Roland introduces GO:PIANO88 Digital Piano with 88 full-size keys & natural sound

Roland GO PIANO88

Roland has announced the GO:PIANO88, a new addition to the lineup of fun and innovative GO-series instruments and devices. Offering 88 full-size keys and natural sound derived from Roland’s premium digital pianos in a portable cabinet, the affordable GO:PIANO88 provides a solid foundation that’s ready to support years of musical growth and playing enjoyment. With […]

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RØDE introduces RØDECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio

Rodecaster Pro

RØDE Microphones has announced the RØDECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio, the world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio. The RØDECaster™ Pro will change the face of the fastest-growing segment in the media industry – podcasting. Now, everyone with a dream to create professional-quality podcasts will be able to do so seamlessly with this new and […]

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Audio-Technica intros ATH-M50xBT wireless over-ear headphones

Audio-Technica ATH_M50xBT

Audio-Technica has announced the introduction of its ATH-M50xBT wireless over-ear headphones, which bring Bluetooth wireless technology to one of the world’s most acclaimed pro audio and consumer headphones. “Although our M-Series models were originally designed as professional studio monitor headphones, they’ve crossed over into the consumer market to the extent that they’ve become a favorite […]

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Roland introduces LX700 Digital Piano Series & Piano Every Day app

Roland LX700 seriesRoland has announced the new LX700 series, which aims to recreate the experience of playing a beautiful grand piano at a world-class venue. The flagship LX708, mid-range LX706, and entry-level LX705 all deliver superior performance for the discerning player, with innovations in sound generation, keyboard action, ambience modeling, and design. Unlike typical digital pianos, which […]

Roland’s latest keytar is more 80s than ever: AX-Edge

“Shoulder synthesizer”? “Strap-on keyboard?” No, Roland is calling their latest keytar a keytar – and giving into 80s retro vibes. And it’s a vocoder. And… you might kinda want one.

Roland says the new AX-Edge is built on “decades of refinement and input from artists around the world.” Apparently, that “refinement” came when the keytarists said: “give it blades.” “All black keys.” “I want to look like I could play in Jem and the Misfits.” “Please stop calling it a strap-on. It’s a keytar. That sounds really dirty.”

Well, who are we to argue with any of that?

The AX-Edge comes in red and black or white. What’s onboard:
49 keys with velocity and channel aftertouch
Bluetooth MIDI wireless connections – which even allows wireless use of the editor
MIDI DIN in and out
USB and a USB-B slot for a memory stick
Mic input
Stereo out
Headphone out
The paddle-style modulation bar, plus a touch strip (both of those designed to be accessible under your thumb)
One assignable control knob, next to the volume knob (though that one looks tricky to reach)
More sounds: lead, bass, poly, pad, brass, keys, “other”, FX
Vocoder sounds (you knew that mic input was for something, right?)
Performance controls, which Roland says are easy to reach: portamento, hold, octave, and program change buttons, plus 7 assignable buttons
Effects: EQ (per part), 79 types of per-part multi-effects, chorus (8 types), reverb (6 types), master compressor, master EQ

The sound engine is divided into 4 parts + the vocoder part.

You can also “favorite” sounds. And there are more performance features: an arpeggiator (thank you), two displays for more visual feedback, and a song mode with backing tracks.

Roland promises four hours of mobile playing time on Ni-MH batteries, or you can tether to power with an AC adaptor.

This is a pretty similar arrangement to the previous AX-Synth, so I’ll need to talk to Roland to find out what exactly has changed. The obvious omission: the D-Beam wireless controller. But that was awkward to use on a keytar, since it was designed to be aimed up from a keyboard in front of you on a stand, and you still get control modulation.

Clever placement of buttons under your fingers on the neck, in combination with the existing paddle and ribbon controller plus a lot of additional assignable buttons and one assignable knob, open up more serious performance options. The engine promises to back that up, too.

Other than that, on specs: the AX-Edge has roughly twice the number of sound presets, presumably using a more up-to-date Roland engine, and a whole bumper crop of effects you can apply to each part. That suggests there’s way more horsepower under the hood. The AX-Edge has also gotten ever so slightly heavier – 4.2 kg instead of 3.9 kg – and has shifted its dimensions around if in roughly the same space.

But mostly what I notice is, this looks a hell of a lot better. It at least embraces the ridiculousness of a keytar with something that looks badass. And that’s what’s likely to make it move better in stores, whereas the AX-Synth looked weirdly toy-like for a product with a four-figure price tag.

For an added gimmick, you can swap out different-colored blades to customize the appearance. (The white comes with gold, the black with silver, and you can customize blades.)

Normally at this point, people start griping in comments about how most people will look horribly dorky playing a keytar, which is true, but you’ll look horribly dorky playing anything unless you clean up your appearance and practice your chops, so there’s that.

We’ll keep an eye out for price (critical), and some details on sound engine.

But if this is affordable and sounds great and looks as good in person, you might have to start an electro band.


Oh dear. Yes, this is happening.

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TASCAM intros Model 24 Digital Multitrack Recorder

TASCAM Model 24TASCAM has announced a new versatile digital multitrack recorder for studio and live applications. Model 24 offers 24 tracks of 24-bit, 48 kHz audio capture (22 channels and a stereo main mix) and 22 playback tracks via either USB 2.0 or to the unit’s onboard SD Card recorder. The SD Card recorder offers quick, easy […]

CL 2 Planar – RHAs superhochauflösende kabellose Ohrhörer

RHA CL2 Planar

Planar ist das Stichwort für RHA, eine Technik die neu, aufwendig und anders ist als die bisheriger Kopfhörer. Deshalb sollen sie auch als In-Ear-System denkbar sein und eben ohne Kabel per Bluetooth Verbindung zum Heimgerät finden.

Ab 800 Euro und Mitte September lieferbar sollen die CL2 Planar sein und sind damit sicher weder billig noch massenmarkttauglich zu nennen. Wer so etwas kauft, muss einen Grund haben diese Summe auszugeben, ohne dass nur ein Apfel auf etwas klebt. Aber was bei Monitoren die Auflösung ist, wird auch hier verbessert, nämlich die Impulsfähigkeit.

Technik der CL2 Planar

Technisch gesehen wechselt man die Spule, welche die Membran bewegt, gegen ein anderes System aus. Dieses System ist plan, also flach und offenbar eher komplex in diese Größe zu bringen. Dadurch sollen Verzerrung und die Auflösung immens vergrößert werden. Ich habe dies nicht selbst hören können, weshalb dies zunächst Versprechen einer Website sind. Die Essenz dieser Technik ist oder sind parallele Magnetfelder. Die Spule hat die Form einer Helix, sie ist also nicht „rund“, und das Gegenstück ist der einer Blendenoptik vergleichbar. Höhen und Dynamik profitieren durch diese rein mechanische Änderung. Es gibt also keinen Computer oder DSP-Optimierung.

Nicht nur Blauzahn …

Das Gehäuse ist offenbar gegen Hitze und mechanische Einwirkung gut geschützt und es gibt eine Art kleines Set dazu, auch ein sogenanntes 12h-Halteband und eine Vorrichtung, um trotzdem auch eine 3,5mm-Miniklinken-Verbindung herzustellen. So kann man dann auch ohne eine Bluetooth-Verbindung hören und ausprobieren.

Die Vorbestellung ist bis zum 12.September 2018 möglich, ab da soll er dann regulär verfügbar sein und knapp 800 Euro kosten mit dem Zubehör, welches man auf der Site genauer beschrieben findet. Wir sollten davon ausgehen, dass die Bezeichnung 12-Hour-Tragegurt auch bedeutet, er das Tragen für 12 Stunden angenehm macht und dass eine Ladung 12 Stunden hält.


Mehr zu dem System gibt es auf der RHA Website

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