The Noise I Make – DSI Pro 2 w/ Boss DD-550 and Strymon Flint

Daniel Davis

DSI Sequential PRO3 // Everything in Its Right Place (Radiohead Improvisation)


“Yeah, that’s right: I am playing the PRO3 with TWO hands and it got dark while I was playing!

Last night I started fooling around, when, by mistake, I fell into Everything in its right place, by Radiohead, just the initial set of chords, and I got lost.

I kept going, exploring emotions, thank also to the modulated Super Plate reverb and the enormous joy I get from playing with more

synthpro’s DSI Poly Evolver (For Sale)


via this auction

“This is my much loved Poly Evolver that is for sale. I am cleaning house of some of the gear I have collected over the years and its time to send them on their way to another musician.

Note: I am NOT getting out of the synth restoration business nor am I getting rid of my shop…I may be moving out of the house where I live into something smaller so thats the

DSI Prophet-08 "Massive String" performed by Chronos


“From our soundset:…


Hydrasynth, Slim Phatty, DSI Pro2, Virus C, Thor, Gadget: "Small Moon"

Brittle stR music

“Morphing different timbres on various performance controls: the macros on the Hydrasynth for the acid-style bass; then the trackpad on the formant filter in Thor; and finally the cutoff and waveform encoders on the Slim Phatty. All sequenced from Gadget 2.”

New LFOstore Synth Demos 8/19/2020

Playlist (use the controls at the bottom of the player above to skip around):

1. Prophet 08 Almighty Prophet
From our soundset:…2. Novation KS-5 “Ethernal Pad”
One patch demo for the wonderfull KS synthesizer with silkiest sound ! here:…3. Oberheim OB-12 – From Saturn To Neptune
2 patches from our future soundset

underground lab

underground lab

“please support the channel:

more music for my survival horror game music project

featuring (in order of appearance):
drone – roland se-02 thru boss re-20
bass – malekko manther growl thru emw vcf-s100 thru dod rubberneck
chord – dave smith instruments mopho x4 thru strymon dig

sequencing/tracking – synthstrom audible deluge”

Init Patch: Zoia with Data Corrupter

Inflatable Robot

“In this video I use the Zoia as a tool to modify the sound of a Data Corrupter, adding a dry mix, filter, and reverb. I also go over how to use Midi CC learn to add physical knobs to control some of the various parameters of the Zoia.”