Plughugger releases Toys After Dark for Omnisphere, circuit-bent toys & musical instruments

Plughugger Toys After Dark for Omnisphere

Plughugger has announced the release of its latest Omnisphere sound library Toys After Dark, a collection of over 230 sounds based on circuit-bent toys and musical instruments, such as math toys, old Casio keyboards and talking toys such as the Furby. Omnisphere 2 comes pre-loaded with an extensive library of circuit-bent sounds and Plughugger went […]

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Circuit Bent Kids Toy Meets Elektron Analog Heat

Published on Jan 7, 2019 Nostalgic Ruckus

“Plugging this kid’s toy into the Elektron Analog Heat. Lot’s of sound design capabilities. It’s a circuit bent Talking Teacher from 1985 by Patrick Gill aka Waterhed. Basic delay and reverb are added from the Analog Four MKI.”

Exploring X1L3 SHARD w/ Elektron Machine Drum

Published on Jan 1, 2019 Nostalgic Ruckus

“This is SHARD. Oh my… I’m using a kick from the Machine Drum and plugging it into Shard’s input. The creator Shane Williams aka X1L3 is known for his rather crazy circuit bent devices. I’m sure a lot of his past circuit bent work has inspired this. You get a very similar vibe when messing around with a circuit bent Casio or opening up some old 80s toy

X1L3 – circuit bent casio SA-46 – power electronics and harsh noise

Published on Dec 28, 2018 X1L3

“20 minute PE set to check out the noise potential. Probably a bit long and drawn out in terms of demo material, but if you’re into this stuff you’re probably used to full C60 outings etc. Transition from navicon torture technologies type drone to an escallation into noise at 7.10. If you hate this sort of stuff i probably already know this and the sun will still

X1L3 – circuit bent Casio SA-46 – The Void

Published on Dec 27, 2018 X1L3

“Setting a scene in a melodic set using the midi retrofit and a couple of presets through filter and delay. Backing and percussion generated in the DAW. A proof of concept machine – the panels are homebrew matt blacked FR4 with legend scratched on. The real deal will be the usual screen printed pro affair.

Where to get and what’s in there below:

Fitted with a


Published on Dec 24, 2018 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

“Circuit bent santa? a capacitive touch tree?? a capacitive touch train set? yeah yeahh this was a lovely christmas! one of the first videos i ever did, then its furbies rendition of gaudete and then an exerpt from last months 20 minute long Live Modular Megamix to finish it all off!!

yeah yeah i ran outa time to do a crimbo vid this year! so you

Circuit Bent ET Journey From The Green Planet

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Bogus Noise

“Modded to add pitch control and two LFOs for pitch modulation and last phrase retrigger.

Added Features:

Pitch Knob
Pitch LFO Rate
Pitch LFO Shape
Pitch LFO Depth
Retrigger LFO Rate
LFO Indicator LEDs and On/Off Switches
1/4″ Mono Output Jack”

Bogus Noise on eBay

Circuit Bent VTech Talking Computer

Published on Dec 20, 2018 Bogus Noise

“A variant on this toy, no distortions but all the glitches!

Added Features

Pitch Control
4 Glitch Trigger Buttons
12 Way Glitch Base Selector Rotary Switch
On/Off Switch & LED
1/4″ Jack Output Socket”

Bogus Noise on eBay

X1L3 – DDX – circuit bent yamaha DD8 drum machine

Published on Dec 19, 2018 X1L3

“Intricate circuit bending and a midi retrofit of a Yamaha DD8 drum machine. Where to get and all about below.

Dwelling in melancholy and wearing the influence on both sleeves (NIN – the fragile)……

Midi trigs coming in from the DAW and CV for pitch and filter cutoff coming in from a yarns midi to cv moduile in the euro rig which is also slaved to the DAW.

X1L3 – DDX – circuit bent yamaha DD7 drum machine

Published on Oct 19, 2018 X1L3

“Intricate circuit bending techniques and another DDX demo. A DD7 in this instance. What and where in the description below.

A varied set starting out in the dark with some sludge laden ram glitch. Slow and obsessively tweaked on the filter and pitch to really let what the ddx can do in abstract percussive forms shine through. It then moves on to a more driven