Grp A4 Synthesizer

GRP A4 Noodle Published on Aug 16, 2019 Andromeda Music

“A quick noodle on the GRP A4 Synthesizer… It is a wonderful instrument that can be used completely stand alone. The sound is definitely “modern” analog and quite precise.

But it can get real mean as it’s easy to overdrive the dual filters. If that’s not enough, there are also separate distortion circuits for each should you wish to

ACL Sinfonion

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You can find demos in previous posts here.

ARP Axxe 2323 Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 0863

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“Lots of recent service. New fader kit installed from GMU synth company. CTS to PTL kit professionally built and installed. New keyboard bushings. Caps changed, the works. Works great, has some cosmetic blemishes from normal use.”

Roland TB 303 / TR 606 Blank Case & Decals

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Another one spotted and sent in via M Me.

Translated from the listing:

“The case was once planned for a RE 303 …. unfortunately I’m no longer there

The 303/606 case comes from a 606 – so no 3D printing and no TT303 housing.
I painted the part white – the new owner can still paint it.
The case is complete with battery flap and screws.

There is also an Aluminum Button

Ensoniq ISF-1 Sampling Filter Input Cart for the Mirage

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Never seen one of these before. Interesting that the Mirage is even capable of input via the cartridge slot. Found a pic of the inside of one here. Apparently the ISF-1 increases the Mirage sample rate to 50K and contains a 150db/octave roll off filter.

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

Vintage Sears Stereophonic Reverberator, Spring Reverb

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Not a synth, but thought it was worth capturing. You can find a handful of posts featuring Sears here.

Pic of the inside below.

Roland JD-800

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Roland Polyhonic 4CV System-100M 184 Synthesizer Keyboard 49 Key SN 040143

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External dimensions:
938 (W) x 235 (D) x 95 (H) mm

weight: 8.5kg

Univox JR-5 Analog Drum Machine SN 714029

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