EX​-​NIHILO – Buchla Music Easel Release by Todd Barton

EX-NIHILO by Todd Barton, Federico Placidi

via Todd Barton

“I’m very proud and excited to announce the release of my latest CD, Ex Nihilo, in conjunction with my friend, Federico Palcidi from Rome, Italy.

The first half of the CD is my suite, ‘Cosmic Fragments’ and the second half a suite by Federico, ‘Dal Niente…’

All compositions were created with the Buchla Music Easel either as a solo

252e Buchla Polyphonic Rhythm Generator

At the 2015 NAMM Show, Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments introduced the 252e Buchla Polyphonic Rhythm Generator.  The 252e Buchla Polyphonic Rhythm Generator is a high-end polyphonic, polyrhthmic, polymetric step sequencer. The interface features 11 concentric rings, each with their own ability to … Continue reading

Charles Seeholzer at BEMI Showing the New Buchla 252e Polyphonic Rhythm Generator

Uploaded on Jan 24, 2015 matrixsynth

Two quick videos and a pic of the New Buchla 252e Polyphonic Rhythm Generator in via Todd Barton.

Todd Barton with Buchla Easel AUX Expander and Easel iProgram Card at NAMM

“The Aux Card offers a noise source that can be variably filtered from full-spectrum White noise down to sub-audio ‘Infra-Red’ CVs. The auxiliary control oscillator allows the Modulation Oscillator to assume audio duties and can be used as the modulation source for a variety of uses. It can even be modulated itself. An A-440 reference allows quick tuning of your Easel with the flick of a switch.

NAMM2015 Buchla Mini Systems

Tweet Now introducing the new Buchla Mini Systems! Available soon from http://www.analoguezone.com/ http://www.analoguezone.com/internati… LET’S CONNECT! Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+Analoguezone/ Facebook ► http://facebook.com/analoguezonehungary Twitter ► http://twitter.com/analoguezone AnalogueZone ► http://www.analoguezone.com

eight synth stepper

Published on Jan 19, 2015 Ebotronix

Arp Odyssey 2811, 2821
Buchla System #1
Moog Taurus 2, Voyager, B Murf, CP251, MP201, VF351
Oberheim Sem
Roland EF303, SVC 350, System 101,102
Kenton Pro 2000
Knas Ekdahl the Moisturizer
Mackie the mixer²
Rane SP 26
SPL Gold Mice
Shure SM 58
FX Boss VF 01, Lexicon PCM 80 / 90
+~ –
EF 303 steps (track#1)
Voyager step 1,9 kick (5,13, track#2 noise)
Sem step

VSM Sunday Synthesizer School [EML vs Buchla]

Published on Jan 18, 2015 Vintage Synthesizer Museum

“Al Spitzley, of exfade fame, came by the museum today to help us with our oscilloscope. Lucky for us, Al brought his son Cale, who loves synthesizers.
You can see Al’s wonderful work with electronics at his website here:

Bentley Rhythm Ace Drum – Sync mod

Published on Jan 17, 2015 DJjondent

“This is basically a test video for a clock/sync mod for a Bentley Rhythm Ace / Roland TR 77 drum.
Here is my previous post with the mod details:

We are testing the drum using a combination of modules: lots of Buchla for the background sounds but the actual drum is triggered from a