Installing an SD Card Reader (SCSI2SD) in a vintage keyboard (Yamaha EX5)

Published on Aug 17, 2018 Alex S.

“Today I’m installing an SD Card Reader in my EX5, which replaces the SCSI hard drive. Speed comparison included at the end of the video.”

SCSI2SD board
Yamaha ASIB1 SCSI interfaces on eBay

An Interview with David Burraston of noyzelab

You can find the full interview here.

“David Burraston (who also goes by Dave Noyze) may well be the only scientist and synthesist who lives five miles away from the nearest paved road. “We live on the farm where [my wife’s parents] were when they retired,” he explains. “We run a farm as well as the Wired Lab here. We’re in the middle of nowhere, and we’re not served by any amenities except

CRUMAR PERFORMER: Noise Reduction Mod and Sustain Mod

Published on Aug 15, 2018 gstormelectro

“Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c.2018

Today I am looking at a friend’s Crumar Performer.
We noticed a considerable hiss noise when activating the String sections.
The hiss goes away when using only Brass.
I investigate where the noise is coming from, and what’s to be done about it.
I discover a simple way to boost the strings signal without

InsWorks Esencial Rev02, controlado por el Korg SQ-1

Published on Aug 14, 2018 Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez Vera

SoundCheck: AXE + Wolf

Published on Aug 14, 2018 Stoss

“Using a Synthstrom Audible Deluge to sequence an Akai Timbre Wolf. Messing with effects settings in my AXE (custom Axoloti FX unit controlled by a MIDI Fighter Twister). The FX unit is a combination of delay, envelope following mangler and bit crusher all synced to MIDI clock. It’s a long video in which I experiment with different FX settings applied to synth

Strange Science Instruments: We made our own Eurorack modules. From scratch!

Published on Aug 14, 2018 LeoMakes

“At last! I can finally share this story! It has taken two years to get here.

Have you ever wondered how a Eurorack module gets made? In this special episode, we go step-by-step through how Strange Science Instruments (my startup) built its first two products, completely from scratch!”

Circuit Bent Bible from Look Mum No Computer

deadmau5 dared me to circuit bend a bible Published on Aug 12, 2018

“The wonder wonder bible. Nothing against the bible here. I showed it to a couple of christian friends before and they seemed to like it. for what thats worth! Im Just #circuitbending a cold blooded machine, for the more avantgarde inclined.

Someone let Deadmau5 know and ill send him it if he wants it, Cus i don’t want it.

Bible thumper: watch a circuit bent bible, made on a dare

This week in blasphemy: LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER has another weird nerdy superhit, this time modding and glitching out an electronic bible. Jesus, take the soldering iron!

LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER is inventor-musician-composer Sam Battl of London, whose projects have included synths on bikes, flamethrower organs, and Theremin lightsabres, among other concoctions. And he has a knack for creating weird and wonderful inventions that then go viral.

But speaking of viral millennial sensations (okay, very different millennium), maybe you’ve heard of a bestselling book called … The Bible? All about a thought leader / influencer who … okay, I’ll stop.

Long story short: electronic bible. Soldering iron. Circuit bends. Apparently, a dare from deadmau5. And then, this:

And before I tempt getting struck by lightning while blogging, don’t worry, bible lovers – Sam says “Nothing against the bible here. I showed it to a couple of christian friends before and they seemed to like it.” There, that’s good enough for me.

Okay, sure, it sounds a little demonic, but you know, it’s still the actual Bible. If Christian rock sounded like this, I’d be up for it. (Bach, I like.)

As it happens, this project is interesting from an engineering perspective, too. Recent products are way harder to bend, thanks to fewer exposed bend points and chips hidden beneath black blobs and the like. There’s a reason circuit bending often starts with a trip to eBay or a flea market.

Sam promises more info on his site soon on just how he pulled this off. We’ll be watching.

For more on circuit bending, start with the man who started it all – Reed Ghazala, whose approach to bending is like an ecologist assisting machines in evolving. (He even gives them eyes and the like, for a window into their soul.) It’s radical, wonderful stuff – from an engineering perspective as well as a human and philosophical one. His site:

And if you liked this project, you’ll love Sam’s Furby Organ, among others:

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Sbranvlztronics Arduino Clock Divider Logic Thing preview

Published on Aug 13, 2018 Sbranvlztronics

“First test of the Arduino Clock Divider Logic Thing module. The thing is driving a Roland SC55 via MIDI (drums and slap bass), and the ADSRs of two analog synth voices (VCO VCF VCA ADSR) on the Matrix II Analog Synth. Pitches for the analog synth are derived from the CV Quantizer (to the right in the video). The drum kit pieces are controlled by the 8

New Kiwitechnics Kiwi-1000 Upgrade for the Oberheim Matrix-1000

Kiwitechnics, makers of the Kiwi upgrades for the Roland JX-3P, JX-8P, Juno-106, and KORG Polyix, have a new DIY upgrade available for the Oberheim Matrix-1000. The cost is $295 plus shipping.

Details via Kiwitechnics:

This is an upgrade for the Oberheim M1000 rack mount synth module. This will transform the M1000 from a difficult to edit preset module with a poor