Sound Design Pt.1: Surf/Sea/Waves

Published on Jul 16, 2018 Kris Lennox

“Quick introduction RE how to create the sound of surf/sea. Take note the principles can be applied to any decent programmable synth. This should prove useful to synth users/sound designers in general, and also those working in Foley etc. I’m very much of the opinion that seeing – and hearing – the process of sculpting a sound is far more useful than

Arturia MiniBrute 2-First bass sound and unpacking

Published on Jul 16, 2018 Dziam Bass

“Just the new week began with a new delivery from ARTURIA, a French company of software and analog synthesizers.
The box was the newest synthesizer Arturia-MiniBrute 2.
This is a semi modular analogue synthesizer that is the successor of the MiniBrute, offering more Brute power than ever before. MiniBrute 2 produces a huge analog sound, equipped with two – SoundMit Spinoff Events

via SoundMit

Today was a great day in Torino with the first Soundmit Spinoff “ – Torino Music Garage Sale” with the precious support of ARTURIA, ARTURIA USER GROUP TORINO and ARTURIA USER GROUPS. Attached are some pics of the event.

The next full SoundMit will be held on November 3/4 2018 in Torino, Italy.

vangelis spirit with korg prologue 16 – by graal7

Published on Jul 15, 2018 graal7

original song by graal 7
inspired by vangelis sounds and song.
prologue 16 matrixbrute and xs 8

DrumBrute VS DrumBrute Creation Edition

Published on Jul 15, 2018 Enrique Martinez

“What’s the difference between the Arturia DrumBrute vs DrumBrute Creation addition?”

Analog Flange (Matrixbrute: "Air Raid at The End of The World")

Published on Jul 14, 2018 Kris Lennox

“Of course, try loud with cans on. This piece is both an original work and a demo of the analog flange on the MB. I’ve been sniffing around online, and for some reason the analog effects get a bad rep. I don’t know why. If I’m missing something, do let me know. More text below if you’re bored and fancy a read:

The sound is absolutely stunning. Something

Top 3 DrumBrute Tips by Enrique Martinez

Top 3 DrumBrute Tips // In my head of course! Published on Jul 14, 2018 Enrique Martinez

“These are my top 3 tips when it comes to the Arturia DrumBrute Creation Edition!”

GRP A-2 + ARTURIA MINIBRUTE 2 playing Bach Prelude D major 8

Published on Jul 12, 2018 LESINDES

“Handmade GRP A-2 and industry analog ARTURIA MINIBRUTE 2.
My challenge here was to tweak a proper sound for the BACH Prelude D major, BWV 850.
So different machines lead to different ideas — so please don’t look
for too much similarities!
Since (nearly) all of them are pure mono synths
all recordings are done in 2 takes. I filmed
the melody part.”

How Not to Fry Your Modular Gear & 7 Semi-Modular Ideas, Tips and Tricks for Synths

7 Semi-Modular ideas, tips and tricks for synths like MatrixBrute, Mother-32, MiniBrute 2 and more Published on Jul 11, 2018

1:00 TIP #1: Safely connecting CV to the Expression inputs of synths and guitar pedals using a floating ring cable

6:45 TIP #2: Using external envelopes to vary your synth sounds

9:25 TIP #3: Using MIDI to CV for sound layering and external control

11:45 TIP #4:

From Japan, an ambient musician on solitude and views of the sea

As haunting, oceanic wells of sound sing achingly in the background, Tokyo-based ambient musician Chihei Hatakeyama talks in a new documentary about what inspires him.

The creative series toco toco follows the musician to the places and views that inspired the images of his music – including gazing into the sea. Of that view, he says:

“There wasn’t any gap in space, it was translating directly into music.”

Filmmaker Anne Ferrero writes to share her work, as she follows the artist “to the roots of his universe, in the Kamakura and Enoshima areas, where he grew up.”

And he speaks of the beauty in ambient music, and its connection to nature. And while solitude in computer music is often seen as something of a liability, here he talks about its importance – as he uses that laptop as a box for editing improvisations.

Being able to create music alone made it more personal. The music that I wanted to make could now express my mind – what I felt inside.

The film is subtitled in English, with Japanese audio. (Don’t forget to turn CC on.)

It’s a deeply personal film all over, and even talks about the journey from electronic sounds on dancefloors to the quieter, more contemplative world of ambient music. And he finds that moment of liberating himself from the beat – not by trying to copy what people would call ambient music on a superficial level, but by fumbling his way to this solution after eliminating obstacles to expression.

Hey, I love both modes of music, myself, so I can appreciate that balance. It’s just rained here in Berlin, and I’m reminded of that feeling of relief when it rains after long periods of sun … and visa versa. Maybe music is the same way.

Have a watch, and I’m sure you’ll want to pick up a guitar or laptop, or go to a beach, or take a personal field trip to the museum and stare at paintings.

Painting with colors in sound … filling the world with oceans of your own expression. What could be more lovely?

Now, an insane amount of beautiful music:

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