Published on Sep 29, 2019 mishpult

“Støv is the norwegian word for “dust”. This is a dusty hip-hop pattern with the #elektron #digitakt, #bastl #thyme and #heat. There is a saw lfo from the Thyme which is assigned to the short delay parameter, resulting in a subtle glitchy background for the beat. The output is run through the Analog Heat with generous drive, low and high boost, some pseudo

TEST SERIES Verbos Electronics Complex and Harmonic Oscillator BASTL Thyme Eventide Space

Published on Sep 26, 2019 Outsider Sound Design

“Sound design experiments. This system has a Verbos Electronics Voltage Multistage, Complex, and Harmonic Oscillators. Make Noise LXD. 2hp Random, LFO, and Envelope. For effects a BASTL Instruments Thyme and Eventide Space.

The purpose of ‘TEST SERIES’ is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not

Stziopa x Bastl: Kompas

Published on Sep 26, 2019 Bastl Instruments

“Kompas is a three-coordinate probabilistic pattern navigator. Each coordinate has a unique travelling pace and a dedicated trigger output. The amount of probability can be adjusted manually or by external voltages. Once a coordinate has been adjusted, a new pattern is generated and looped until the next change of direction.

this tool is the outcome

Quick & Dirty Chopping w/ Microgranny 8-Bit Sampler

Published on Sep 24, 2019 The Daydream Sound

“A super easy way to chop your samples on the Bastl Microgranny with an external controller like an Arturia Keystep.”


Published on Sep 22, 2019 mishpult

“Another beat using my trusty #Digitakt #Bastl #Thyme and #Elektron #Heat”

“KASTLE V1.5”and“volca drum” DEMO Patching by Falcon-106

Published on Sep 20, 2019 K0MABA

“KASTLE V1.5”と“volca drum” をシンク接続し、パッチングして音を作ってみました。


Published on Sep 14, 2019 mishpult

“Quick noodle with #bastl #thyme and #digitakt. Sound effects ranging from comb filter, delays, bit reduction, flanging and distortion are provided by Thyme (great little box by the way) and the output is running through Analog Heat with generous drive applied.”


Published on Sep 9, 2019 mishpult

#Bastl #Thyme #Elektron #digitakt

JD-Xi + microGranny 2 German style

Published on Aug 18, 2019 SynthMania

“Some custom programs I made on the Roland JD-Xi, that cover some of the most classic Kraftwerk songs we all love. The Bastl microGranny 2 plays samples in a couple of the program patterns

00:11 Autobahn
01:09 Radioactivity
01:49 Antenna
02:32 Europe Endless
04:03 Trans-Europe Express
05:12 The Robots
06:36 The Model
07:57 Computer World
08:55 Pocket

Bastl Instruments KASTLE + BITRANGER + THYME Lo-Fi Square Wave Synth Jam #TTNM

Published on Aug 1, 2019 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

Jamming with my little Bastl Instruments Orchestra ^^