The Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio

This one in via MATRIXSYNTH Member, Ross Healy of Vicmod Records. You’ll find the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio or MESS website here.

“Based in Melbourne Australia, MESS is a unique not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the creation of electronic sound and music founded by Robin Fox and Byron J Scullin.

The heart of MESS is the MESS Studio, a fully functioning sound production workshop

Buchla 250e Dual Arbitrary Function Generator In-Depth Demo

This video, by Adam Clark, is a hands-on demo of the Buchla 250e Arbitrary Function Generator – one of the most powerful hardware step sequencers ever created.  Topics covered: 0:00 – Intro/Stage Array/Loops 2:28 – Time Section 4:59 – MIDI 6:06 … Continue reading

Sounds in the works. Buchla 200 series, model 151

Published on Apr 20, 2016 Alessandro Cortini

“One take,one instrument, one obtuse way of working.”