Using MPE With The Sensel Morph & Buchla Thunder Overlay

Published on Jun 15, 2019 Synthtopia

“At the 2019 Brooklyn Synth Expo, Sensel’s David Abravanel presented an overview and demo of using the Sensel Morph controller with the Buchla Thunder Overlay as an MPE controller.

The Thunder Overlay is a joint project of Sensel & Buchla USA, and is inspired by Don Buchla’s classic Thunder controller.

From Synthtopia’s coverage of the Brooklyn Synth Expo

ROLI Instruments & Expressive Performance With MPE

Published on Jun 14, 2019 Synthtopia

“At the 2019 Brooklyn Synth Expo, ROLI’s Ruben Dax gave a presentation on MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) – a new standard for expressive musical performance.

From Synthtopia’s coverage of the Brooklyn Synth Expo:…”

Respiro LInnstrument short demo

Published on Jun 12, 2019 osixoone sevenone

“Playing Respiro VST for wind controllers, with the Linnstrument 128.
Just showing the expression you can get.”

ContinuuCon 2019 Presentations

Published on Jun 11, 2019 ContinuuCon


1. Lippold Haken – Hardware Evolution Of The Continuum Fingerboard :: ContinuuCon 2019
62 years before I started working on the Continuum Fingerboard, Leon Theremin built his instrument with pitch and dynamics determined by the performer in an electromagnetic control loop. This is the 37th year that I have been working to create the best

Using the Sensel Buchla Thunder Overlay for Key Commands & Virtual Buchla modules

Published on May 4, 2019 Joel Davel

“Joel Davel demonstrates use of the Buchla Thunder overlay (for the Sensel Morph) not just to control music, but as a key command interface for his PCB layout software.”

Thunder Sensel Overlay w Virtual Buchla modules

Published on Mar 29, 2019 Joel Davel

“Ways of using the Sensel Morph Buchla Thunder overlay to play different styles in the same live set.

ContinuuCon 2019 :: Asheville, NC :: May 30 – June 1

Published on May 16, 2019 ContinuuCon

ContinuuCon 2019
May 30 – June 1
Asheville, North Carolina

Performers, sound designers, composers and electronic music enthusiasts who attend ContinuuCon explore this uniquely expressive instrument through music, workshops, lectures and more. Dr. Lippold Haken, inventor of the Continuum and ContinuuMini, and Edmund Eagan, developer of the Continuum’s

Turning a "Surface Dial" into a musical instrument using WebMidi and some synths (Yamaha EX5, PEAK)

Published on May 1, 2019 Floyd Steinberg

“This week, I’m using the WebMidi.js library, a compatible browser, a texteditor, a “Surface Dial” and my synths to create music. Table of contents below. The “cello” type sound at the beginning of this video is the EX5’s VL engine, by the way.

Get the libraries here:

The web

ContinuuCon 2019 Set for May 30 – June 1 Asheville, North Carolina

“The first ContinuuCon Haken Continuum Conference, held in Asheville in 2016, was a big success and a great start to this yearly tradition. The following year we were back in Asheville, hosted by the University of North Carolina Asheville. 2018 took things to the next level in Paris at IRCAM, the Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (Institute for Research and Coordination

Akai EWV2000 Synth, Akai EWI1000 Wind Instrument Controller

via this auction

“The Synth works perfectly.
The EWI1000 controller has two tiny issues:
1. The element what closing the circuit at the sensor is switched to wrong place.
2. The piece what controls the vibration should be solder together.

Otherwise everything works as should (It can be tested with touching the sensor).”

Dale Mathis New Synthesizer Sounds for Roland 8x Accordion

Published on Apr 10, 2019 Dale Mathis Accordion

“Purchase a Roland accordion from Crown Music and receive operating assistance from Dale Mathis. Crown Music, Sun City, AZ 623-374-6423 or FREE shipping USA (Have QUESTIONS? Dale Mathis: 480-544-6016 or”
Wendy Carlos’ Switched On Bach gets a mention at the end of the intro performance after 2:30.