Creamware Minimax ASB Synth Module

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Polyphonic modelled Minimoog.

Assembling the Dino Park MakeKit EX synthesizer from MakeProAudio and a first look

Published on Oct 2, 2019 BAMTV

“In this video Marc assembles the Dino Park MakeKit EX synthesizer, and gives a sound impression to this small box. The Dino Park comes with three emulations of historic synthesizer classics: Minimax, Prodyssey and the Pro12, the B4000 organ, which we know from the CreamWare SCOPE platform.

In addition, he will show you the additive, wavetable, FM and drum /

Creamware Prodyssey ASB

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“One of the nicest and rarest VAs ever made. All the modulation power of an Odyssey but with presets, extensive MIDI spec and 12 voices of polyphony. Plus a selectable Minimoog filter for extra wallop. All housed in a chunky metal and wooden case. This thing is solid! Extra features (note priority, env trigger etc.) accessible via MIDI CCs so no need for the editor, in my

Dino Park Modeling Synth Now Available

The platform lets you run classic CreamWare virtual analog synths – with additional polyphony and features – and other virtual instruments.… Read More Dino Park Modeling Synth Now Available

Creamware Pro-12 – Hardware Prophet-5 Emulation SN 5T7B6XA04

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“Absolutely perfect condition Creamware Pro-12 synth. Everything works as it should and it sounds fantastic. I’ve A/B this against my own Prophet-5 (rev 3.2) and it’s so close you can hardly tell the difference in my opinion. Each knob sends a receives CC so you can also use this to program VSTi Prophet software instruments. Great effects built-in. 12-voice poly, or 6-voice

MakeProAudio Dino Park EURO analog synth modules introduced at Superbooth19

Dino Park EURO at Superbooth 2019

“You make audio gear company” MakeProAudio has announced the Dino Park EURO multi-model synthesizer and Dino Park EURO Drums and Bass, an analog modeling percussion and bass synthesizer for EuroRack. Featured along with the MPA Platform at Superbooth 2019 Berlin, the new Dino Park EURO series offers flexible and affordable analog modeling synthesis for studio […]

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Creamware Prodyssey ASB

first use of the Creamware Prodyssey ASB Published on Dec 27, 2007 xaviercygnus

“A fantasic device from the German company Sonic Core. No real musical content in this video. Exploring the layout of this physically modeled synth based on the ARP Odyssey.”

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“Very close emulation made in 2007. Has software OSX 9.0 or Windows XP. USB midi is plug and play. Very versatile clone.

Dino Park – DIY Top-End Modelling Synthesizer Featuring Creamware Emulations

This one is in via Soviet Space Child. It appears the old Creamware Minimax, Pro12 and Prodyssey emulations have a new home.

“Introducing the Dino Park – The World’s first Top-End Modelling Synthesizer as affordable DIY Kit
Play with the Dinosaurs

For makers. For musicians. For everyone seeking the big sound! When you enter Dino Park, you will meet three staggering creatures from the past!