Teisco 110F Analog synthesier w/Midi

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“*MIDI to CV-Gate Interface MCV-628 by Papareil Synth Labs. The interface lets you control notes and one selectable control (either Filter Cutoff, PWM1 or PWM2). The button is an auto learn button to learn the midi channel of the incomming midi messages. The switch is to choose if either the notes will be triggered by the keyboard or the incoming midi. The knob has 4 positions


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“Up for auction today is an outstanding Roland Compurhythm CR-8000 drum machine. Made in Japan – new, never used !!!

This is a fantastic find from a retired Doctor’s high end estate sale. All original and never used open box. This was in a climate controlled storage area for many years and brought out for the sale, perfect as when put away. Protected in the original plastic

Akai AX 60 Vintage Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Manual Signed by Trent Reznor

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“For sale Akai AX-60 analog polyphonic synthesizer with Hybrid travel case + original owners manual. Excellent condition.

Bought new in 1986 in Rochester NY. This is the synth that the popular 1986 song ‘Watching Trees’ was recorded with. Its a very solid, well built, heavy synth (48 lbs in the case). Synth in perfect condition. The arpeggiator trigger input was improved by

Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 0014

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“In excellent condition. Recently serviced by The Analog Lab. This is one of only 10,000 synthesizers made by Sequential Circuits.

The Pro One was basically Sequential’s attempt at taking their legendary Prophet 5 poly-synth and packing it into a compact, inexpensive, monophonic analog synth! Used by Prince, Depeche Mode and many others for that vintage analog sound!”