Roland TR-909 Versión Black Mod Cv. 1983 – 1985

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Looks like this one posted back in 2012. No additional info though. There have been a few other custom black TR-909s.

Visible Mods:

Bass Drum
Pitch & Tone Knobs

Snare Drum
Tone Knob (looks like there’s a word before Tone)

Factory Tone
Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi Hat switches

Hi Hat knob

CV inputs:
Snare Drum Pitch
Bass Drum Pitch

Snare Fill

Also blue LEDs

Vintage Akai AX60 Analog 6 Voice Poly Synth w/ LED Fader Mod

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Test CRUMAR BIT99 Synthesizer – Artwork Limited Edition

Published on Feb 3, 2019 Buda Music

“The Bit 99 was offered by Crumar in 1985.

It is a 6 voice polyphonic analog synths with 2 DCO’s
on board and CEM3328 Filters.

The instrument featured 3+3 notes in layer mode and
99 patch memories and also has MIDI IN/OUT.

Note: Read presets SySex files by MIDI IN.

The Bit 99 is one of the first synthesizers from which traditional knobs and sliders

Roland JD-Xa Hybrid Digital Analog Synthesizer with Custom Polar White Panels

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Modded Sequential Circuits Max Synth

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“This Synth has been modified with the addition of the following features:

• 100 sounds, all downloadable, located in battery-backed RAM

• Note storage increased from about 500 to about 3200

• Unison mode added.

• Three sets of 100 factory sounds in EPROM: 80 Max + 20 Six track Unison factory sounds, 100 Six Track factory sounds, and 100 Multi-Trak factory sounds (without


Published on Feb 3, 2019 TheXcee

“here is my SLEDGE 2.0 with totally new poti knobs.
i changed the original plastic knobs with the moog style knobs out of phenol, the results are amazing!
the sledge feels and looks so much better now with the phenol poti knobs.
the knobs were ordered from a online electronic store.
the axle shaft diameter fits perfect in the knobs which have all 6,4mm inner

Custom Roland MKS-80 MPG-80

Published on Jan 21, 2019 Synth Love

“Few patches on my MKS 80 Custom ala Jupiter 8”

Custom orange vs. blue accents.

Update: pics via this auction

“I have here for saly my MKS80 + MPG80 Custom ala Jupiter 8 looks

This unit has new LCD ( blue backlight )

Extra Memory Cartridge M-64C

Owner Manual

100% working in mint condition …was serviced in Ireland by John Henson in 2017”

New Roland Juno-DS & FA 06 Custom Skinned

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“Nothing much to say really Happy NAMM from Roland #synthjam #synth #namm #wnamm19 #roland #fa06 #junods”

Korg Mono/Poly Analog Synthesizer w/ Custom Colored Knob Caps & Walnut Panels

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“Here’s a Korg Mono/Poly of a different color.

First off, the entire wooden case has been replaced by a Synthwood custom enclosure. This includes solid walnut side panels and front, and a plywood undercarriage. The Synthwood enclosure is more beautiful, much sturdier and more durable, and even lighter than the original particle board case. (See for more

Complete Custom Roland Juno-106 in a Box

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That’s about as custom as it gets. The Juno-106M for module or rather desktop module.

“Perfect working

Replaceable PinSockets for each voices and New Battery Installed”