Save 70% off Wave Alchemy’s Revolution iconic drum machine instrument for Kontakt Player

Wave Alchemy Revolution 70 OFF sale

Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on Wave Alchmey’s Revolution, a drum machine instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player. The instrument offers the sounds of 14 iconic drum machines, including the 909, 808, 606, 78, Linndrum, Drumtraks, Drumulator, OB-DX and many others. Winner of ‘Best Software Instrument of 2017’ (awarded by […]

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Blue Cat’s PatchWork virtual plugin patchbay updated to v2.2

Blue Cat Audio PatchWorkBlue Cat Audio has released a free update for Blue Cat’s PatchWork, the virtual patchbay for plugins with built-in effects. This new version includes 4 new built-in audio effects (reverb, harmonizer, wah, mute), many new presets and major performance improvements. It also includes a few bug fixes. This is a recommended free update for everyone […]

Blue Cat’s Oscilloscope Multi effect plugin 25% OFF

Blue Cat Audio Oscilloscope Multi salePlugin Boutique has launched a sale on Blue Cat’s Oscilloscope Multi, a unique multiple tracks real-time waveform renderer and comparator. The plugin lets you visualize the content of several audio tracks on the same screen and compare them with its X-Y view. The plugin offers stereo or mid-side channels waveform extraction as well as several […]

Save 50% off Arturia’s Buchla Easel, CMI and DX7 virtual instruments

Arturia Buchla Easel SalePlugin Boutique has launched a sale on selected virtual instruments from Arturia, offering a 50% discount on some of the new additions in the V Collection 6 bundle. Buchla Easel V: The first recreation of Don Buchla’s iconic instrument that helped define experimental West Coast modular synthesis in the early ‘70s. Arturia’s enhancements translate to […]

Arturia V Collection 6 includes new Buchla Easel, DX7, Clavinet & CMI virtual instruments

Arturia V Collection 6Arturia has launched V Collection 6, an update to the collection of virtual keyboard instruments. Using their exclusive True Analog Emulation® & physical modelling technology, Arturia’s engineers, developers, and sound designers have been able to recreate the creme de la creme of keyboard instruments. Instruments that have shaped the course of popular music for over […]

Free Classic DX rompler app for iOS released by AudioKit

AudioKit FM Player Classic FMAudioKit has released FM Player: Classic DX, a completely free multi-sampled DX7-inspired instrument app. The app includes over 50 sounds, multi-sampled from a DX7, a DX7II, and some bonus TX81z presets. Beautiful Free iPad instrument featuring the classic sounds of famous 80s FM Synthesizers. FM Player: Classic DX features Faithful recordings of famous classic presets […]

Blue Cat Audio Plug’n Script plugin updated to v3.0 – New GUI, streamlined workflow & VST plugin export

Blue Cat's Plug'n Script 3.0Blue Cat Audio has released version 3.0 of Plug’n Script, a new version of the scripting plugin that can be programmed to create custom audio and MIDI effects or virtual instruments inside most DAWs. The plugin allows you to write your own plugin with very little knowledge about programming. Initially released in 2014 to add […]

Yamaha may have the best workstation synth, now quietly improved

The workstation keyboard hasn’t died in the age of the computer and the analog revival. Instead, it’s just gotten, well, more workstation-y. Advances in embedded computation have gone alongside general purpose computer hardware, making the workstations from Japanese giants like Yamaha, Korg, and Roland do more than before, with expanded functionality, memory, and sound.

These instruments do so much that it’s hard to describe them. But I know even some serious synth enthusiasts who have a lot of respect for Yamaha’s Montage. That may come as a surprise, partly because Yamaha’s marketing is aimed squarely at other groups. So yes, the Yamaha Montage has a bunch of arrangement features that could replace a computer. And it can be a piano – keyboard clinicians are likely to show off its Bösendorfer, for instance. (With good reason – the combination of the instrument model and reverb sound better than rivals, I think.) And Yamaha seem to think things like a vinyl break effect (uff) will appeal to EDM fans.

But what the Yamaha also has, true to the company’s legacy, is a deep FM engine. And then, all those architecture features make some sense. You can not only dial up powerful FM synthesis sounds, but animate and switch between them seamlessly. There’s also a reason for bands to add this to a tech rider: the control panel, performance features, and fluid, no-dropout sound switching mean the ability to call up sounds reliably onstage.

And there, I suspect there is a market. Having been on deadline wrestling with Kontakt libraries and computers, I absolutely can see the appeal of being able to focus on scoring with a powerful keyboard workstation. There are some thoughtful additions, like an envelope follower hooked up to input. And that FM-X engine sounds terrific.

Here’s the best example I could find of what actually mucking about with FM sounds like (skipping over some more tedious Montage demo vids):

So on some level, actually, I’m surprised that the Montage hasn’t gotten more awareness in synth lover circles. For anyone complaining that there isn’t a new entry in FM synthesis – this is it. It’s got the architecture and control to make it a worthy successor to the DX series. Korg’s Kronos might be a rival there, but it doesn’t have this level of control. It just happens that the best FM synthesizer in years is disguised as another over-designed workstation – even though that’s not actually what it is.

Yamaha is showing some commitment to this model, too, with a 1.5 update that comes just a year after the keyboard’s introduction.

  • Better Rotary Speaker effect, new organ Performances, and new dynamic processor effect for more tonal character
  • More ways to use the Assignable buttons and Super Knob; greater control and tracking of USB audio input volume
  • Auto Beat Sync lets MONTAGE sense and jam with live drums or tracks
  • Create or recall Favorites with the press of a button; improved backup file system leters users store and recall all their data in one file

I just wish Yamaha made a small desktop unit version of this – maybe just the FM-X synth portion. I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

“Wait a minute. Something’s amiss here.”

Hmmm? Yes, dear CDM reader?

“Not to question journalistic integrity, but – I smell a conflict of interest. You didn’t just post this in part as excuse to include that South Park montage song, did you?”

You know me so well…

Yamaha Montage

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Blue Cat Audio releases Blue Cat’s Destructor distortion & amp modeling plugin

Blue Cat Audio has released Blue Cat’s Destructor, a comprehensive distortion and amp sim modeling plugin announced last month at the AES.

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