Deep Forest Ft. Oyme – Oyme’s Song (EVO DEVO)

Published on Nov 23, 2015 Deep Forest


Buchla & eurorack modular, Waldorf Wave, Alesis Andromeda A6 & more synth spotting.

Another Music Easel – Transformer to Guitar Pedal test

Published on Nov 18, 2015 peff .com

“Buchla Music Easel via marinair transformer into moog delay and strymon reverb. I can see why some people get the itch to wind their own transformers.”

Nov 17th 200r DIY Buchla Improv

Published on Nov 17, 2015 djangosfire

“Experimenting with a 259r output fed through a 277r back into itself in this delayed feedback FM style patch.

Many aspects of the timbre control via 218r touch interface.

All sounds from my DIY Buchla 200r system.

Thank you for checking out my experiments!

– Djangosfire”

Custom Buchla Easel Clone & Cabinet


“I have been working on finishing my Buchla Easel analogue modular synth the last couple of months. That included designing a custom cabinet to house the modules. My ‘Easelesque’ instrument contains 3 modules: the Buchla 208 Music Easel, the Buchla 216 Touch Controlled Voltage Source and the Buchla 277 Signal Delay Unit. All these modules are clones of the original Buchla 200

Something’s Coming

Something’s Coming from Bright Sparks on Vimeo.
New synthesizer documentary? Some amazing synth spotting in this one.

Baby Buchla doing Double Bass and Drums

Baby Buchla doing Double Bass and Drums from Cobramatic on Vimeo.

“Small 6 Panel Buchla system with Oberkorn Sequencer and Octatrack
Jam highlighting the 267e -great for a small system- with noise, filters and random voltages in one panel – doing most of the drum sounds. The 259e is doing the double bass type sound.
The random voltages vary the filter band pass and centre frequency to create

NSWaves presents Alessandro Cortini 04.03.14. Cobramatic Live Video Synthesis, Sydney.

NSWaves presents Alessandro Cortini 04.03.14. Cobramatic Live Video Synthesis, Sydney. from Cobramatic on Vimeo.

Note this performance was from 2014. Somehow missed this one. The shorter version was previously posted here.

“Alessandro Cortini, live at the ‘New Sound Waves’ performance at 107 Projects, Redfern, Sydney, Australia 04.03.14
Playing a Buchla Easel with Strymon pedals – Scappa,