Steinberg releases Modern Jazz Essentials for Groove Agent

Steinberg Modern Jazz Essentials for Groove Agent featSteinberg has launched its latest Groove Agent expansion pack. Modern Jazz Essentials delivers new Acoustic Styles, with quality patterns specifically tailored for modern jazz productions. Covering a vast range of music styles, Steinberg’s content sets offer beautifully crafted libraries for several of its virtual instruments. Groove Agent is the veteran drum instrument that already includes […]

Mega Bundle Deal: Up to 80% OFF Gospel Musicians, Dream Audio Tools, FrozenPlain & Chocolate Audio

Audio Plugin Deals Mega BundleAudio Plugin Deals has launched a Mega Bundle Deal, offering discounts of up to 80% off on a collection of 19 products from 4 developers. In this limited time sale you have option of buying individual products from different developers at great discounts or buying the whole bundle at a huge 78% discount. The following […]

Erica Techno System – Drum Module und Sequencer

Ericas Techno System

Von zwei Drum-Modulen und dem Sequencer berichteten wir schon rund um die Superbooth und NAMM. Inzwischen ist jedoch das System und damit die Module fertig und kommt in Kürze in die Auslieferung als komplettes System, das sogenannte Erica Techno System.

Das Techno-Rack ist eine Sammlung an Drum-Modulen, einer Bassline und dem Sequencer. Der Sequencer kann 16 Instrumente ansteuern und triggern und zusätzlich eine tonale Spur verschicken. Dazu sind 12 Drummodule auch mit einem Accent-Signal zur Betonung zu versorgen, es ist also das Gehirn des Systems.

Erica Techno System

Gezeigt haben wir neben dem Sequencer auch schon die ersten beiden Drum- Module Bassdrum und Snare. Dazu kommen aber auch noch Bassline, eine Art Mini-303-Modul. Neu sind nun ein Drum-Mixer für 7 Audio-Signale und folgende Drums: Claps, Toms, Snare, Bassdrum, Bassline und Sample Drum. Dazu gibt es noch Dual Drive und Hi-Hats. Das System ist quasi eine aufwendige Drummachine mit frei konfigurierbaren Sounds/Modulen. Das Sample-Drum-Modul wird mit 6 Knöpfen und SD-Card-Startpunkt, Tuning, Decay und zwei Sounds anbieten und diese auf einem Display anzeigen. Die Dual-FX und Drive sind Effekte zur Anzerrung und für DSP-Effekte.

Die Preise für die Module sind wie folgt:

  • BD: 225 Euro
  • SD: 200 Euro
  • Toms: 300 Euro
  • Claps: 130 Euro
  • Drum Mixer (7 ins, breiter, mit Compressor): 180 Euro
  • Drum Mixer Lite (6 ins, schmaler): 150€
  • Sample Drums und Dual Drums – tba
  • Dual FX – Effekte – tba
  • Dual Drive – Verzerrung – tba
  • Sequencer ca. 1.600 Euro

Das System kommt im August in „die Läden“ oder genauer in Ericas und vermutlich auch Schneiders Laden.



Erica Synths announces new Drum Series modules

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Tone Empire Loc-Ness & Goliath plugins 30% off for limited time

Tone Empire Goliath & Loc-NessPlugin Boutique has launched a sale on Tone Empire, offering a 30% discount on its audio effect plugins. Loc-Ness is a plugin for processing drum sounds. Drums…, the most crucial part of your mix that can make or break a track. For decades pro engineers have used various combinations of compressors, pre-amps ,eq’s and saturation […]

Daru Jones Drum Loops & Doug Wamble Country Acoustic Guitar at Loop Loft

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BeatSkillz plugins & bundles 30% OFF for a limited time

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Pretend you can play and produce drums with this free plug-in

Spitfire’s latest LABS plug-in release is out, with the theme “DRUMS.” Here’s how to get started with it – and why it may make you feel like you magically know how to actually play and properly record an acoustic drum kit.

Okay, apologies – I’m projecting a little. Some of you I know can do both those things. Me, that counts as “not at all,” and “yes, but only in theory, please hire an actual producer.”

But DRUMS packs an enormous amount of nuance into a deceptively simple, two-octave mapping. Ever had a chocolate sundae and said, you know, I’m really kind of about the cherry and this bit of peanuts covered in chocolate most? You get the feeling that that’s what’s in this pack.

Here’s a sample. This is literally just me mucking around on the keys. (I ran the sound through the Arturia TridA-Pre, from Arturia’s 3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use set, just to add some dynamics.)

Ready to get started? Here’s where to begin.

Get going with LABS – don’t fear the app!

If you missed our first story on LABS, we covered its launch, which came with a lovely soft piano and chamber string ensemble through vintage mic:

LABS is a free series of sound tools for everyone, and you’ll want it now

Your first step is to head to the LABS site, and choose the free sound you want. If you created a login before at Spitfire, that will work for “DRUMS” – just click ‘get’ and login. If you haven’t got a login yet, you can register with an email address and password.

I find two things scare people about free software, and I understand your frustration, so to allay those fears:

They’re not signing you up for a newsletter, unless you want one!

Some useful assistance, not annoying intrusion. The app is only there to aid in downloading. It doesn’t launch at startup or anything like that. Basically, it’s there because it’s better than your Web browser – it will actually put the files in the right place and let you choose where those hundreds of megs go, and it will finish a download if interrupted. (That’s especially useful on a slow connection.)

Specifically on Windows, you can make sure it finds your correct VST folder so you don’t load up your DAW and wonder where the heck it went.

Grabbing the app helps make sure you complete the download, and that it goes into the right place. The app downloads and installs the content in one step. It doesn’t load on startup or do anything else weird.

Another key feature of the Spitfire app – you can select where the sample content goes, so you can use an external drive if you’re short on space on your internal drive.

Give it a play!

Once LABS is installed, you have your drum kit, which Spitfire says is the creation of drummer Oliver Waton and engineer Stanley Gabriel.

That minimal interface shouldn’t worry you – have a fiddle with the controls and dial in whatever variation you like. Most of the nuance to the LABS kits is really in actually playing them, so the best idea here is to connect your favorite velocity-sensitive instrument and play, whether that’s a drum pad controller or keyboard or whatever else you have handy.

In my case, I wirelessly paired a ROLI Seaboard Block. It’s conveniently also two octaves, so you just need to set the octave range to match the DRUMS.

As opposed to sprawling sample libraries, LABS are simple and compact, so don’t worry – just go ahead and play.

Beginning some ideas with a familiar sound can also be the basis of doing something a bit radical, because a well-recorded acoustic source will give you a rich sonic range – and dares you to make it sound like something else. So, using another bit of free add-on we’ve covered lately, I loaded up the Creative Extensions Pack from Ableton, which works in Live Suite 10 or any copy of Live 10 with a Max for Live license.

To bend this into experimental/IDM territory, I stacked on various effects, including reversing and gating the sound and adding spectral ambience … generally mucking about. The idea was to keep the character of the drum source, but make it sound like spacetime had gone a bit amiss.

Pairing conventional sounds with out-there effects is one way to go. Ableton Live 10 users can grab another freebie (for Suite or Max for Live). Choose Creative Extensions from the browser and download.

And here is a not terribly-well-thought-out effects chain using those Creative Extensions. Could your cat do better? Possibly. I like cats, though. Give those felines some production opportunities, too.

This time I finished off the sound using Native Instruments’ VC 76 compressor and Enhanced EQ.

But I was just having a bit of fun. So I’d love to hear what you come up with using these sorts of sounds. One of the common complaints about production today is that everyone has easy access to sounds and very often the same tools. But let’s use that – let’s see what you all come up with.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to better record drums, I’m happy to ask Spitfire about how they recorded this set, too. Playing with it actually does make me want to grab some mics and a kit, too.

Feel free to post thoughts, questions, and sound links in comments.

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