Kirnu Cream arp/MIDI performer 60% OFF for limited time

Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on Kirnu Cream, the powerful MIDI performer plugin for Windows and Mac. Going well beyond the traditional arpeggiator, Cream offers lots of flexibility in programming and performance. Check out my review for some more details. With Cream it’s very easy to create catching lead parts, bouncing bass lines, swinging […]

StepPolyArp MIDI Arpeggiator Updated With Polyrhythm Support & More

StepPolyArp can be used to control Midi instruments, sequencers like Logic, Cubase, Live, other MIDI sequencers, or even other virtual instruments installed on the same iPad.… Read More StepPolyArp MIDI Arpeggiator Updated With Polyrhythm Support & More

Odessa: MIDI Sequencers and Control Plugins for iOS by Bram Bos

Bram Bos Odessa Sequencer SuiteBram Bos has released Odessa, an iOS plugin suite for sequencing and controlling MIDI instruments. Odessa is a collection of MIDI Audio Unit plugins that let you sequence and generate MIDI instruments, such as Audio Unit plugins, IAA apps and even your external MIDI hardware. Note: MIDI Audio Units require iOS 11 and an AU […]

Melodic Underground Techno sample pack by Audio Strasse at Loopmasters

Audio Strasse Melodic Underground TechnoAudio Strasse has released Melodic Underground Techno, a sample pack with a collection of sounds from 1980s drum machines such as Roland’s TR-808 and TR-909 and melodic content sourced from synthesizers. With this pack Audio Strasse creates a modern concept of melodic techno by keeping the freedom of the underground creative expression and appreciation of […]

Few days left to get Sample Logic Arpology for $99 USD

Sample Logic ARPOLOGYAudio Plugin Deals has announced that there are just a few days left to get the ARPOLOGY deal in a limited time sale. ARPOLOGY by Sample Logic is a Kontakt Player instrument that offers an entirely new approach to step sequencing. Sample Logic & Ask Audio are proud to offer ARPOLOGY™ for just $99 (75% […]

Review: Gothic Instruments Dronar Dark Synthesis for Kontakt

Gothic Instruments Dronar Dark Synthesis mainThe fourth module in the Dronar series from Gothic Instruments is Dark Synthesis, a sound design tool for Native Instruments Kontakt with a focus on a darker, cinematic sound palette. This Dark Synthesis Module creates dark, eerie and mysterious synthetic textures by combining strange synth waveforms with complex processed real world recordings with a huge […]

Sample Logic ARPOLOGY for Kontakt Player $99 USD at Audio Plugin Deals

Audio Plugin Deals ARPOLOGY saleAudio Plugin Deals has launched a new deal on ARPOLOGY, offering a 75% discount on the virtual instrument and MIDI effect dedicated entirely to arpeggiated/sequenced instruments. The core of ARPOLOGY has been designed around Sample Logic’s newest invention, the powerful Step Animator™ – a step-sequencer and arpeggiator fused into a single engine for animating complex […]

NDLR Arpeggiator MIDI Setup

The video shows how you can route MIDI from the NDLR to create arpeggiated sequences on multiple synths. … Read More NDLR Arpeggiator MIDI Setup

The NDLR Is An ‘Ultra-Arpeggiator’ For People With Lots Of Synths

Here’s a sneak preview of the upcoming Conductive Labs NDLR Polyphonic Arpeggiator from Knobcon 2017.… Read More The NDLR Is An ‘Ultra-Arpeggiator’ For People With Lots Of Synths

Conductive Labs shows the NDLR – A multi-part polyphonic arpeggiator on Kickstarter

The NDLR is for anybody who loves making music but finds themselves staring at their keyboards not knowing what to