Barry Schrader CalArts Farewell Concert Live Now!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

The live stream from ROD Webcast. This is happening at CalArts right now.

Buchla 2040 – Vedic Scapes – Emu Filter module – test 1

Published on Sep 26, 2015 DJjondent

“A bit of testing for a DIY Buchla format module.
The audio source is a vintage Buchla 144.
The 2040 uses a SSM 2040 filter chip.
For more info:

VedicScapes (Sorry for the misspelling on the video):

“The top is a clone of the LP filter from the Emu Systems Audity Synth and


Published on Sep 25, 2015 Zaws

“take with suonoio, music easel, moog, luminists(folktek) and overdub kick moog”

We haven’s seen the SuONOIO in a while. For those not familiar with it, it was a mini patchable sound machine synth circuit board from NIN’s Alessandro Cortini and The Harvestman.

Barry Schrader CalArts Farewell Concert This Saturday!

This is just a quick a reminder that Barry Schrader’s CalArts Farewell Concert is this Saturday in Valencia, CA. You can find the previous post with details on the event here.  Remember you can also listen in online.

Be sure to check out the beginning of my interview with Barry Schrader posted here.

Todd Barton’s Ancient Krell patch

Published on Sep 23, 2015 Stephen Drake

“So I built a 208r, version 2. It’s a clone of the original version of the Buchla Music Easel, the top sound producing part. After much troubleshooting it now seems to be fully working, except for some minor calibration things which I haven’t gotten around to. And I don’t have a proper enclosure for it yet. While I have a 218e controller for it, it’s not


Published on Sep 21, 2015 The Phantom Wave

“a new track for my upcoming first EP, I’ve recorded this session LIVE then I’m chopping parts to create a larger track from this.

Gear list:
KORG ESX1 + Moog voyager + Buchla 200e + Teenage Engineering OP1”

EMS Synthi E ven in the odd 14/16

Published on Sep 18, 2015 Ebotronix

EMS Synthi E
Buchla System #1
FX: Boogie V Twin, Soldano SP 77 mk 2
Lexicon MPX 100, PCM 80 / 90, TC M one XL
Rane SM 26, Rocktron Rack Interface², Model 311
Maestro Ringmodulator
Make Noise Format Jumper
Moog CP 251
Sherman Filterbank 2
Yamaha MCS 2
Kenton Pro 2000
mackie the mixer²
odd time 14/16
vid # 1385



Additional pics

“Hello, I’m selling my 5 year old Buchla 200e system + manual + custom roadcase + cables. This system also contains the firmware chips that came with the modules. It was purchased as a complete system, and kept solely in a smoke-free studio environment. Unit is mint condition, functionally and cosmetically. The roadcase has some wear since it