Synths With Pedals – YAMAHA SK15 | JOYO, BOSS, TC, ENO Pedals – (No Talking)

Published on Mar 13, 2019 Learson Peak

“Let’s see if the YAMAHA SK15 plays well with others. I did an experimental session with the following pedals:

JOYO American Sound
JOYO British Sound
Boss Flanger
TC Flashback 2 Delay
ENO EX Reverb

– Flashback 2 is set with a TonePrint I made using the TC app. Dotted 8th and 16th with chorus, eq, and modulation, & Tap Tempo”

Roland SH-101 and BOSS DR-110 Jam 1

Published on Mar 10, 2019 synthlegends

“Effects: Korg DW-8000 delay, BOSS CE-2, Strymon Big Sky (SH-101); Gem EQ550 plug in (DR-110)”


Roland SH-101 and BOSS DR-110 jam 2

I Wonder (Improv Pro2 and RC505)

Published on Mar 9, 2019 jenamu6

“Live looping on DSI Pro2 and RC505”

MIDX-20 Update Firmware – With Boss GP-10 – PLUS Korg Arp Odyssey Reissue

Published on Feb 26, 2019 WayneJoness

“Details on how to upgrade the Primova Sound MIDX-20 to install the MIDI Bridge for the Boss GT-1 and Boss GP-10. These steps will also work for the Fender Mustang V2 and others.”

Demo with the KORG Odyssey at 2:33.

Casio VL tone trig in !

Published on Feb 18, 2019 lo fidgerald

“Better solder to the right onekeypley button”

Boss DR-220A Drum Machine | Punchy and excellent

Published on Feb 1, 2019 Espen Kraft

“The small, but punchy Boss Dr.Rhythm 220A drum machine from 1985. Great value for money!
A quick overview and tutorial on how to use it after the demo track.

Tutorial and review starts at 03:04

The two Boss drum machines Dr. 220A and Dr. 220E were produced between 1985 and 1987. The TR-505 is a gloryfied 220A, but in reality the 220A is more punchy than

Kalimba with ARP 2600 and Magneto in loop mode

Published on Jan 29, 2019 therudyrude

“I’m using Strymon Magneto in looping mode plus the RC-505 to capture them loops.Also using the Soma Lyra-8 in the Strymon BigSKy.
Mutable Instruments Plaits adds oscillators to the 2600”

Daft Punk | Rollin’ & Scratchin’ Synth Tutorial

Published on Jan 20, 2019 Alex Ball

“As requested by a dozen or more people, here’s the Rollin’ & Scratchin’ synth tutorial.

Ideally you’d have a 1984 Juno-106, as it has fully implemented midi control, but I’m using the 1982 Juno-6 as that’s what I have. The workaround is that I had to use the arpeggiator with external triggers for the opening bit of the video.

The other part of the sound is

Prisma Sounds releases Dr.UMS Boss DR-550 instrument + Lite Freebie

Prisma Sounds DrUSM

Prisma Sounds has launched Dr.UMS, a virtual drum instrument library for Kontakt featuring the sounds of the Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-550 drum machine. Prisma Sounds Dr.UMS was made sampling each kit piece from the original DR-550 at 24-bit, whose accent control is mapped to velocity. It comprehends two instruments: one where the sounds are laid […]

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