E-MU MP-7 Command Station 128-Voice Synth w/ Multi Track Sequencer

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“The cool looking MP-7 is a desktop sequencer module version of E-mu’s Mo’Phatt HipHop and R&B sound module. You may recall that the Mo’Phatt module itself was a new and improved Urban Dance and Hip Hop synth based on the popular Planet Phatt module. Like the Mo’Phatt, the MP-7 uses the same sample-playback synthesis engine as E-mu’s Proteus 2000 sound module.

Sharing its

MOOG Sub Phatty Synthesizer

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Some great outdoor shots.

“This synth was designed with deep, dirty, growley bass in mind. The appeal of this fully analog, high-end synth is its size and portability. It fits anywhere, in tight set-ups, and is easy to haul around.”

Access Virus Indigo with Upgraded Screen

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“Well kept Access Virus Indigo v1 with upgraded LCD screen. Fantastic sounding VA synth that’s built like a tank. Minimizing my gear to focus on music so this beautiful synth is ready to go to a new home.
Bright LCD upgrade
Tight knobs and buttons
37-keys with Aftertouch
Running latest OS update”

Pink 1999 Waldorf Microwave XT

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I usually see these in orange. Also see the Microwave manual here for an update. Apparently the original was just a typewriter / dot matrix type print out. You can find a link to it there.

ARP Quadra c 1980 original vintage analog poly-synth synthesizer

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“Original vintage c 1980 ARP Quadra analog poly synth in excellent playing condition. She’s just been FULLY serviced, recapped, refurbished, and future proofed, and is ready for another 40 years of flawless service. The Quadra was the queen of polys, and this one is easily the cleanest I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing.

Every function, membrane, switch, and key works

1981 EDP WASP SN 003779

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“Made in UK between 1978-1981, here we have an ORIGINAL Wasp synthesizer in great condition. Only 3,000 ever made, yet this one is serial number 003779….humm? Maybe one of the last to leave the hive? EDP (Electronic Dream Plant) were creators of some great products at the time; star item being the OSCar synth. Chris Hugget went on to become involved with Novation, who are

Waldorf Microwave User Manual

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“rare Waldorf manual

we believe this is the 1st iteration of the micro Wave

long since discontinued”

Interesting piece. I don’t think I’ve seen this one before. Note the top right has “For Steinberg MicroWave” written on it.

Paia Oz Model 3760 Keyboard Synthesizer

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“Paia Oz model 3760 Keyboard Synthesizer.In very nice condition however it is missing the tone blender that should be connected at the end of wire and front buckle doesn’t work. Unit powers on but does not work properly.”

SN 5061

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“This unit works and has all of the original factory presets loaded! It is so much fun to play and tweak sounds to taste, thus creating totally different sounds! Soaring leads, smooth pads and even atmospheric “movie soundtrack” sounds are just the beginning of the Prophet 5 synthesizer! I love preset #32, the iconic synth preset that the The Cars used in the ’80s! Please

ARP Quadra

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“ARP Quadra in very good shape, just checked and calibrated.”