Breakaway Vocalizer 1000 Voice Controlled Synthesizer w/ Smart Song Cartridge

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“RARE Breakaway Vocalizer 1000 Voice Controlled Synthesizer, smart song cartridge. Condition is Used. Comes with “Proud Business” smart songs cartridge. Tested and works. Microphone makes a rattling sound but still works properly. Also does not have cord to plug into the wall. I will include batteries.”

See the Breakaway label below for additional posts.

MS-20 Mini Limited-Edition White + Deck Saver

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Arturia Microbrute Transparent RED Special Edition

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“This is a Special Editon “Microbrute ReD”, it is not like all the others Ive seen on Reverb that are just painted solid red. Mine is transparent red, you can see all of the guts inside of the synth !! Mine is in MINT condition and comes with the original power supply. I misplaced the little patch cords, if I find them I will throw them in. trust me,it does amazing things even


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Custom Blue on White Roland JD-800 Synthesizer

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“Right now all the Leds are blue. The bender is a lighted bender. Will add some photos of it on. Customer decided to return in the middle of the project. Currently there is no sound coming from the output. But it turns on beautifully.”

Genoqs Nemo Midi Performance Sequencer

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“It has been updated with the latest Os, CE edition.

This updates it to twofold.
The tracks, pages and concurrent pages are doubled, 4 to 8.

As it has the same innards as the bigger brother octopus.”

Blue Lantern Salamander Synth – Fixed Modular Synth

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You can find a demo of the prototype with some pics here.

“Blue Lantern Salamander Synth – Fixed Modular Synth. Condition is Used.

3x Oscillators
Ring Modulator
Midi to CV converter
3x Attenuators
3x Mixer inputs
2x 3-way splitter
3x VCF – Ladder, Polivoks, OB12 analog filters
2x VCA
2x TADSR filters
2x LFO

Check out pictures to see fixed modules. This was an early Blue

Yamaha AN1x

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Plastic protective film over display which should peel right off. According to the listing: “Original owner. Has spent most of its life stored and unused. Virtually time machine condition. Still has plastic film over display and owner’s manual still unopened in original wrapping. Also comes with the Yamaha original factory power supply unit. Has a hard to notice scratch on the