The analog Choir/Strings-Synthesizer 2.0. Introduction, Plans and Circuits

Published on Jan 26, 2020 Andreas Remshagen

“This is another Introduction and Description of an DIY-Device that i have built. Its the second Version of the analog-Strings Synthesizer i have built before. It has 12 Oscillators parted in 4 Strings-Groups that can be freely tuned in Chords or Octaves and controlled over a CV-keyboard.

There is also a Choir-function based on the VP330-Filter. The

Antonus 2600 Building Timelapse

Published on Jan 25, 2020 wutierson

“Timelapse of Antonus 2600 cabinet building process and final assembly. Many hours of work condensed in this video! The soundtrack is made using Antonus 2600 and Antonus Step Brother, multitrack and recorded in 6 takes.

Every Antonus 2600 have its cabinet made like the classic ARP 2600 using wood, Tolex and hardware using our hands. Every unit is made with

Midi controlled vintage drum machine

Published on Jan 23, 2020 tubbutec

“Quick video showing how to control a vintage drum machine (Keynote AutoRhythm) via midi.

This is using the Tubbutec uniPulse midi interface”

Introducing the TTSH ARP 2600 Exercise Bike

The ultimate in DIY via Kenny:

“It’s my new creation.

At last, I can work on fat sounds while getting in shape with my TTSH 2600 Exercise Bike.

It’s quite robust with only a small to moderate certainty of toppling over.

If you wish to build your own, here is how:

– build a TTSH

– grab an exercise bike and mount flat table on its handles

– place TTSH on top”

Modded Roland TR-606

via this auction

Funny pots.

“This auction is for a malfunctioning Roland TR-606 drum machine. The machine has been modified by a previous owner for individual voice outputs and voice tuning controls and has been altered from its original condition.

When it was working the modified machine functioned flawlessly, all original and modified outputs and DIN sync worked, all original and modified

Equinox Modular

via this auction

“Excellent condition – 5 standard modules in mini cases with psu and 5 patch cables”

Looks like a DIY build. Anyone know what this is? Guessing it’s not related to Modular Equinox.

Vermona Piano/Strings with VP330 Choir-Filter

Published on Jan 19, 2020 Andreas Remshagen

Marantz Pianocorder Converted to Play Midi files from a PC

Published on Apr 7, 2013 Arno Stephanian

“You can play thousands of piano midi file from your lap top with this modified Marantz pianocorder and even go wireless with a Bluetooth audio adapter and have the piano play your favorite pieces wirelessly from your computer. You can Transpose songs and change speed up & down on any midi file you like. You can still Record or Play by using the cassette

NAMM 2020: Rhythmo BeatBox Drum Machine

Published on Jan 17, 2020 sonicstate

“If you’re looking for an affordable MIDI controller to make beats on and you’d like to do a little DIY in the process then the Rhythmo BeatBox could be exactly what you’re looking for.

The Rhythmo is an all-in-one DIY MIDI controller drum machine kit and mobile studio that will eventually have an associated App for making beats.”

Premiered Jul 19, 2019

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