End Times Modular COVID-19 Support Benefit

via End Times Modular

“From now until April 1st we will donate $50 for every Lo-Five module sold to the Beloved Asheville covid-19 community response fund. Plus you get 10% off the purchase. Thank you for supporting us and our community here in Asheville North Carolina.

You can find the discount on End Times Modular’s Reverb shop here.

Details on the End Times Modular Lo-Five Analog Clap

Absolutely no social distancing from these guys.

Published on Mar 26, 2020 Rafael Carrasquillo

“The boys in the band get together to test themselves interacting with each other, after being in storage for over six months. They all seem to be working well. More to come. Be safe n sound.”

Social Distancing?

A little synth meme, synth humor in via Thesis Audio. The cat’s face expression makes it. Just look at it.


Published on Mar 24, 2020 UVI

Here’s a flashback. Just posted today by UVI https://www.uvi.net. It’s crazy how distant NAMM feels now.

“Enjoy some good vibes with some of our favorite moments from NAMM 2020!
Thanks to all the amazing people who came through, said hello, and shared their experiences with us. We can’t wait to see you again next year.

Video Credits: Anthony Hak
Music Credits:

Shelter in Place (TX Wiggles 56)

Published on Mar 24, 2020 poorness studios

“Since we’re all homebound, I started trying out combinations of different instruments. Here’s a little jam using the Jarmaggeddon (glitch generator), Volca Beats, Volca Bass, Microbrute, and my trust ol’ Les Paul. I like the way it came out. Oh… and not just one, but two cats managed to sneak into the video. Sheesh!”

poorness studios TX Wiggles

Cherry Audio Voltage Modular synth software – free version – building a quick patch and having fun

Published on Mar 24, 2020 Expanding Sound

“Cherry Audio is one of the companies nice enough to give away free software during the quarantine currently going on. I am very appreciative and wanted to make a video trying it out. Being a synth guy it was very easy to navigate and get up and running quickly. In this video I make a quick two oscillator sequence and have some fun manipulating the

R*S Carnivore & BlueSky Only 03 – PULSE FILTERED BY SSG

Published on Mar 22, 2020 FOR channel

“Random*Source Serge Modular Synthesizer: CARNIVORE and BlueSky 03
This is the PULSE OUTPUT (red) from SLOPES going to the SSG SMOOTH FILTER. Sequence by Steeped and using all available modulation sources within the Carnivore itself.

This is kind of COVID-19 quarantine days ONE SERGE MODULE ONLY challenge .”

R*S Carnivore & BlueSky Only 03 – EXTRA TAKE

Of Permutation, Future, and Hope | Modular Vignette Series

Published on Mar 22, 2020 File Transfer Protocol

“Public service announcements, cute logos and catchphrases and official communications are all well and good, but those will fall on deaf ears when the bodies start to pile up… When there are no jobs to be had.

With calm sadness in my heart, the realization that what our children are about to witness is no different than the stories of

Free Music From Audio Illustrator

Supporting member, James Newman aka Audio Illustrator is offering his music for free during the coronavirus outbreak.

“I have decided to offer 8 of my music albums (ranging from Modular Synth, Jazz, Alan Parsons/Pink Floydesque, Cinematic, and world music) all FREE during this time as we all fight this virus.

Music is medicine for the soul, and while we are all fighting this virus, please help

Quarantine Sessions 2

Published on Mar 21, 2020 Ran Kirlian

“Second live jam recorded during Covid-19 quarantine in my home studio. This live performance follows a similar structure than the previous one, containing different improvised sound environments melted together with a strong presence of a minimal modular system. In this session the main synthesizers were the Soma Lyra-8 and the Nordrack 2x, both reinforced