MFB Synth Pro Demo Song

Published on Jan 26, 2020 Maison Vague

“MFB Synth Pro Demo Song. All sounds except drums from the Synth Pro.

Additional equipment used: Arturia Keylab Mk2, Moog MF-108M, TC Electronic D-Two, Apogee Ensemble, Ableton Live 10.”

#Jamuary2020 07, Arturia MicroFreak, Zoom MS-70CDR, A Quiet Walk in the Park

Published on Jan 25, 2020 Waveformer

MicroFreaks on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

“A simple ambient jam on the Arturia MicroFreak and Zoom MS-70CDR.

My music on Bandcamp:

The patches for the MicroFreak and the MS-70 are included below.

All is improvised using the arpeggiator and a custom patch on the MicroFreak, and delays and reverb on the MS-70. One of

Data Run [Cover] – Boutique / Circuit / Crave / MC-101 / PRO-1 / TR-8

Published on Jan 24, 2020

“This track was the theme tune to on of TV-am’s early Saturday morning show, Data Run – 1983-84

Music by Vince Clarke, Sung by Alison Moyet, all I can find on the web is a couple of 40+ second videos of this track, I thought it was deserving enough to be fleshed out a little…

Thank you to kvfive for help with some of the audio samples.

As always, the track is

#jamuary2020 Day 23 – Arturia Microfreak (Feat. TC Flashback 2 and Digitech Polara)

Published on Jan 23, 2020 Oscillator Sink

MicroFreaks on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

“I was actually going to skip on jamming today as I felt totally wiped out this evening, but then I started tinkering with editing Toneprints on the Flashback 2 and came up with a couple of lovely, wide, dark and crunchy delays that were crying out for a pad sound to be played through them.

Enter the

Test of the New Arturia MicroFreak Synth Noise Oscillator with Techno Drum loop.

Published on Jan 23, 2020 Sound Provider

MicroFreaks on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

“Just a quick test of the new Noise Oscillator of the Firmware V2 of my Arturia MicroFreak Synth to check if it can feet with Techno / Hard Techno / Industrial.
For this small demo I also use my “always nice with Synth” Ibanez Valve pedal, the Tube King Tk999 and my Boss Ps-2 in Delay mode.
I feel I can add

LFO Store releases Modular Arps & Mystic Pads for Microfreak + Noise Osc free presets

LFO Store Modular Arps & Pads Bundle

LFO Store has announced availability of the Modular Arps & Mystic Pads Bundle, featuring two soundsets by Anton Anru for the Microfreak synthesizer by Arturia. The Modular Arps collection features 50 arp presets. They have groove, swing, accents, polyrhythm, motion and timbre development. Lots of interesting (sometimes unpredictable) stuff happens with these arps. They generate […]

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NAMM 2020 – Arturia Microfreak Firmware Version 2.0

Published on Jan 18, 2020 Kraft Music

“Find exclusive Arturia Microfreak BUNDLES at Kraft Music:…

Arturia releases firmware version 2.0 for the Microfreak Synthesizer.

The Arturia MicroFreak is a peculiar instrument that rewards the curious musician, blending wavetable and digital oscillators with analog filters. The MicroFreak’s flexible synth engine

Improv with Keystep , Skulpt & Microfreak

Published on Jan 18, 2020 junklight

“Inspired by a few comments in the very enjoyable Mylar Melodies ‘why we bleep’ podcast with Adrian Utley”

CS-80V Tutorial Complete – Blade Runner

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Digiphex Electronics

“Guide to every function of the CS-80V.”

NAMM 2020 – Arturia Keystep Pro

Published on Jan 17, 2020 Kraft Music

“Find exclusive Arturia KeyStep Pro BUNDLES at Kraft Music.

Arturia showcases the Keystep Pro Controller Sequencer at the 2020 NAMM Show

The Arturia KeyStep Pro gives keyboard players incredible sequencing and performance power in a compact, versatile controller. An all-in-one sequencing solution, KeyStep Pro lets you take full control of your modular