New Blue on White Korg Polysix Metal Panel Cases by Synthronics


“Polysix synthesizers normally have worn and rusty metal panels with scratches on paint.

It was decided to re-manufacture the WHOLE metal panel incl. new paint coat and new silk screen printing.

The paint coat (in comparison to original panel) ist on both sides, so the panel will not rust nowhere.

All silk printings are as close as possible to original to preserve the

Custom Blue on White Roland JD-800 Synthesizer

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“Right now all the Leds are blue. The bender is a lighted bender. Will add some photos of it on. Customer decided to return in the middle of the project. Currently there is no sound coming from the output. But it turns on beautifully.”

Chromatone WholeTone Revolution Music Synthesizer In Korg N5

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“Muto Music Method・MUTO KEN layout (halftone arrangement + whole tone arrangement)
1169 sounds / 302 combinations / 37 drum kit / 64 notes (in single mode)

-The last recorded sale of one of these was on reverb in 2017 for $2700
-Sold with original A/C adaptor KORG KA171 which is 100v spec.

Additional Information

Technical Specifications
Serial : 00000174
Country of

Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer SN 231500 w/ Smiley Face Stickers & Original Gig Bag

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“All switches were replaced by SDMachines two years ago. No double triggers. Many moons ago I attempted to clean off a spot with alcohol. Oh boy, was I angry. I covered my blunder with a bunch of silver smiley face stickers to help me feel better. It worked.

Thank you,

Pro2 and "Tromesa – Pasma Czasu "

Published on Aug 12, 2019 Synth Love

“I’m a big fan of the Polish band ‘Tromesa’ , the guys come back and record new songs now
Cant wait :)”

Rare Crimson red Waldorf Wave at 1:21. Custom orange on black Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter & MPG-80 rack controller.

Custom Desktop Polivoks w/ MIDI SN 0490265

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Pics of the inside below.

“Custom desktop version with special metal case.

Fully pro-serviced and calibrated by professional.

All dead electrolytes were changed on good quality new.

Installed midi in + thru with channel memory.

Has 1/4 Jack in + output and headphone output connections.”

ROSEN SOUND – Synth Studio & Repair Shop Tour | Burbank, California

Published on Aug 8, 2019 synth4ever

Check out the custom Chrome Arp Odyssey AT 12:36.

“An in-depth synth studio and repair shop tour of Rosen Sound ( in Burbank, California.

Founded and owned by Rob Rosen, Rosen Sound is a premiere synthesizer repair & restoration shop that specializes in servicing vintage analog synthesizers. They also offer synth rentals, custom synth

Chopped CS2X Minus Keys

This one was spotted by swissdoc on

It almost looks like a more powerful piece of kit without the keys.

Roland TB-303 Bassline Original Analog Synthesizer w/ Custom Black Knobs & Original Soft Case

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Custom Korg Poly 800 Synthesizer with HAWK 800 modification SN 056657

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“This Poly 800 is not only Custom in appearance, but in functionality too.
Inside are the HAWK 800 mod boards (HAWK 800 and Atomahawk) with custom firmware that add tons of new features, including midi control over all parameters.
This is not the simple “Moog-Slayer” mod. It is WAYYYYY better.

Check out the HAWK 800 website-

If you go here and download the “