EMS SynthiA Clone Sounds 3

Published on Jun 16, 2019 verstaerker

“this time together with some rhythms from the Rytm” EMS SynthiA Clone

Olitronik Circuits provesMM

Published on Jun 16, 2019 Olitronik Circuits

Olitronik Circuits brought us the Micrón full synth voice for eurorack.

Analogue Renaissance AR3109T Roland IR3109 Chip Replacement

via Syntaur

Product description: “Analogue Renaissance AR3109T voltage-controlled filter chip, for Roland synthesizers. The original Roland IR3109 chip appears in the top photo; these chips have been long out of production, and we now have brand new clone chips just released by Analogue Renaissance (lower photo). These clones sound identical to the originals.”

Additional details on the release

Future Sound Systems Workshop at Thonk Saturday June 22 – Brighton

via Thonk where you can register.

“This workshop is run by Finlay and Jamie from Future Sound Systems at Thonk in Brighton

Pick a unit and come build it with help from Future Sound Systems. Saturday June 22nd 2019 at Thonk in Brighton.


The workshop is at Thonk HQ in Brighton on Saturday June 22nd 2019, please arrive at 9.30am. Thonk is an inclusive and

fokale DIY Synthesizer

DIY Synthesizer up and alive finally Published on Jun 11, 2019

“This is the first test run of my semi-modular homemade synthesizer. The sequence comes from the built in sequencer and the key changes are done via midi. The synth has two continiously variable waveform oscillators ( Kobol type ), two voltage controlled filters ( SSM 2044 Lp on the left, Steiner-Parker state variable on the right),

EMS SynthiA Clone Sounds by verstaerker

Published on Jun 10, 2019 verstaerker

“some random sounds with the EMS SynthiA Clone”

Kickall-Befaco as a synth Voice

Published on Jun 10, 2019 Dziam Bass

“Hello Guys.
I have a new movie today using the Befaco-Kikall module but a little bit of the other side when it is not used as a kick but as a synth Voice.
A little fun also with a reverb and a combined voice kick, some fx and a random melody.
Kickall is a powerful tool for many sounds, its large aperture is only 6 HP in size, so it saves a lot of space and

Logic Noise Klangorium DIY Glitch Synth by Elliot Williams

via this auction
“On offer here is a PCB to build your own DIY synth based around CMOS chips, it is based on a series on the Hackaday website by Elliot Williams, I made a few of these and had a few boards left over, last couple remaining.

It can be used to make all manner of things, examples include drum machines, drone synths, sequencers and so on, or it can just be built as a playground as

Crisitian Vogel Prok Preset Pack

Uploaded on Jun 7, 2019 Thonk Synth DIY

“The pioneering techno artist Cristian Vogel (Tresor, Novamute, Sub Rosa, Endless Process) has produced a large set of new preset patches for the Prok Drums system – Download for FREE now – www.thonk.co.uk/vogel” Click through for additional demos and videos.