Korg MonoPoly Analogue Synth SN 376234

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“Fantastic example of the early 80’s iconic Korg MonoPoly synth. I purchased it in ‘84 to use at Juilliard for ear-training class (not the best choice of keyboard for that purpose!). It’s been used on and off since but always stored in an air-conditioned space…”


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“This is a Wiard Synthesizer Company GR-1204 Joy Rider.

It is a 4.5” Frac module with a pair of Vactrol-based Borg 1 Filters.

Joystick “x” controls 1, joystick “y” controls 2.

Common resonance control.

Individual mode controls.

Common envelope control with pull switch which changes filters between series and parallel configurations for band-pass and band-reject. Each

Vintage 1983 Sequential Circuits Inc Six Trak Synthesizer SN 0764J

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Rhodes ARP Chroma 2103 Analog Keyboard Synthesizer SN 21030156

Uploaded on Aug 16, 2018 Adam Gersten

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“To say the Chroma sounds superb is an understatement. The flexibility, rawness, charm, and feel of the Chroma is magical. I purchased this in 2013 and had it repaired and upgraded with the new PSU and CPU (CC+).

Everything works and has been tested the night of this listing. That said, I can only sell the Chroma as-is. It’s enormous,


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“EMS SYNTHI AKS Classic Vintage Analog Synth. Pulled from a working environment. This unit is missing its cables so we are unable to test. This was received from a local college. I do not know anything about its history. Unit has some scratches on the outside of the case. Has a few scratches and a little wear on the board. Selling AS-IS.”

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Vintage Analogue Synthesizer SN 002529

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Arp 2600 – Model 2601 Vintage Analog Modular Synth w/3620 Keyboard

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“Classic vintage Arp 2600 analog semi-modular synthesizer with model 3620 keyboard in absolute museum quality condition. This synth was in climate controlled storage, and unused for over 25 years of its life. It has just had a complete refurbishing and had it’s op amps upgraded by RetroLinear, and is absolutely 100% guaranteed to be in perfect operational condition. As you