Vintage/Classic Soundset for the DSI Rev2

Published on Jul 15, 2019 Luke Neptune

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Vintage/Classic for the DSI Rev2 features 100 patches inspired by the synth sounds of yesteryear. Packed with vintage brasses, warm organic pads, silky strings, punchy retro basses and creamy leads.
Vintage/Classic contains a handful of recreations of classic sounds from classic songs such

MIDERA | Alone in the rain (a REV2 rendition), ambient track

Published on Jul 10, 2019 MIDERA

“Recreating a track I made originally using the Oberheim Matrix and my Accelerator with my REV2. The two synths have a lot in common internally, but the UI is very different…”

You can find the previous version here.

Family Farms – Dave Lakes & The World Of Tomorrow

Published on Jul 10, 2019 modularman

“Don’t let the banjo intro fool you, this turns into a full blown synth-fest pretty quickly! Features the Roland System 8, Dave Smith Instruments Tetra, Bebot, Yamaha MX 49, Roger Linn Adrenalinn III, and others.”

Kraftwerk – Tour De France (cover)

Published on Jul 10, 2019 Krzychu1995

Sequential Prophet REV 2 & Roland D-50

Sequential In The Spotlight Interview with SCOTT CHESAK

You can find the interview on Sequential’s website here.

“Scott Chesak is a Producer/Songwriter/Musician from Austin, Texas currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Recently, Scott worked with Panic! At The Disco on their platinum selling #1 album Pray for the Wicked. He produced and wrote the top 10 single “(F**k A) Silver Lining” and “The Overpass.”
His other production and writing credits include

DSI Prophet REV2 – Sounds & Patches – Analog synth demo | Dave Smith Instruments

Published on Jul 8, 2019 synth4ever

“DSI (Dave Smith Instruments) Prophet REV2 analog synthesizer demo, featuring various sounds and patches. This Prophet REV 2 demo was filmed at Perfect Circuit in Burbank, CA.

The Prophet REV 2 is a modern analog polyphonic synth that comes in 8 or 16 voice configurations. It features analog DCOs with waveshaping, 2-way bi-timbral splits, a low-pass filter,

Session in Studio 07/07/2019

Published on Jul 7, 2019 MoonSatellite Lone Wolf

You should be able to spot the Sequential Prophet-6, OB-6, Moog Grandmother, Voyager, Alesis Andromeda A6, and Elektron gear.

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MS-101, Moog One, Prophet Xl, OMD Electricity

Published on Jul 7, 2019 Sounds From The Shed

“Sequenced this one with the Squarp Pyramid. 101 – Bass. Mono Station – Arp/lead, Prophet Xl Moog one Strings, Techno System and DJS-100 percussion.”

DSI REV2 various pads demo | MIDERA

Published on Jul 6, 2019 MIDERA

“I was just making a bunch of random pads with the REV2 and recorded them. I labeled at the beginning of each sequence which parts had Blackhole VST and which just used internal reverbs.”

DSI Prophet REV2 | MIDERA | Once upon our ending

Published on Jul 4, 2019 MIDERA

“Dave Smith Instruments – Prophet REV2 demo

Eventide Blackhole VST”