The last Moog Aluminum MiniMoog Voyager, serial number 100 of 100 produced

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“This is the final Aluminum Voyager produced, numbered 100 out of a limited run of 100. It is in fantastic condition…I would mark it mint save for one tiny blemish on the panel (noted in pic). Every aluminum block is as-new, the luminescent panel is as bright as the day I got it, the keys are pristine and the electronics are perfect.”

Roland System 100 Model 101 Excellent Condition SN 490753

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Rare Cwejman VCO-6 Eurorack Module

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“This module is very rare and hard to come by. Cwejman has not made them in a few years and there is no telling if or when they will make them again.

Power ribbon cable included!!
The VC0-6 is a single voltage controlled oscillator and it has six individual waveforms. The frequency is controlled by manual controllers (knobs) and FM (leveled inputs). The VCO-6 can be sync-ed

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2 SN 0292

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“This keyboard just left the shop for a full checkup and everything is working beautifully. The sound of this thing is stunning…”

Moog PolyMoog Poly Analog Synthesizer

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“Polymoog rehabbed by Mike Bucki of Modusonics / Moog in 2008

The VCF is bleeding through in the background noise when its turned on. Might just be aging parts or don’t worry about it.

One LED is out to tell you “ALL” is on instead of Lower” or “Upper”

And 2 keys are not triggering the correct dynamics but do make sound.”

Elektron Monomachine SFX6 *Serviced + Upgrades*

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“This is the rare (500) keyboard version of the monomachine. This particular unit is in very nice shape with minor blemishes as pictured. Functionally it is 100% and has received the following upgrades/service:
– New Battery with holder
– Power supply rebuilt (this addresses what is getting to be a common issue with these)
– New upgraded knob kit from Elektron
– New display. A

Modal Electronics 008R

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“Excellent condition, and sounds beautiful. The different filter modes offer so much tonal variety, you could spend hours on a single patch.”

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Vintage Keyboard Synthesizer SN 0249

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“If you are looking at this, I am sure you know what it is, 4 digital oscillators, vector mix control with envelopes and analog filters…and unparalleled unique characteristic sound…yes I have tried the VST versions and it is not the same…”