Sonic LAB: IMPULSE COMMAND Analogue Solutions synth

Published on Jul 12, 2019 sonicstate

“We had the chance to spend a short session with the Analogue Solutions IMPULSE COMMAND – an unusual instrument with analogue oscillators, stereo filter, Sequencizer and DSP effects.”

Toraiz Squid and the Polymath

Published on Jul 8, 2019 Sounds From The Shed

“Haven’t done a Polymath video for a while so hooked it up to the Squid and Tweaked away :)”

WIth an Impulse Command even Gloves can Dance

Published on Jul 5, 2019 Wein Glas

“In just a few minutes the Analogue Solutions Impulse Command turns everybody into an EDM producer! Even Weinglas after he took off his gloves?”

Toraiz Squid, MS-101 & Others – Corrupt….

Published on Jun 24, 2019 Sounds From The Shed

“A short jam with the Toraiz Squid, MS-101, Mono Station, Medusa, DJS-100, Prophet Xl and Quantum and Polymath.”

Analogue Solutions Oberkorn

via this auction

“The Oberkorn is a 3 track analog sequencer with 16 steps, analog out and cv inputs, and MIDI out. This unit is in great shape and includes the original power supply.

Key Oberkorn Features

3 x CV channels, 2 x Gate channels, 5 x MIDI-Trigger
full 16 step CV channels
48 CV knobs, 16 Gate switches, 17 LEDs
CV control of Speed / Tempo.
Plenty of control sockets.
Simple MIDI sync

White Analogue Solutions Vostok Matrixsynth V2

via this auction

And for those wondering, no, there is no relation to this site. Matrixsynth in this case stand for the matrix modulation patch bay. The site got it’s name from my alias, matrix, and the Oberheim Matrix-6, my first synth. I registered the domain name back in 1997, long before the Vostok Matrixsynth.

“The Vostok combines the patch panel convenience and

One synth that sounds like four! Impulse Command from Analogue Solutions // Superbooth 2019

Published on May 18, 2019 DivKidVideo

“My head turned when I heard what sounded like four synth layers playing. Two synth parts in stereo, noise hits, percussive hits etc all out of a single Impulse Command from Analogue Solutions. The way the stereo filter works and sequencing works to inject pitch modulation, noise, unique filter steps and settings creates a lot of dynamic and interesting

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command Sound Demo (No Talking)

Published on May 10, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

“Analog Solutions Impulse Command Sound Demo (No Talking)”

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command @ Superbooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 Bedroom Producers Blog

“Checking out the Analogue Solutions Impulse Command synthesizer module at Superbooth 2019.”

Analogue Solutions Vostok MK2 Black

via this auction