Roland TB-303 Devilfish Modded With Walrus Arp-87 Delay Pedal

Published on Aug 28, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

“This video shows all four modes of the Walrus Arp-87 delay pedal with a Roland TB-303 as the input. The 303 is Devilfish modded for a few extra options.

The ARP-87 is a powerful multi-function delay pedal that creates lush echoes and adds in-depth dimension to all sounds. It sports four algorithms consisting of digital, analog, lo-fi and

Sequentix Cirklon Sequencing Roland TB303 with Devil Fish Mod

Published on May 30, 2017 Meta Function

“In this video, Meta Function demonstrate sequencing a Roland TB303 with the Devil Fish mod via the Sequentix Cirklon.

The Cirklon is arguably the most intuitive and sturdy hardware sequencer ever made. It features five ports of MIDI I/O, four virtual USB ports and via the CVIO beak out box (BOB), sixteen CV and eight gate outputs. It has an incredibly

Custom Roland TB-303 Devilfish 1984 White

via this auction

“This is an original Roland TB-303 “Devilfish” with just about every modification Robin Whittle could stuff in this thing. It has more features than I can list. It has all sorts of output and input options, memory related switches, etc.

The white case is a custom anodized aluminum case by Martin Rothlisburger in Switzerland.

This 303 has a few problems. The DIN jack is