Korg fripSide Satoshi Yaginuma Special Edition KROME EX-61


Title: 八木沼悟志(fripSide)インタビュー・ダイジェスト映像
Googlish: Satoshi Yaginuma (fripSide) interview digest video

Description: “コルグとfripSide 八木沼悟志によるコラボレーション・モデルの情報を公開!”
Googlish: “Information on collaboration model by Korg and fripSide Satoshi Yaginuma is released!”

Some pics and info translated into Googlish via www.ikebe-gakki-pb.com

“Satoshi Yaginuma, a synth master who brilliantly

ARP Quadra Replacement Membrane Panel & LED Sliders – Synthchaser #132

Synth Chaser


“Finally! A replacement for the legendarily flaky ARP Quadra membrane panel! Many an otherwise good Quadra have been turned into doorstops or scrap metal due to failed or damaged membrane panels.

In this video I briefly introduce two new goodies for the ARP Quadra. One is a replacement membrane panel, and the other is a set of LED illuminated sliders

Ex-Jefferson Starship ARP Quadra Synthesizer Serviced w/LED Sliders New Membrane

Synth Chaser

via this auction

“This ARP Quadra was owned by Pete Sears and toured with Jefferson Starship in the 1980s! It has just been professionally overhauled by Synthchaser, the foremost expert on ARP Quadras! Work done included a new membrane panel, new blue LED sliders, recap of all tantalum and electrolytic capacitors, new touch sensor, keyboard rebuild, dozens of new IC chips, and

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver w/ Oversynth Panel Overlay

via this auction

You can find more info on the Oversynth panel overly here.

"X-Ray" Custom Hand-Painted Yamaha Reface CP

via this auction

“Hand-Painted all the way around using acrylic, ink, and metallic paint markers
Inspired by skeletons and 80’s neon colors.”

korg monotribe V2 w/ Custom Skin

via this auction

“korg monotribe V2. With power supply and special skin layout. Comes with original box and manual. Works perfectly. Shipping to U.S. only.”

Kind of has the classic PS-3200 orange on black.  Doesn’t look like it adhered flat around the edges.

Noir | Ambient Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Brennan Fowler

“A generative one from the modular. Just installed these awesome new panels big thanks to good friend kittyspit! Black & Gold Designed ER-301 Panels as well as for the Mutable Instruments Modules! Love the design and how the panels look together also with the Ears Module!

If your interested in picking some of these panels up you can get in touch on Instagram or the ER-301 Forum

Adding Internal Speakers to a KORG MicroKORG

In via Michael Wessell, the creator of this hack:

“Envious of ‘the microKORG s’ with its internal speakers? Do something about it – add your own speakers!”

Details on Hackaday

Custom KORG ELECTRIBE EA-1 Analog Modeling

via this auction

“Custom Korg ea1 2 part synth the lights have been changed to blue and green, including the leds for type selections. The distortion, record and measure count remain red. The knobs have been changed to moog style.

Old solder joints for the jacks and power supply have been reinforced, and the pads have been scrubbed clean. The case shows wear from use but the inside is