DX5 Playing Trans X "Living on Video"

Premiere in progress. Started 2 minutes ago Published on Nov 19, 2019 DX5

“Rendition to one of the most influential disco tracks ever.
Recorded at first shot, therefore some mistakes can be found.
Gear used:

Emu Emax: Filtered lead (sampled from the JP8000).
Roland JP8000: left hand bass sequence (yes, I like to suffer playing live 🙂 and right hand triangle lead/ saw solo (done my own way).

Eureka and Samoa [Episode 200]

Published on Nov 18, 2019 CatSynth TV

“Our 200th Episode! A new experimental music piece featuring scenes from Humboldt Bay, the Samoa Peninsula, and the town of Eureka. Many scenes feature the distinctive dolosse along the north and south jetty of the inlet to the bay.

Music and film by Amanda Chaudhary.

Synthesizers used:
Arturia EMS Synthi V
Arturia CMI V
Arturia Pigments
MOK Waverazor

MOOG One-Analog Seq-Graal7

Published on Nov 18, 2019 graal7

original song by graal7 use
moog one step sequencer and sound
matrixbrute step seq and drumbrute
juno 6 bass

Arturia MICROLAB – Complete Track in Action!

Published on Nov 18, 2019 LFOstore

“#Arturia #MicroLab #Lfostore #Chronos #NickKlimenko


Recently we got a wonderful compact midi keyboard from our friendly french parthners – Arturia.

MicroLab is lovely, usefull, solid build & offer you lots of possibilities.

In this video i’m showing my passion for 25-keys Orange Baby & making entire track using suited Analog Lab Lite software

Arturia MatrixBrute

via this auction

Hi there and thanks for looking! I’m selling my fabulous ARTURIA MatrixBrute because I’m getting back into modular and the MB doesn’t really fit my sound design style. If you’re looking at this listing, you already know it’s an amazing performance synth with patch-ability to the max!

MatrixBrute has been lovingly cared for in a smoke, kid, and pet-free home, and will ship to

Arturia Microfreak Demo

Published on Nov 16, 2019 Alphacode

“Arturia Microfreak… weird, unusual and very digital sounding synthesizer ! Enjoy !”

Arturia offers V Collection 7 instrument bundle for $299 USD in Black Friday Sale

Arturia V Collection 7 Sale

Arturia has announced a Black Friday offer on its V Collection 7, offering a discount of 200 USD/EUR off regular on the bundle of 24 virtual instruments. V Collection is the absolute standard when it comes to software instrument recreations of classic synths and keyboards. Now it’s your turn to experience it. V Collection 7 […]

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Improvisation for Virtual Ans, Otis and Una Corda

Published on Nov 13, 2019 junklight

“I’ve not made much music of late – happy to let things gestate and present themselves when ready. However things are starting to brew!

This is part of an improvisation in preparation for a longer piece I’m working on – which hopefully will see the light on this channel soon”

Arturia’s limited edition MiniLab MkII Inverted now available

Arturia MiniLab MkII Inverted feat

Arturia has announced availability of its Minilab MkII Inverted, a limited edition of the controller with switched black and white keys. On top of its unique color scheme, it features the same hands-on control, high quality keys, and powerful included software that made the original MiniLab MkII such a hit with musicians and producers the […]

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Published on Nov 12, 2019 EMEAPP

“EMEAPP SONIC TEST DRIVE: Electro-Harmonix EH-0300 Vocoder and Arturia MatrixBrute demoed by Chris Stack from your good friends at the Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project. More info at www.emeapp.org, please join us a member!