PSP VintageWarmer2 compressor/limiter plugin 53% OFF

PSP VintageWarmer Flash SalePlugin Boutique has announced a flash sale on PSP VintageWarmer2, offering over 50% off on the legendary analog-style compressor/limiter effect plugin. VintageWarmer2 combines rich, warm analog processing with a straightforward user interface, and comes with a comprehensive library of presets. The plug-in processor is highly flexible and can be used for both softknee compression and […]

Klanghelm updates DC8C and DC1A compressor plugins to V3

Klanghelm DC8C 3Klanghelm has announced the release of major overhauls of its DC8C and DC1A compressor effect plugins. DC8C 3 now includes GUI resizing, AGC, a proper preset browser, linear phase oversampling filters, optional peak metering, an optional soft clipper at the output and more. DC8C is one of the most flexible compressors around. While making a […]

Softube releases Weiss Compressor/Limiter plugin

Softube Weiss Compressor LimiterSoftube hsa released the Weiss Compressor/Limiter, a compressor/limiter effect plugin that aims squarely at the body of your sound. The name Weiss is synonymous with quality in mastering, and a truly exceptional compressor/limiter is essential to any serious mastering engineer. The Weiss DS1-MK3 digital dynamics processor is the top-of-the-line go-to for a huge proportion of […]

Kilohearts launches 6 new Snapin plugin bundles with up to 20% OFF

Kilohearts Snapin BundlesKilohearts has launched new bundles that offer discounts of up to 20% off on snapin audio plugins. Snapins are regular effects that also work as modules in our Snapin Hosts. They are light-weight, but powerful, plugins that present you with the important settings in a no-nonsense way. Every setting and component is clearly documented so […]

VCL-373 vintage compressor/limiter plugin by Fuse Audio Labs released

Fuse Audio Labs VCL-373Fuse Audio Labs has announced the release of VCL-373, a recreation of an early 60s broadcasting compressor. The plugin includes a faithful emulation of the audio circuitry and adds some convenient features in the digital domain. The VCL-373 is a recreation of an early 60s broadcasting limiter/compressor that eventually found its way into many mastering […]

Save up to 60% off Softube plugins & bundles for limited time

Softube sale up to 60 offPlugin Boutique has launched a sale on Softube, offering discounts of up to 60% off on its plugins and bundles. Softube award winning plug-ins are the products of partnerships with great hardware manufacturers, such as Solid State Logic, Abbey Road Studios, Trident Audio Developments, Valley People, Tube-Tech, Summit Audio and Tonelux Designs. Save money with […]

Sample Magic Boost Pro effect plugin 50% OFF in flash sale

Sample Magic Boost Pro 50 offPlugin Boutique has launched a sale on Boost Pro by Sample Magic, a simple, powerful, audio processing plugin with a host of advanced features and concise macro knobs for easy use. Boost Pro is an all-in-one audio finalising utility with six independent effects each utilising advanced, automatable, parameter control. Every effect module has a mid/side […]

Accusonus launches Beatformer all-in-one beat sculpting plugin

Accusonus Beatformer.pngAccusonus has released Beatformer, a beat sculpting plugin that allows you to effortlessly shape the sound of your beats with 4 intuitive controls. Beatformer features four knobs (Boom, Punch, Squash and Air) that control more than a dozen Digital Signal Processing algorithms in the background. Contrary to conventional processors, the plug-in’s design is focused on […]

5db5 launches plugin bundle (dynamics, transients, saturation)

5dB5 T-COMP5dB5 has launched the a collection of simple audio effect plugins for Windows and Mac. The 5dB5 Bundle comprises four easy to use zero latency tools that offer a simplified workflow, reducing distraction and keeping you focused on what you’re hearing. The bundle includes: K-MOR transient enhancer/eq hybrid. D-REZ dynamic resonance remover. T-COMP transient retaining […]

Save over 70% off McDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor plugin this weekend

PIB McDSP SA 2 Dialog Processor 70 offPlugin Boutique has launched a 3-day flash sale on McDSP’s SA-2 Dialog Processor, an effect plugin based on hardware originally conceived by Academy Award winning re-recording mixer Mike Minkler and used on over 100 major motion pictures. The SA-2 is designed to improve the overall sound of recorded speech. But the SA-2 is not just […]