EWV2000 Synth, Akai EWI1000 Wind Instrument Controller

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“The Synth works perfectly.
The EWI1000 controller has two tiny issues:
1. The element what closing the circuit at the sensor is switched to wrong place.
2. The piece what controls the vibration should be solder together.

Otherwise everything works as should (It can be tested with touching the sensor).”

Akai ME20A MIDI Sequence Arpeggiator

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From the S-612 aesthetic.

“Clever MIDI device from the 80’s that produces no sound of its own, but elevates the creative possibilities for your synths that do not have a built-in arpeggiator. The ‘SPEED’, ‘GATE TIME’ and ‘DYNAMICS’ functionality are really what make this machine worth it, in my opinion.”

Akai S1000KB inspiration

Published on Apr 6, 2019 bitleyTM

“While the rack format was extremely popular for samplers back in the day, it must be said that having the keyboard version of the S-1000 instantly made it feel like a completely different instrument, hands on, easy to use and very fun to play. This particular S-1000 KB has been owned by the euro pop legend E-type and the diskdrive does currently not work.

Mos Eisley – modular jam with Akai Force

Published on Apr 5, 2019 Joe Miller – Xin

Great title for this one.

“Just learning the Akai Force, and using it to drive the modular. Some synth melodies and blips from the internal Akai synths. Some phrases sampled into the clips from Plaits. More from Plaits through QPAS is played along with the Force. (lol… what a name)

This is a second take with better audio.”

Akai MPC 2.5 Update and Elektron Analog Four Mk1 for my live sets

Published on Apr 4, 2019 Pepe Mogt

“here is a short video testing the analog Four and Akai MPC 2.5 update

Look for my music at Spotify under: Pepe Mogt”

Pepe Mogt of Bostich + Fussible & Nortic Collective.