Easel Loop Exploration Explaination

Published on Nov 20, 2018 Todd Barton

“A little improvisation followed by an explanation of the patch at 4’30”.

A Gaggle of Easel

Published on Nov 17, 2018 Todd Barton

“an exploration . . .”

A Short Walk

Published on Nov 12, 2018 UncertainMusicCorps

“A little stroll for a self-playing, Easel feedback patch with added ring mod goodness.

Recorded direct to camera with no external FX, EQ or post-processing.”

Soma Pipe and Buchla and Prophet X and Elektron and Op-1

Published on Nov 11, 2018 therudyrude

October Buchla Easel Improvisation

Published on Nov 11, 2018 AutomaticGainsay

“When testing Buchla Easels, I often come up with musical outcomes that I record. This is one. This recording was improvised in realtime on a Buchla Easel.

I have assembled a film narrative out of pieces of an old Raytheon promotional film.”

SYNTH TIPS: How to patch a resonant low pass filter with Buchla 200e modules

Published on Nov 10, 2018 La Belle Aurore

“In this tutorial we show how to patch a Moog-style resonant low pass filter using Buchla 200e modules.”

Just the Sputnik 289 in a Buchla modular synthesizer

Published on Nov 9, 2018 Ritchie DeCarlo

“Top section is the YuVerb
Bottom is the Classic FM Osc”

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Tides: Music For Meditation And Yoga on the Buchla Music Easel

Published on Nov 9, 2018 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Pre-Order Now http://www.touchtheplants.com
LP Shipping late December
Worldwide Digital January 11th


Recorded in 2013,Tides is a glimpse into the early phase of what has become Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s signature approach to electronic music. Composed and played on a Buchla Music Easel––the modular synthesizer that gives Smith’s music its

Buchla 25S Analogue Waveform Generator

via this auction

“Essentially this module is a Buchla 259 which has been condensed into a 1-panel width module (some of the vintage circuit design has been condensed/modernized). This build does use original Excelitas vactrols where they are called for, all parts are to spec as per the Electricmusicstore BOM

Sounds a bit like a 259r, a bit like a 261e… Very flexible and a huge range of