Fuse Audio Labs releases F-59 guitar amp emulation plugin at 50% OFF

Fuse Audio Labs F-59Fuse Audio Labs has announced the release of F-59, an emulation of the classic Fender 59 Bassman guitar amplifier. The F-59 is a recreation of the ’58 – ’60 era classic that set the course for decades of guitar amplification technology. Offering a wide range of tones the plugin tries to stay true to the […]

iZotope VocalSynth 2 now available + Creative Suite Bundle launched

iZotope VocalSynth 2iZotope has released its new VocalSynth 2, an update to the audio effect plugin that now allows you to color and shape vocals with five blendable eccentric-must-haves and stompbox-style studio effects. Version 2 includes a new Biovox module, advanced panels with more controls, new Ring Mod, Chorus, and Shred effects, global gate, modular FX chains, […]

Polyverse Music releases Wider FREE stereo imaging plugin

Polyverse Music WiderPolyverse Music has launched its latest audio plugin in collaboration with Infected Mushroom. Taken from the stereo section of Manipulator, the new Wider effect offers true stereo without phase issues. It allows you to increase the stereo image of any signal up to 200% of full stereo for an extra wide, exaggerated effect. Wider is […]

Softube launches Weiss Deess mastering de-esser + Tube-Tech EQ & Compressor Mk II

Weiss DeeesSoftube has released a new member of the Weiss Collection series audio effect plugins. Weiss Deess is a digital mastering de-esser featuring algorithms from the industry standard DS1-MK3. Whether you’re trying to tame sibilance in a lead vocal, rein in a sharp-sounding hi-hat, or reduce harshness while mastering, a truly great de-esser is as elusive […]

Softube’s Tube Delay now available as Modular synth module

Softube Tube Delay module for ModularSoftube has announced that its Tube Delay is now available as a synth module in Softube Modular. This super cool echo can create anything from realistic room echoes to rockabilly style slap backs—or take it all the way into dub reggae echo madness! Modular synthesis is all about options; defining options by building a system […]

Tone Empire releases Loc-Ness drum/percussion processor plugin

Tone Empire Loc Ness 37 offTone Empire has launched Loc-Ness, a drum/percussion processor plugin that offers saturation and limiting to “crust” and “smash” your drum sounds. Drums…, the most crucial part of your mix that can make or break a track. For decades pro engineers have used various combinations of compressors, pre-amps ,eq’s and saturation to make styles of sounds […]

G-Sonique releases Psychedelic Spiral S1 for 64-bit Windows

G-Sonique Psychedelic Spiral S1G-Sonique has announced that its Psychedelic Spiral S1 plugin is now also available for 64-bit Windows. Psychedelic spiral is unique VST effect created mainly for effecting psytrance melodic leads, darkpsy FXs, psychillout leads and beats, hitech fxs, but can be used also for experimental genres, film music, glitch, ambient, or any progressive music style. If […]

QuikQuak updates Pitchwheel real-time pitch & timbre plugin to v5.00

QuikQuak Pitchwheel 5QuikQuak has announced the release of version of 5.00 of its Pitchwheel audio effect plugin that allows you to change pitch and timbre in real-time. It has a large, easy to use dials and simple parameters making it a fast and creative effect unit. It can give fine tuning control from fractions of a semi-tone […]

Gauge Precision Instruments launches Virtual Microphone Locker

Gauge ECM 87 Virtual Mic LockerGauge Precision Instruments has announced the launch of the ECM-87 Classic Virtual Mic Locker and ECM-87 Stealth Virtual Mic Locker, two microphone-and-software solutions that emulate the tone, frequency response and character of several vintage microphones. The ECM-87 Classic Virtual Mic Locker includes the silver ECM-87 Cardioid Condenser Microphone, shock mount, and the ECM-87 Mic Clone […]

Tantrum digital distortion plugin by Creative Intent

Creative intent TantrumCreative Intent has recently released a new digital audio effect plug-in designed to offer you a new take on distortion processing. Tantrum comes with a wave shaping algorithm featuring five classic wave shapes, as well as Creative Intent’s unique phase modulation distortion also found in Temper. Both algorithms can be controlled with a “Gravitational XY […]