Deekey brings his samples & synth presets with Future House

Dropgun Samples Deekey Future House feat

Dropgun Samples has released the Deekey Future House sample pack, a collection of samples and synth presets by fast rising DJ and producer Deekey. In his first-ever sample pack, Deekey brings exclusive presets for Serum, Massive, Spire, Avenger and more, catchy chords, hook melodies, high quality drums, FX samples and beautiful vocal chops. He has […]

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Dropgun Future House sample pack brings Dropgun’s signature sound

Dropgun Future HouseDropgun has launched the Dropgun Future House sample pack, a collection of fat basses and leads with the signature Dropgun sound. Each construction kit contains not only awesome drops, but also melodic breakdowns with nice chord-progressions and catchy melodies. Finally, we present awesome vocal-hooks, this time two different singers in one pack, a male singer […]

Dropgun Samples releases Khrebto Future Pop sample pack

Dropgun Samples has returned with its latest installment Khrebto Future Pop, a collection of 5 construction kits with loops, samples, MIDI files and synth presets by Khrebto. Khrebto has released on labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Hexagon, Universal Music, Columbia Records. He has made official remixes for superstars like Maroon 5, Future and The Chainsmokers […]

Dropgun Samples releases Vocal Psy Indian sample pack

Dropgun Samples Vocal Psy IndianDropgun Samples has launched Vocal Psy Indian, a new sample pack produced by Dropgun, resident of Spinnin’ Records, HEXAGON, Revealed, Armada & Dharma. The pack brings a mix of modern Psy Trance and colorful Indian Music that will enable you to create truly unique touches to your productions. These vocals will 100% be the final […]

Dropgun Samples releases Vocal Future Bass sample pack

Dropgun Samples Vocal Future BassDropgun Samples has launched Vocal Future Bass, a new sample pack from the residents of Spinnin’ Records & Dharma. Following the recent Vocal Future Beats, this new pack brings a combo of crazy Future Bass drops and beautiful female vocal-hooks that are sure to strike a chord. This pack is inspired by Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, […]

Vocal Future Beats by Dropgun Samples released at Loopmasters

Dropgun Samples Vocal Future BeatsLoopmasters has launched Vocal Future Beats, a sample pack from the label founded by Dropgun. Dropgun Samples are used by some of the worlds top DJ’s, and their drops have been used worldwide at some of the biggest festival. Now you too can use them in your next production. Looking for high quality beats and […]

Ultra EDM 2018 sample pack by Dropgun at Audentity Records

Audentity Records Ultra EDM 2018 by DropgunAudentity Records has released Ultra EDM 2018, a sample pack featuring construction kits, loops, samples, MIDI files & synth presets by Dropgun. Our new EDM samplepack contains Full Impact Drops, Melodic Synths, Bad ASS Basses, Fills, Crispy Drum Loops, FX, Vocal and Unlimited Inspiration! If you wanna produce that 2018 EDM sound and your goal […]

Audentity Records releases Future Bounce sample pack by Dropgun

Audentity Records Future Bounce SuperpackAudentity Records has returned with a new sample pack by Dropgun: Future Bounce Superpack. Our Future Bounce releases are one of the most popular samplepacks on the market in this genre, because of the unique fresh sound and because of the hit potential of the included construction kits. Future Bounce Superpack is no exception, being […]