DigiLog Microne + Roland TR-808 + TB-303 + OTO BAM

Published on Jan 12, 2019 Masaki Takada

“DigiLog Microne is a 3-voice polyphonic digital synthesizer with fat sound like Juno-106.
With a polyphonic sequencer that can input up to 128 steps, you can play a beautiful melody even by itself.
Furthermore, it has a gatetrig input , and it can do live performance wider by combining with a drum machine etc.
I played with TR-808, TB-303 this time.”

New DigiLog Tokyo Microne Sequencer

From the makers of Octa. Some details Google translated:

“This product is currently under development There is a possibility of detailed specification change until release. Compact synthesizer 6VCO / 3VCF / 3VCA / 3 Voice / polyphonic micro body packed with full-size synth’s pleasure in the palm size that you can really feel free to palm up to the pad sound with a big sound and fat. Microne is

DigiLog "Enterprise" Portable Touchkey Synthesizer (BETA)

Published on Aug 7, 2017

No details are up yet, aside from “Enterprise *UNDER DEVELOPMENT*” on the DigiLog site, however, you can see the the following parameters on the front panel:

Oscillator Tune
Oscillator Waveshape – Triangle, Saw, Square with Pulsewidth
Filter Cutoff
Detune & Sync which implies two oscillators – it’s not clear if you have control over the second oscillator’s