KORG DS-10: Orbit – Anthony Seeha

Published on Oct 22, 2019 Anthony Seeha

“I wrote this song back in 2009-2010 and I polished it up last year for the release of ONE DECADE OF DS-10, a collaboration album of DS-10 users to celebrate 10 years of this awesome little synthesizer. Please enjoy!! =)”

Spotted this one on discchord.

Analogue Pocket A Sexy Retro Game Player + Chiptune Sequencer (Sneak Preview)

Analogue Pocket is a new multi-video-game-system portable handheld, with a built-in chiptune synthesizer and sequencer.… Read More Analogue Pocket A Sexy Retro Game Player + Chiptune Sequencer (Sneak Preview)

Analogue Pocket – New Open Source Nintendo Gameboy w/ Nanoloop

Uploaded on Oct 16, 2019 Analogue Pocket Nanoloop Demos

via Analogue Pocket

“Pocket has a digital audio workstation built in called Nanoloop. It’s a synthesizer and a sequencer. Designed for music creation and live performance. Shape, stretch and morph sounds. Capture music or play and sculpt live.

Head over to www.analogue.co for more details on Analogue Pocket and Nanoloop.

*Video and

Plogue Chipsynth MD Demo (Sega Genesis Synth)

Published on Oct 3, 2019 once upon a synth

“This is a demo of some presets from the Plogue Chipsynth MD plugin which emulates the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) FM synth. It also includes some built-in effects.”

Plogue Chipsynth

Gameboy Triple Oscillator Synthesizer Reborn Rennovation

Published on Oct 1, 2019 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

“The #Nintendo #Gameboy Triple Oscillator the mad #Retro #Synthesizer was one of the first projects i built. but for the last 2 years it hasnt been functioning. so i decided to make a change to that.”


Immerse yourself in a world of grainy 80s nostalgia with Retro Gaming Bundle

PIB Retro Gaming Bundle

Plugin Boutique has launched a new Exclusive Bundles+ series collection of plugins and sound packs with the Retro Gaming Bundle, featuring everything from synths to 8-bit fx so that you have everything you need to start including the iconic sounds of your favorite vintage gaming consoles into your audio production. The bundle includes Inphonik’s RYM2612 […]

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Teenage Engineering OP-Z v Roland MC-101

Published on Sep 22, 2019 Matt Craven

“OP-Z and MC-101 go head-to-head in a battle.

I have been a huge fan of the OP-Z since launch and it keeps on getting better with firmware updates, but I am also a huge fan of those legendary Roland synth and drum sounds.

I sequenced Inspector Norse by Todd Terje on both for comparison.”


Teenage Engineering OP-Z & Roland MC-101 Tag Team

Red Canyon (F-Zero SNES) music remastered on 90s pro. synthesizer

Published on Sep 8, 2019 Panorama as a circle

“Red Canyon (F-Zero SNE Super Nintendo) music OST remastered remix on 90s professional synthesizer Roland JV-1010 / JV-1080.”

Panorama as a circle

TEST SERIES ALM Busy Circuits ALM012: Sid Guts Deluxe Eurorack SID Chip Sound Design

Published on Sep 5, 2019 Outsider Sound Design

“Trying out the ALM Sid Guts Deluxe.

The purpose of ‘TEST SERIES’ is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
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Sonic The Hedgehog 3 – Hydrocity Zone Act 1 on Moog Sub37

Premiered 12 minutes ago Luca Di Gennaro

“Split screen cover of ‘Hydrocity Zone Act 1’ by Michael Jackson and Brad Buxer from Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (© 1994 SEGA) just with a Moog Sub 37 and Logic Pro X drums.

Keyboard: Moog Sub 37
Midi drums: SoCal (Logic Pro X)”