Division 6 CEM3340 VCO Calibration Procedure


“How to tune / calibrate the CEM3340 VCO from Division 6.

Things you’ll need:
-CEM3340 VCO module (of course!)
-Power supply
-Oscilloscope or tuner or something that displays frequency
-Small flat screwdriver
-Patch cables

You can pick up one of these modules here: https://division-6.com/products/cem33…”

New Synthetic Sound Labs in Conjunction with Division-6 Buchla Format 3650 Digital Sequencer

“Synthetic Sound Labs has just released its new 3650 Digital Sequencer module – SSL’s first venture into the popular Buchla 200e format – and is in close collaboration with the folks at Division-6.

Simple operation and straightforward functions make the 3650 easy to learn, and the concise panel graphics avoid menu-diving syndrome.

The 3650 has 5 song memories to string up to 16 sequences

Division 6 CEM3340 VCO & Business Card Sequencer

A few pics of a surprise package in the mail the other day. 🙂 A Division 6 CEM3340 VCO & V2 update chips for my Business Card Sequencer. Pics of them in the rack below. Looking forward to giving them a run through.

See the Division 6 website for additional details on each.

Dual Mini Sequencer v2 Quick Demo

Published on May 4, 2020 Division6Labs

“Quick demo of the new v2 firmware for the Dual Mini Sequencer.

There’s actually quite a bit going on here:
– XP IN in RUN/RESET mode to synchronize sequencers with external pushbutton
– Top sequencer controlling pitch, gate and slew/slide
– Bottom sequencer controlling kick, snare (using various gate timings to modify rhythm) and filter accent
– Using

Division 6 Mini Sequencer V2 Now Available

via Division 6

“At long last, v2 firmware for the Business Card Sequencer and Dual Mini Sequencer has arrived! Here are some of the new features you have to look forward to:

7 sequence memories
5 song memories (string sequences together)
SLUR- change pitch between steps without firing gate
Variable gate timing (including ratcheting)
ACC can be set to drop or not drop between steps, or follow

COVID-19 IDM Live jam / eurorack modular synths / novation circuit / ambient music

Published on Apr 5, 2020 HAGIWO modular synthesizer channel

“my first IDM jam with COVID-19 voice sampling.

Voice sample by erica synths sample drum is triggerd by division6 sequencer modula.”

KnobCon 2019 last vid – with Shoegaze!

Published on Sep 11, 2019 SynthMania

Check out Division 6’s booth! How cool is that?

“My last vid from Knobcon 2019…with Shoegaze galore 😀
Guitar: the great Peter McGuire https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzgW…
Bass: me
Drums: Miss Linn
FX: BigSky”

See the Knobcon label below for more Knobcon coverage!

Division6 SQ816 Analog Step Sequencer

via this auction

“Manufacturer Description

The sequencer for the Mattson Mini Modular is available in the Eurorack format. One 52HP panel includes all the functions of the main sequencer and the expansion module. Here are some of the sequencer’s basic features:

2 rows of 8 steps, or daisy-chain them for a 16-step sequence.

A user tap-tempo mode that overrides the internal VC or external

Micro synthesizer kit

Published on Mar 17, 2019 UFO LFO

“Just built this little division 6 synthesizer from a kit. Has C.V. and gate inputs did not work well with the Korg SQ 1 as yet, still debugging. Most the sound features seem to be working has dual lfo’s and strange cross modulation of pitch and VCA basic filter no rez and A R envelope”

The Division 6 Business Card Synthesizer

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Quick demo of the Business Card Synthesizer

A post shared by Division 6 (@division6labs) on Feb 12, 2019 at 2:38pm PST

via Division 6

“The Business Card Synthesizer is a tiny synth that can be connected to a Business Card Sequencer, other synth gear, or played by itself.

These fun little kits were introduced