Original ARP 2500 ~ 1971? Vintage 8 Page Catalog

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“ARP 2500 ~ 1971? Vintage 8 page Catalog with Pete Townsend and awesome photos and specs on various synth modules and models with prices. This was for dealers. Very cool and rare find.”

Update: according to @BitShapeSoft, it’s from 1970.

Arp Odyssey & Alesis Nanoverb

Published on Mar 23, 2019 Kris Lennox

“Korg’s wonderful Arp reissue, here paired with the equally wonderful Alesis Nanoverb. Startling to think that is almost a decade since Keith Barr’s passing. Quite a loss to the music world. Fantastic design/vision on his products.

I haven’t heard the Behringer Odyssey, but I’m sure, like the Korg reissue, it’ll be fantastic. Isn’t it all great – very

A2600 – ARP 2600 Sample Set for the Sequential Prophet X/XL by 8dio

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“The A2600 is one of our all-time favorite vintage synths. We had the pleasure of deep-sampling this gorgeous instrument. Including various stages of core oscillators from raw to saturated.

Including Pulses, Fifths, Dual Pulses, Pulse FM 5th, Pulse Spring, Pulse FM 4th, Saw, Saw Pulse, Saw FM Pulse 1, Saw FM Pulse 2, Saw PWM, Saw Ring, Saw Spring, Sine, Sine Saturated, Square,

ARP QUADRA Analog Synthesizer (1978) *Fly By Night*

Published on Mar 20, 2019 RetroSound

“(c) 2019 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

ARP QUADRA – rare analog synthesizer from the year 1978

analog strings, arpeggio, bass synth: ARP QUADRA analog synthesizer
electric piano: Roland M-VS-1 Vintage Synth module playes with the Oberheim Xk masterkeyboard controller
All played live by hand, no MIDI

The Quadra is a four-section synthesizer

Synthchaser #115 – ARP Voltage Controlled Filter Tester

Published on Mar 17, 2019 Synth Chaser


Modular Analog Synthesizers of Sun Mountain Studios

Published on Mar 17, 2019 David Baron

“A one by one piece that goes through the Roland System 700, Emu Modular, Moog Modular, Roland System 100m, Arp 2600, EMS Synthi, Fenix Modular, Serge Modular and the Arp 2500. Realized at Sun Mountain Studios in Boiceville, NY”

More videos from David Baron

ARP 2600 – Keyboard Only – Model 3620

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“Recently found in storage where it’s been for over 15 years. In very good cosmetic condition, but will need to be refurbished. As the title says, this is the more desirable 3620 with a dedicated LFO.”

TheSynthCave Live Analog Synth Jams

Published on Mar 12, 2019 TheSynthCave


1. “Gear used: TR-808, TTSH, SP-16, AS-1, ER-1, TR-727, Juno 60, JX-3Px2, Polysix, A4, Microbrute, Sq-1, TR-606”

2. “Gear used: Korg Polysix, Roland TR-808, PioneerDJ- SP-16, PioneerDJ As-1, Roland Jupiter 8, Roland Juno-60, TTSH 2600, Arturia microbrute, Korg SQ-1, Elektron Analog four, Arp Omni 2”

Frequency Central Whiteface ARP 4023 VCF Clone

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Whiteface is based on the legendary ARP 4023 VCF module often found in “whiteface” Odyssey Mk1.
Whiteface is available both fully assembled and as a PCB/panel set.
Whiteface PCB set, and panel: £30 GBP

Whiteface assembled module: £140 GBP

Build doc for DIYers: Whiteface Build Document

For orders and queries please contact me at: