Eurorack Synth Drums – 180617

Published on Jun 17, 2018 Ryan Bocook

“My first patch using the drum setup: Akemi’s Taiko, Moog DFAM, Pam’s new workout, 0-coast, Elements.”

ALM Busy Circuits Akemie’s Castle FM Oscillator Eurorack Module

via this auction

“Excellent condition. ALM Busy Circuits Akemie’s Castle FM Oscillator Eurorack Modular Synth. Purchased new 2 months ago. Barely used. Never gigged. Includes ALM packaging, 4x mounting screws, 4x patch cables and 1 ribbon cable.”

Noyzelab Regional Arts Fellowship – Field Report 4

You can find the full report at Noyzelab here.

“Included in this post is a look at some creative outcomes for my 2017 fellowship activities in UK/ Belgium/ Sweden/ Japan/ Regional NSW => Gigs at Cafe OTO, Trap Club, FUSE Art Space, SuperDeluxe. Chris Watson, Jez riley French and Aphex Twin mentorships, residencies at University of Hull, University of Newcastle, EMS Stockholm + a visit to ALM

ALM Busy Circuits SMT soldering technique

Published on Apr 11, 2018 noyzelab

This one in via noyzelab. Always fun to see the makers behind the scenes, along with some useful tips in this one.

“A quick iphone recording during my visit to ALM Busy Circuits HQ in July 2017. I asked Matthew if he’d give me a quick primer on how to solder SMT chips, so grabbed this video of the process.

Recorded during my Regional Arts Fellowship. This

Slow and Atmospheric-ish: Orgone Accumulator – Elements – Sid Guts Deluxe etc

Published on Apr 3, 2018 isvisible isinvisible

Sound sources:
Doepfer – A-110 x 3
Neutron Sound – Orgone Accumulator
ALM – Sid Guts Deluxe
ALM – Akemie’s Taiko
Mutable Instruments – Elements
Mutable Instruments – Braids
Mutable Instruments – Edges
Mutable Instruments – Rings

Eurorack Processing:
Doepfer – A-101-3 Phaser, A-188-2 Tapped BBD, lots of filters.
Intellijel – Springray

Mumdance demos his jungle-inspired Eurorack filter module, MUM M8

Published on Feb 27, 2018 FACTmagazine

You can find details on the ALM MUM M8 here, and a demo from Perfect Circuit Audio here.

“We visit Mumdance’s studio for an exclusive look at his exciting new module.

Mumdance’s musical influences are many, but top of the list are two things: modular synths and hardcore. He’s managed to combine his love of both with his latest release, a Eurorack filter

ALM MUM M8 Eurorack Version Of Akai S950 Filter

Published on Dec 12, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

“This video shows the ALM Busy Circuits MUM M8 eurorack filter which is based on the filter from the Akai S950 sampler. It also has a built in VCA and sounds great when overdriven.

MUM M8 available here:…”

Supporting members of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

Acting At A Distance

Published on Dec 3, 2017 davidryle

“Far Away…
A combination of keyboard synths and the modular 5U & 3U, multi-tracked to Cubase.
A simple pair of chord progressions outlined with various step sequencer parts and multiple poly sequential controllers feeding a multitude of oscillators and filters of the large format modular.
The Behringer DeepMind12 performed a few delicate arpeggios along

New ALM Busy Circuits ALM018 – ‘MUM M8’ 8hp Eurorack Low Pass Filter

ALM018 – ‘MUM M8’ from ALM on Vimeo.

Apparently Vimeo still does not support embedded playlists, so you will find the additional demos further below.

“‘MUM M8’ is an 8hp Eurorack low pass filter building on the filter design used in the classic Akai S950 12 bit sampler with the addition of resonance, voltage control, clipped saturation and a dedicated VCA.

The low pass filter gives the

Winter Modular Eloquencer, ALM Akemie’s Taiko & ER-301 // Eurorack Patch

Published on Oct 21, 2017 Datachrome

“Don’t take the ‘subliminal messages’ too seriously 😉

Patch notes:
Eloquencer is the brain of this patch, it’s clocking the ER-301 playing sampled drums. I use the Eloquencer to make drum fills by pressing the corresponding buttons on the frontplate. The only playing voice is the Akemie’s Taiko triggered by the Eloquencer and modulated by Rampage and my