Roland SH-101 Analog Synth + Mod Grip SN 308172

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“Roland SH-101 synthesizer with the manual, mod grip, service notes along with extra replacement pots and sliders.

The SH-101 is in excellent shape overall. There is a bit of rack rash on the bottom and a few scratches here and there, but none of the plastic is cracked and has held up fairly nicely. there are a few rough edges of plastic as well, but nothing that really is

Hyve Touch Synthesizer

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“This is a Hyve Touch Synthesizer designed by Skot Weidmann… The Hyve is a really cool, 60 oscillator, square wave analog synthesizer. It is really special sounding, as each note you play starts to fight for the listenable spectrum of sound, causing a really cool form of FM synthesis, giving a simple note a much more complex sound.”

Roland MKS-30 Planet S Analog Synth Module

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“The MKS-30 is a MIDI rack module version of the JX-3P with some enhancements. It is an analog synth with two DCO’s (digitallycontrolled oscillators) per voice, six voice polyphony, it responds to velocity, andhas 64 internal and 64 cartridge memory patches. The typicalassortment of analog filter, envelope, LFO and oscillator sections are herewith easy and straight-forward

Sonic Potions LXR Drum Synth in Metal Case with Trigger Out Board

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“Great sounding digital drum synth with the trigger board expansion and ericasynths metal case.
Green OLED display, and I’ve added the circuitry for both s-trig and v-trig on the trigger board with jumpers so you can switch between them should you ever need to.
Here’s a list of specs from the Sonic Potions site:
Cortex M4 based
6 voices (VA and FM)
7 sequencer tracks (extra

Waldorf Rack Attack • Drum Machine / FM Synthesizer Module SN

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“Oh, boy.. this is one heck of a synthesizer.

Basically it’s a full-blown Micro-Q (2×25 oscillators, 25 part multitimbral) with a built-in step sequencer, and all the samples that were in the Roland 808/909 synths (cymbals). [Per Waldorf: “The RackAttack’s virtual modeled circuitry synthesis is optimized for drums and percussion.”] So it’s capable of emulating all the classic

MOOG DFAM RARE Silver Moogfest Model SN 0004

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“This is #4 of the first DFAM units.

All functions & patch points have been tested. Sounds Great !!!

Look at the picture of the patch bay because some of the inputs are different than the current production models.

There are 2 mounting screws missing & the front right corner has a dent in the wood.”