Mutable Instruments Plaits Audulus Drum Machine

Published on Nov 25, 2018 audulus

“This video is a short demonstration of Audulus’ power to sequence the Mutable Instruments Plaits as if it were a drum machine using an Expert Sleepers ES-8.

Audulus sequences the CV changes for pitch and model to Plaits and triggers it in patterns.

You could do this with another hardware sequencer, but it would require at least 3 separate lanes to sequence

Dirty electronic blues for Monome MLR and Geoshred

Published on Sep 22, 2018 junklight

“Based around a rhythm sample from an Audulus patch I made but wanted to make something with the MLR so I could get to grips with it”

Sequencers & synths: polyend Seq into Audulus, Keystep into Nave, iPad , AUM

Published on Jun 17, 2018 junklight

“still working towards a live set. Audulus and the Seq is a great combination – three separate midi channels controlling three different voices – the top 4 lanes all feed into the same mono voice giving an ever evolving pattern…

the faders are controlling the Audulus patch

attempting to have less notes in my music too 🙂

Also I moved some stuff around

Audulus 3.5 for Mac Adds Hundreds of New Modules

“Audulus LLC is proud to announce the release of Audulus 3.5 for Mac. This update introduces a new wire highlighting feature and hundreds of new and improved modules.

Audulus 3.5 adds a new wire highlighting feature. When you click on a node or module, all of its output wires remain bright while all others are dimmed. This makes tracing connections much easier. You can highlight groups of

Audulus LLC Announces Audulus 3.5: New UI & iOS 11 Files Integration

iTunes: Audulus 3 – Audulus LLC

“Audulus LLC is proud to announce the latest and most significant update to Audulus 3 yet. Audulus 3.5 integrates the fast and convenient file management provided by iOS 11’s new file browser.

With a new streamlined patch browser, you can sort patches into folders, mark your favorites, and more easily share your creations with the world.

The Module Library now

Audulus 3.5 Brings New UI & iOS 11 Files Integration

Audulus LLC has released their biggest update yet for Audulus 3, their software modular for iOS, integrating new file management, expanding the library of example and support for portrait mode on the iPhone. … Read More Audulus 3.5 Brings New UI & iOS 11 Files Integration