A Buchla Music Easel Cake for Alessandro Cortini

How cool is that!

“It tasted as good as it looked. Thank you Chubby Cheek Cakes! Photos by Dave Tada”

via Emilie, sent my way via Alessandro Cortini who claims to now be vintage at age 40. Vintage but never old!

Happy birthday Alessandro! :)

Easel Ambient Palette Patch Three

Published on May 24, 2016 Todd Barton

“The third and probably final patch in this series. Be sure to checkout the first patch video for context and orientation [you can find all parts here]

I’m now turning my attention to my blog where there will be additional information on these patches in a few days:
http://toddbarton.com/category/buchla… and finally, for a better audio version of the

Buchla Easel Variation 3

Published on May 21, 2016 DJjondent

“Some easel exercises & experiments. A homage to A.C.
A simple but quite beautiful tune.
Sorry for the distortion in the audio. My sound cards playing up a bit.
This sounds heaps better live.

The sequencer isn’t patched in this instance,
All the heavy lifting is being done by the envelope generator.”

Homage Cortini by Todd Barton

“while preparing for an upcoming skype tutorial on using the Buchla Music Easel for creating live ambient tracks, I developed this patch, which reminded me of one of my synth heroes, Alessandro Cortini — I always come back to listening to his work with delight. Hail Cortini!!”

Buchla style DIY Quad resonant LPG

Published on May 19, 2016 sergioavia

“Buchla style DIY Quad resonant low pass gate, model 292c with resonance mode.”

I believe the 292c was original by Thomas White. If anyone knows otherwise, please leave a comment.

Todd at Control 5 4 16

Published on May 13, 2016 Todd Barton

“Thanks to Darren at Control in Brooklyn for video taping (and streaming that night)! Here is the full talk/demo/improv. I will also post separately just the improv section for those just wanting to see that. Thanks again to everyone that made this possible!!”

todd at control guided improv

Published on May 13, 2016

This is just the ‘guided improv’