Djangosfire New Buchla Style System Build … Getting Close!


“About a month ago (beginning July, 2020), I started spending time building up a DIY Buchla style system. It’s really getting to the fun point now, can’t wait to share as a get familiarized with this awesome system!! Cheers, Adam”

277 Buchla Style Delay – Flanger Test Patch


“Building a lot of modules lately and having a lot of fun testing out the 277 digital delay – it has great feedback possibilities when patched back into itself… very much like a Flanger! Cheers, Adam”

Compelled to Sequence

Published on Oct 29, 2019 Todd Barton

“Sometimes I’m just compelled to Sequence! The Easel is clocking the custom Serge 4×8 Sequencer built by The custom Soundplex Serge panel was built by and Easel clone by djangosfire.

Created a new Seeholzer Engineering for this one. Charles Seeholzer has been featured in previous posts,

Melodies on a Buchla 200e – Part 01 Djangosfire

Published on Apr 26, 2019 djangosfire

“Wanted to show an example of melodic possibilities on a Buchla 200e. This a focus on the concept of pitched transpositions (not the tone of the patch this time).

Modules used:

Buchla 251e, 223e, 281e, 292e, 206e
Studio H: 258e & Control and Signal Router

A few notes on the pitch aspects of the patch:

– 258e is tracking 1.2v/oct
– 251e is tuned to

Buchla Series 200 Cloned Modular Auction

via this auction

“All Roman Filippov built modules except for:

Hugh St Amour 259, serviced by Mark Verbos.

Mark Verbos 258V and 291V!!!

Djangosfire 158- POS face plate/EXCELLENT 158!

cj3000 built the 245. Perfect!

Just for clarity:

Top L to R: 266r 256r 291v 207r

Middle L to R: 245cj 281r 292r

Bottom L to R: 158df 258v 259sta

All modules in excellent shape, save rack rash. The


Published on Jan 13, 2018 djangosfire

“Today I’m further exploring a Todd Barton suggested 285e feedback patch found here: [posted here]

And am extending the idea to include a 296e!

Basic patch setup:

– 285e Down Output into 285e Signal In
– 285e Up Output into285e FM Input
– 285e Down Output patched into 296e ODD Input
– 285e Up Output patched into 296e EVEN Input
– 296e Spectrum Transfer

Buchla Format Sputnik 289 Synthesizer Module

via this auction

“Here is the famed Sputnik 289 Dual Defect Processor designed by Roman Filippov and built by Adam Scramstad, aka Djangosfire.”